Dearest Readers,

I wholeheartedly apologise for the lateness in this announcement.

I’m not sure if everyone have read last month’s announcement, so I will report it once more.

I, Cat, will be living in the wilderness (no internet) for a month, from February 2nd to February 28th, and thus I have been busy getting ready for my martyrdom vacation. See the pictures of my packed luggage below.

Because of that, my co-workers have taken it to amuse themselves by taking advantage of me giving me more work to cover my time off. Which means I’ve been pulling 16 hours a day for the last 2 weeks. But I don’t really blame them because tax season is coming soon. Picture of my office below.

However, I will try my best to translate a couple of chapters for next month, so you guys will have your weekly installment of Magi’s Grandson. With that said, I regret to say that I may or may not finish translating those chapters.

In all sincerity,

Luggage Office