The event has ended!

Thank you for participating in Japtem’s first ever event. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. Many of you have given us feedbacks and we’ll try to implement them for our next event to make it more enjoyable.

As promised, here’s your Gold for participating. We have decided to double the participation prize because many people found it difficult at first, and most of all 100 Gold isn’t enough to buy a chapter in the store!

We have also increased the Gold for the prizes.
1st Prize: 1,500 Gold. The lone wolf and uncontested at first place is Knaivvs with his completion time of 23 minutes.
2nd Prize: 800 Gold. At second place we have a three-way tie. johnjoe1025, abclk, and camroc completed the event in 24 minutes.
3rd Prize: 500 Gold. In third place is rikasch who took 25 minutes to complete it.

Special Prize goes to… (they win an extra 100 Gold)
How this is decided: With LOTS!
Here are the three winners:

Once again, thank you to all who participated and don’t spend your Gold all at once 😉

We’d also appreciate it if you guys leave us some comments on what should be done for our next event:

  • Make the answers more flexible.
  • Actual numbers instead of typing it out.
  • Have a monthly event.