Dear Readers,

I’m sure that many of you have been wondering what’s happening and why there hasn’t been any new releases. It is my deepest regret to tell everyone that I have to take some time off due to health problems.

Last month, after returning from my uncle’s funeral in Portugal, I caught a severe virus; according to my doctor, it was probably from someone on the plane, which put me in an isolation room for almost two weeks and had to stay in the hospital for an entire month.

With this virus causing me to have fevers over 39.5C (103.1F), it eventually led to pneumonia which damaged my lungs. If all the tests I have to take during the next two weeks goes well, I will be having a empyema surgery on August 24th.

That said, if someone wants to pick up my current projects; Magi’s Grandson and Duke’s Daughter, please do so and post a comment below so I can link your site:

Duke’s Daughter

Due to health reasons, I have not had any time to read the translation from the site above, so I will leave it to the reader’s discretion. As for Magi’s Grandson, I will continue to translate it if no one picks it up.


Update by Phoenix: Cat’s surgery was overall a success and now she’s recovering (to the point of slavedriving me to rewrite parts of Japtem, yay?). ┬áNot sure why she hasn’t posted it herself but for anyone who’s worried that there is no updates: she’s been doing fine.