Dearest Readers,

I’m sure many have been wondering what has been happening. To be honest, last month and this month may be the busiest time of my entire life.

Only a few have been privy to this information (Haikai, Joeglens, Taffy, and Kookie), and I don’t think I can hide it anymore. We want to settle down soon, so we have been looking a house for a couple of months now. Looking for a house in the right neighbourhood takes time and money. Thus, in order to earn funds, I’ve been working 16 hours a day.

But the main reason for the lack of release is that my uncle, my mother’s eldest brother, was admitted to the hospital about two weeks ago. On Saturday, he passed away. Due to his last request of being buried in Portugal, next to his wife, many of our family members will be going there.

I apologize for the lack of releases, but sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. I hope everyone understands. I promise to resume the releases when I get back. Again, I sorry about this.