Hello again to all our loyal readers,

Once again, it’s a new month, new problems and trials, new solutions, and new HEROES?!

To all Arifureta fans, we apologize for the lack of releases this month, however, we don’t believe the pace will pick up because Endo has been really busy with his nemesis; real life.

As for Shadow Rogue, if you’ve read last month’s announcement, we said we would release two chapters each week… Well, we lied. And I’m sure some of you were pleased by the amount of chapters we were able to produce.

Although Magi’s Grandson started out as one of our side-project, thanks to the positive response of many readers, we have decided to make it as one of our main projects. However, even though the first few chapters were short, it has doubled since then, and it’s taking us some time to translate it because of the length.

With that, we are looking for new staff members! We need Chinese and Japanese [Machine] Translators. We are also looking for Proofreaders for Unique Legend; at least 5.

If you’re interested, please let us know. In addition, if you know someone who can help, please help us kidnap them and enslave them to bring you guys faster releases…