Hello Readers,

Last month was a good one; releases were on time, and in addition, there was a surprise announcement of Moonlight Sculptor webtoon in the making! We can’t wait to see it. We hope everyone have enjoyed last month’s releases.

However, a brand new month means new releases, new schedule, more news. This month, we’d like to announce another good news! We will be hosting Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou!

We know many of you have already started reading this series. However, because there’s a large amount of readers, it was difficult for some to read the document. And with the recent Google Docs update, more will be unable to read this amazing series. Thus, we would like to apologize to our all subscribers, whom might have gotten spammed with “There’s a new release on Japtem.” email while posting the chapters.

Without further ado, here’s the new schedule for the month of August 2014:
Aug 01: KNM – Volume 10 Chapter 8
Aug 03: LMS – Volume 17Chapter 3
Aug 05: UL – Volume 2 Chapter 2
Aug 08: KNM – Volume 11 Chapter 1
Aug 10: Ark – Volume 3 Chapter 6
Aug 12: UL – Volume 2 Chapter 3
Aug 15: KNM – Volume 11 Chapter 2
Aug 17: LMS – Volume 17Chapter 4
Aug 19: UL – Volume 2 Chapter 4
Aug 22: KNM – Volume 11 Chapter 3
Aug 24: Ark – Volume 3 Chapter 7
Aug 26: UL – Volume 2 Chapter 5
Aug 29: KNM – Volume 11 Chapter 4
Aug 31: LMS – Volume 17Chapter 5
TBD: RM – Volume 1 Chapter 6

PS: According to En Do, new chapters of Arifureta will be released every Sunday.