Hello Readers,

To be honest, due to the overwhelming response of last week’s voice message, I was going to do another one for this month’s announcement but, it got too long.

Magi’s Ggrandson
Anyway, as most of you know, we have completed the first volume of Magi’s Grandson, but before anyone creates a PDF file, ePub, or mobi, please give us a couple of weeks to edit and re-translate certain parts.

Why? Because sometimes when I can’t remember what happened in the previous chapters, I had to go back and re-read them to get some references, and when I’m reading them, I find mistranslation that I’ve made, and I cringe everytime I see one of those mistakes.

Actually, one of the main reason is, when the author was preparing for his official novel release, he went back and made a lot of changes to the old chapters. Thus, I have to go back and retranslate them as well.

One of my main concerns at the moment is the mixed responses we’ve been getting. Some people don’t want the illustrations on the chapters because they want to use their own imagination, but others do want to see them.

We would like to have more of your opinion, if we should add illustrations on the newer chapters, or just leave them off. Or if you just want them on the PDF files?

Duke’s Daughter
It’s actually called “Really good sense for a Duke’s Daughter.

As you know, a lot of things happened last month, and we couldn’t post them as scheduled.

I was planning on catching up on the translation this month, but real-life once again put a dent to my plans.

For the whole entire month of February, I’m going to be away. As in, I will have no internet access whatsoever.

You guys can just consider it as me going to a barren land surrounded by wild animals and bugs. It’s pretty much how the situation is going to be.

Thus, in order for you guys to get your weekly dose of Magi’s Grandson while I’m away, I’ve been working overtime trying to translate as much chapters as I can.

Right now, for Duke’s Daughter, it’s kind of on the back burner. Since the first chapter has yet to be released, there’s no stress or pressure in translating it.

However, once I have translated enough chapters to cover February’s release and half of March, I will get started on this novel.

That’s it for this month’s announcement. I apologize for it being so long.



  • MG V1 is complete. Please wait a couple of weeks [for edits and retranslation] if you want to make PDF files.
  • Cat will be away for the month of Feb. She will translate chapters ahead of time, and MG releases will continue.
  • Duke’s Daughter will be worked on after Cat translates Feb and half of March chapters.