Hear ye, hear ye,

On the first week of April, a meteorite has indeed landed on the Kingdom of Japtem. If you have read Endo’s message on last month’s announcement, we believe he is to blame for the crisis.

Because of the slow start, we’ll try to catch up on what we had planned to release, and bring you guys sweet, sweet treats (loot). [We hope] Arifureta will be back next week (April 11), and on its weekly release date.

As for Shadow Rogue, fret not, we are still continuing to translate this novel, and will be releasing at least 2 chapters a week for this month. Among other good news, the translation for Kill No More side story has also started, albeit quite slow on the progress.

Now, you guys might be wondering, what is this “MG”?! MG is short for Magi’s Grandson, a side-project we have picked up. The novel is quite new, first published on January 2nd, 2015, and has a total of 49 chapters to date (April 4th, 2015). However, despite its recentness, this novel is ranked first overall on the quarterly charts.

For more information, please visit Magi’s Grandson ToC