Hello Readers,

We’re sure there are a lot of you who have questions for us, so we’ll get to the bottom of the matter with this post. And to those who have sent us emails, we’ll also be answering them here.

We will skip the normal novel recaps and predictions, and move on to answer and questions:

Q: Why wasn’t Moonlight Sculptor Volume 16 Chapter 7 released yet?
A: There were a lot of real life situations that happened during the last week, in which prevented us from releasing it on time. In addition, most of our translators are/were currently taking their mid-term and final examinations.

Q: Why did you guys pick up another novel? (Unique Legend)
A: Technically, we didn’t pick it up. As stated on the novel’s first chapter, Unique Legend is her solo project. She was already releasing her translation on Japtem Forum. So in order for her translation to be accessed and read by many, we offered to have it released on the main site.

Q: Will the delay on Moonlight Sculptor chapter release prevent Japtem from releasing Ark on time this week?
A: We won’t lie. We hope it won’t, but it might.

Schedule for the month of May 2014

TBA: LMS – Volume 16 Chapter 7
TBA: Ark – Volume 3 Chapter 2
TBA: LMS – Volume 16 Chapter 8
TBA: Ark – Volume 3 Chapter 3
TBA: LMS – Volume 16 Chapter 9
May 02: KNM – Volume 9 Chapter 4
May 06: UL – Volume 1 Chapter 2
May 09: KNM – Volume 9 Chapter 5
May 13: UL – Volume 1 Chapter 3
May 16: KNM – Volume 9 Chapter 6
May 20: UL – Volume 1 Chapter 4
May 23: KNM – Volume 9 Chapter 7
May 27: UL – Volume 1 Chapter 5
May 30: KNM – Volume 9 Chapter 8

If you have any questions you want us to add to our Q&A, please leave a comment below.