Hello Readers,

As everyone knows, things have been hectic here in Japtem; Exams, Vacation, Health issues, [almost] accidents. Just yesterday, on July 7th 2014, Grisia had a surgery. So let’s wish him all the best on his recovery. Get well soon Grisia! Also, we would like to thank everyone who expressed their concern for our well-being, be it through emails or the comments you’ve left behind on various posts.

Don’t worry, we won’t make this monthly announcement a dreadful one. As you can see from our timely release of Moonlight Sculptor on July 6th, we’re trying to be to our regular schedule. And, of course, Ark Volume 3 Chapter 4 will be on time as well. (All the readers unite and celebrate!~)

In regards to Moonlight Sculptor, many have asked if we could skip all the way to Volume 19, the answer will still be the same as before: Japtem will not skip any chapters and translate in order. Some translators find it hard to skip from one chapters to another, since they’ll miss out on various information. We know a lot of readers like to read in order, and it’s the same with translators wanting to translate in order. However, if you want to read ahead beyond what RoyalRoad has released, you can find Volume 19 Chapter 4 to Chapter 7 in jcafe.

Without further ado, here’s a tentative schedule:
July 05: KNM – Volume 10 Chapter 3
July 06: LMS – Volume 17 Chapter 1
July 08: UL – Volume 1 Chapter 9
July 11: KNM – Volume 10 Chapter 4
July 13: Ark – Volume 3 Chapter 4
July 15: UL – Volume 1 Chapter 10
July 18: KNM – Volume 10 Chapter 5
July 20: LMS – Volume 17 Chapter 2
July 22: UL – Volume 1 Side Story 1
July 25: KNM – Volume 10 Chapter 6
July 27: Ark – Volume 3 Chapter 5

TBD: RM – Volume 1 Chapter 5