Happy New Year to all! We hope everyone had a good celebration with the family and friends. We also hope you guys didn’t get drunk during the holidays!

Moving on… Because of our busy schedule last month (although it was only a couple of days ago), we have yet to establish a schedule for this month. Our translators are still in the land of dreams, and let us have them enjoy themselves before asking them to get back to slavery work.

Before the schedule is decided and we look forward to the releases, let us know what releases you are looking forward to watching this season. Personally, here are my picks:
1) Absolute Duo
2) Aldnoah.Zero 2
3) Kuroko no Basuke 3

What’s yours? And if you don’t watch anime, you’re missing life.

PS: Every year we share our stats with our viewers as thanks for making our year an enjoyable one, and for all their support. Thus, we bring you Jetpack’s 2014 status report: Japtem 2014 Status Report