Hello Readers,

It’s a new month again, and (un)fortunately, it means more news.

We know a lot of you are wondering what happened to Arifureta. The answer is simple really. Endo has been kidnapped by an evil demon king called “Real Life,” and has been busy, thus there’s no new chapters.

Please read carefully from here on out…

Magi’s Grandson, the currently most popular project we have hosted on the site. We have received many, many emails, comments, and private messages, asking us about this project. We, the staff, have contemplated, debated, and came to the final conclusion: we will maybe release the chapters immediately after the translation is complete.

Some of you might ask, “What is it that you guys are doing differently now?” Right now, right after the translation is done, we have someone check the translation to wane out those awkward translation and check its accuracy.

What will happen if that process is discontinued? The result will be: faster releases, maybe to even 3 chapters a week (give us a break the chapters are ridiculously long). However, there will be consequences; the accuracy will decrease from let’s say 95% to about 80-70%.

Thus begs our question to our dear readers: is this something you’d like for us to do?

Other news for Magi’s Grandson:

MG CoverThree days ago, an announcement was made that the light novel version will be coming out on July 30, 2015. Cat has expressed her intention of getting a digital copy of it, and have asked Krytyk from Krytykal where he gets his digital copy, in order to obtain one. Thank you Krytyk!

Before you guys ask if we’ll start translating that instead, our answer is “it depends.” It depends on how different it is from the Web Novel. If it’s not that different, we’ll continue on the web novel. But if it’s different (a lot of added details), we’ll go back to previous chapters and add those in.

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