Hello to all!

We’re sure everyone has been wondering what we’ve been doing because of the lack of releases, and if we’ve stopped translating and disbanded; God forbid, no we haven’t.

First thing first, to all who wanted changes on the FanFic section, we heard your plea, and we’re working on revamping the whole entire thing, so look forward to it. Below are some pictures of the changes, but please ignore the colors, since we haven’t styled it yet, and we’re just making sure the code works. See pictures at the bottom of this post.

Now onto releases:

To all Arifureta fans, we apologize for the lack of releases, however, we don’t believe the pace will pick up because Endo has been really busy with real life, and his new job.

As for Shadow Rogue, we have recruited two new translators, and we’re hoping the releases will speed up. You’ll meet them later on~ We’d also like to welcome back Zen, who survived the war with his school life! Yay Zen! And please welcome Toto from Tototrans as our new Proofreader for this novel.

Magi’s Grandson, everyone’s favorite? We’re pleased to let everyone know that we’ve gotten a couple of new recruits, so we’re hoping the translation will also speed up. However, please bear in mind that the length of each chapter is horrendous!

Last but not least, if you applied as a Proofreader for Unique Legend but didn’t receive the test from us, please do us a favor and resubmit your application. Thank you.

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