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Dear Readers,

Time does fly, way too fast! Can you believe it’s March? There’s March break, Ash Wednesday, White Day, and Easter! And as usual, a new schedule is necessary.

Here’s our new line-up for the month of March:

We will start off the month with Moonlight Sculptor. Weed is currently in the middle of his quest to take over the Embinyu Fortress. Will Weed be able to do it? Read on and find out. We are also pleased to announce that there are five Sundays this month, so we will be releasing three chapters for this month. (YAY~)

Moving on to Ark. We will be releasing two chapters this month, as per usual. Ark has recently finished his journey and quest in Nodelesse, where he found out that Christin, the man loved by the previous Mermaid Queen, and Hero Maban is the same person. Will Ark ever forgive Dedric for defying him? What will happen to Ark and his new adventure? We’re sure you’re dying to find out.

As for Kill No More, we regret to inform everyone that we are releasing chapters faster than we’re translating them, so we have to slow down on the releases. For this month, we will be releasing
six chapters. Liola has found out from the Leader that he is the Dragon Emperor’s son. Liola has fallen into depression, Daylight has found himself a master, but what will happen to Kaiser? What will happen to the three of them in the future? Only Yu Wo — and her excruciating cliffhangers — knows.

A little bit of Website news. Starting March 7th, 2014, we will be opening the application for Proofreaders. We’re hoping to find someone (people) who will be able to dedicate a couple of hours in check spelling, grammar, and punctuations. We are in dire need of someone who can spare 2-3 hours every Saturday; especially during Ark releases.

Schedule for the month of March 2014

March 02: LMS – Volume 16 Chapter 3
March 07: KNM – Volume 8 Chapter 1
March 09: Ark – Volume 2 Chapter 7
March 11: KNM – Volume 8 Chapter 2
March 14: KNM – Volume 8 Chapter 3
March 16: LMS – Volume 16 Chapter 4
March 21: KNM – Volume 8 Chapter 4
March 23: Ark – Volume 2 Chapter 8
March 25: KNM – Volume 8 Chapter 5
March 28: KNM – Volume 8 Chapter 6
March 30: LMS – Volume 16 Chapter 5

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, or contact us via form.

Japtem Group