Hello everyone!

It’s a brand new month, so a brand new schedule is essential. Can you believe we’re already through the first month of the year? In any case, without further ado, we present the new line up!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we will be releasing an extra chapter of Kill No More during the first week, then we’ll be returning to our regular schedule. However, after being attacked by the Dragon Emperor, Liola was unconscious for a year. When Liola woke up from his sleep, he found his world was now infested by Demons. Follow Liola, Kaiser, Daylight, Baolilong, and Flames as they embark on a journey on Liola’s old world.

As usual, we will be releasing two chapters of Ark. Last month’s chapter ended with a cliffhanger, so we’re sure everyone is dying to find out what happens to Ark with his confrontation with the gigantic White Whale, Gallic. During the translation process of the last chapter, AnmesicCat and OpenBookWorm were joking around and said the current Queen might be the next Mermaid to fall in love with a Human — Ark. Will their joke come true?

Now onto more serious matters. Moonlight Sculptor. There have been many comments, complaints, and questions regarding the upcoming volumes. Although we have not yet come to a decision on Volumes past 16, we will, however, be retranslating all of volume 16.

Many have brought up that RoyalRoadL has already translated some of the Chapters such as 1, 3, and 9, so is there really a need to translate it again? The answer is of course, no. We don’t really have to. However, please keep in mind RoyalRoadL is retranslating old chapters for a reason. Two words– “quality” and “accuracy”.

Furthermore, Japtem is a separate group and we do our own translations. Here, we value quality more than quantity, so we do not think it’s a big deal translating a chapter again since it’s a common occurrence to a lot of Scanlation/Translation groups. One has better quality than the other, and is also more accurate.

We have also stressed it again and again: we do not like skipping chapters. We hope everyone can understand where we’re coming from, and we promise to bring you guys more quality releases.

Schedule for the month of February 2014

February 02: LMS: Volume 16 Chapter 1
February 03: KNM: Volume 6 Chapter 8
February 04: KNM: Volume 7 Chapter 1
February 07: KNM: Volume 7 Chapter 2
February 09: Ark Volume 2 Chapter 5
February 11: KNM: Volume 7 Chapter 3
February 14: KNM: Volume 7 Chapter 4
February 16: LMS: Volume 16 Chapter 2
February 18: KNM: Volume 7 Chapter 5
February 21: KNM: Volume 7 Chapter 6
February 23: Ark: Volume 2 Chapter 6
February 25: KNM: Volume 7 Chapter 7
February 28: KNM: Volume 7 Chapter 8

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, or contact us via forum.

Japtem Group