Hello readers, novel fanatics, and insane people alike,

A lot of you might be wondering why we have not released a chapter of Ark for the last couple of months; we, the staff of Japtem, have come to an agreement of dropping this series.

The main reason for this decision is because of our lack of active Korean translators. Lei, our main Korean translator, has been overloaded with school work since her return to school last September.

However, don’t be too upset, for another group, Ark Machine Translations, has pick it up and has already translated up to Volume 9, or maybe past that by the time you read this! Please give them your appreciation and support so that they’ll continue to translate this awesome novel.

Secondly, we’re sure you guys have already noticed this, but we have picked up Moonlight Sculptor Webtoon, and are working together with Webtoons Reader to bring you quality releases. Although MangaCow has also picked up this webtoon (because this webtoon is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious), we will still continue on with our releases, and we urge you to reread the our release of the webtoon when the time comes.

Thirdly, we would to give solace to fans of Kill No More. We have not dropped the project, our translator is just taking a break and will continue translating the Side Story. While you wait for him to come out of his solitary, Prince Revolution has translated the first chapter of Kill No More VS Half Prince, so head on over and read it.

Last but definitely not the least, maybe you’ve heard rumors of Japtem picking up a new project? Well, the rumors are definitely true. We have chosen another VRMMORPG Chinese web novel called “Shadow Rogue.” and the first few chapters will be released next week. Look forward to it!

PS: Arifureta and Unique Legend will continue with their weekly releases unless a meteorite has fallen upon the Japtem Kingdom.