Hello Readers,

Here are your updates for the month of August.

First of all, Magi’s Grandson. We’re sure everyone is wondering what’s happening with the translation of the novel.

We would like to take this time to let everyone know that the official novel has been released last July 30th, 2015. Cat has already purchased the volume and uploaded the illustrations which you can view here: Magi’s Grandson Volume 1 Light Novel Illustrations. Also, If you have spare change, please support the author by buying a copy of the novel.

From what we’ve seen, the novel covers Chapters 1 to 23-25. We’re still deciding if we want to continue translating the Web Novel, or just translate the Light Novel. Right now, we’re leaning against the Web Novel for reasons such as: it is more detailed, although there might be some extra in the novel, but when it comes to that part of the story, we’ll just add in those details.

Secondly, as most of you have seen, Lei has started translating a Korean Light Novel called 21st Century Archmage. However, if you’ve read the notice on the first chapter of the novel, you’ll know that she’s not planning to completely translate the whole novel. Thus, it is labeled as a “teaser project”. Nevertheless, if you like the novel, please continue to support her, and maybe it’ll motivate her? At the very least, it’ll shed some light to the novel, and maybe another translation group will pick it up out of interest.

In other news, several Japtem staff members have been working on scanlation. Lei and Haikai are well into scanlation of the Moonlight Sculptor 4-koma. If you’d like to see a comedic gag view of the LMS world, please check it out on our reader or Batoto.

As for Fantasy Maid, we’re translating it at our own pace. Note: We will be watermarking the crap out of the next few releases, since Read Manga Today has been stealing our translations (they steal everyone’s translation), which is bad, but not THAT bad, since tons of other sites do the same. But RMT DELETES the credits page. Which is a huge dick move on their part.