Dear Readers,

First of all, the Japtem Staff would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. May good luck and fortune be with you!

Secondly, we would like to address some misconceptions about us favouring Kill No More — it is not true. If you look closely, you’ll see the language tag in each of our releases right beside the date.

Kill No More is a Chinese novel, whereas Moonlight Sculptor and Ark are both Korean novels. We have two native Chinese speakers who are quick in what they do, whereas we only have one active Korean translator, and she has to alternate between Moonlight Sculptor and Ark, so Kill No More chapters get released more often.

Furthermore, most of the Kill No More chapters are a lot shorter than Ark and Moonlight Sculptor. A normal Kill No More chapter is about 15 to 20 pages long; translated. Moonlight Sculptor is 20 to 30 pages long. And Ark is 50 to 60 pages long.

As stated above, the Korean novels have more pages, and therefore take longer to translate. However, it’s not the main reason why there’s less releases compared to Kill No More. The main reason is not having enough translators.

Although we’ve received a lot of application in the last two months, most of the people don’t stay for more than one or two chapters. Sometimes, one or two of our staff had to pull an all-nighter just to release the chapter on time. This is especially the case with Ark.

If it is within our capabilities, we would love to release chapters of Moonlight Sculptor and Ark once a week, but is it is it’s impossible.

We would also like address the situation regarding Id. Based on what viewers read most, we have currently labelled this novel as ‘Semi-Hiatus’, to focus on translating Ark, so chapters will be released when completed. For more information, please refer to our Project Status.

Thirdly, as of January 2014, we will be changing our release dates of Moonlight Sculptor and Ark to every other Sunday (Midnight EST) from every other Friday. We are forced to make this change since more translators are free to translate during weekends. Hopefully there will be less all-nighters pulled from this change.

Last but not least, here’s our schedule for the first month of the new year:
January 5 1: LMS – Volume 15 Chapter 10
January 12: Ark Volume 2 Chapter 3
January 19: LMS Volume 15 Chapter 11
January 26: Ark Volume 2 Chapter 4
KNM will be released as completed; at least once a week.

During the past six months since the founding of Japtem, there had been many trials, problems, and challenges. And so, we would like to thank those who continued to support us by reading our releases, and to those who left lovely comments in each of our releases. The comments left by readers have kept us going, motivate us, and most of all, made us laugh.

We appreciate all your feedbacks and support. Thank you.

To Weed: May you be blessed with more slaves and earn more moolah.
To Ark: May you find more uses for your newly hatched egg.
To Liola: May you stop getting get into more trouble with your companions.

Japtem Staff

PS: We hoped everyone enjoyed our Special releases during the month of December 2013.