Dearest Readers,

[Last Updated: May 19th, 2016]


I thought I edited this post earlier, but I guess I forgot. In any case, I’m sure many have heard of what has happened in Alberta, Canada from May 2nd to May 11th(?).

And because of that disaster, a couple of my co-workers have gone there to visit their families. In addition, some people went as volunteers. Although I wanted to go as well, I can’t leave again after taking a week off, which leaves me doing 3-5 people’s work alone…

Many people will be returning to work next week, and hopefully they will lessen my burdens so I can continue with the translations. I’m really sorry about this guys, but the situation is just out of my hands.


I have some bad news for you guys…

The undefeatable God of Japtem Empire (my father) came to the house on Sunday (April 24th, 2016) and declared: Thou shall take the first week of May off and grace the Goddess (my mother) with thy presence!

In short, my mother got herself a rare vacation without on-call duty for a week, and the week being close to Mothers’ Day, my father decided that the entire family will go on vacation in a mountain resort.

Because of that, there will be no releases from May 1st to May 7th. Magi’s Grandson will be released on May 8th. Sorry for the inconveniences.

I would also like to take this time to answer a few questions:
Q: Why do you not release anything in the middle and end of the month
A: On those days, other than calculating payroll and make bank deposits, I have to double check the payroll amounts and send the remittances to the Canada Revenue Agency [IRS is you live in the States.].

If it’s delayed or if the amount is wrong, they become really scary people, you see. Thus, I end up having to work more than 16 hours a day with about 3 hours or so of sleep. No matter how much I want to, I don’t have the time to translate on those days.

Q: Why do you only release one chapter on Wednesdays?
A: I am not home for most of the day, conferences, staff meeting, meeting with clients; they mostly, if not always, happen on this day.

Q: Do you have a stockpile?
A: No, I currently do not. I have been releasing chapters the moment they are done.