Hello Readers,

We’re sure everyone was expecting this announcement to be made earlier, so we sincerely apologize for being a couple of days late. So without further ado, here’s our line-up for the month of April:

We’ll be starting off the month with a chapter of Kill No More. We’re sure everyone is dying to know what will happen during the battle of Kaiser and Daylight versus Liola. Who do you think will win and what tactics will they use to insure their victory? Find out by reading the next couple of chapters of Kill No More.

Next up, we’ll be releasing Ark. Have Ark learned his lesson from Vidus of not attempting to make easy money? Or will he continue to gamble inside the auction house? Embark on a journey with Ark and his ups and downs inside his new workplace; inside New World.

In the last couple of Moonlight Sculptor chapters, Weed continued to struggle against his battle with the Embinyu Church. He has also done the something everyone would think as reckless. Will Weed succeed on his quest? Or will this quest be the downfall of God of War Weed?

Schedule for the month of April 2014

April 04: KNM: Volume 8 Chapter 7
April 06: Ark Volume 2 Chapter 9
April 08: KNM: Volume 8 Chapter 8
April 11: KNM: Manhua Side Story
April 13: LMS: Volume 16 Chapter 6
April 18: KNM: Volume 9 Chapter 1
April 20: Ark Volume 3 Chapter 1
April 22: KNM: Volume 9 Chapter 2
April 25: KNM: Volume 9 Chapter 3
Soon TBA: LMS: Volume 16 Chapter 7

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, or contact us via form.

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