To all our Moonlight Sculptor fans,

We bring you good supercalifragilisticexpialidocious news. Last week, your favorite author, Nam Hee-sung, made an announcement on his blog in regards to a Moonlight Sculptor webtoon that has begun its production!

Here is a translated version of his words on the blog:

This is the fanart sent in by the artist. For this much care and attention… Yeah… I should buy him a chicken! Of course, it’s the feeling that counts.

LMS : Manhwa sample

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Since the fanart is out, I’ll give you the detailed explanation. The webtoon of LMS is in production. It’s a webtoon in name, but I think it’ll be right to call it a manhwa work with the story basis.

The manhwa artist (I’m not sure if I can reveal his name yet), who was published in the former Young Champ and Boy Champ, has started the work.

[T/N: Young Champ and Boy Champ are both Korean manhwa publishing companies.]

I have personally seen the manhwa he drew, and he draws well, and is rather outstanding in the field of SF (Science Fiction) Fantasy, so I think it will be a cool chance to really bring out the lame flavor of LMS and show it to the readers.

The character production is also under-way, so I think it will still be a while until they can be shown to the readers. If publicizing them in the middle is permitted, I might be able to show things like character drawings through the blog. They are being designed based on the original, but because the manhwa is a work of its own, the manhwa artist’s opinion is fact.

The adaptation is being advertised on the publishing site alongside the original work. I currently think that it will be released next month, or the month after next. If everything proceeds as planned, it will probably be really awesome, but… we all know how reality is.

If an online game says their server update will go from 0-7 hours, it’ll finally open unstably 12 hours later, and if a writer says he’ll make his deadline, you’ll think that he probably came back to writing from playing around again.

We can only know the outcome once it’s out, but… we are living in an such an age. I just want to let you all know that a tentative preparation step is under way. The only thing a writer can do is to do his best and keep writing…

In short, the long-awaited webtoon is finally under production, but the author cautions readers that there’s a chance it may not happen. So wish upon a falling star and stay with us until we can bring you the webtoon in hopefully 1-2 months.

Japtem also doesn’t have any experience working with webtoons, but we’ll do our best!