[Last Updated: September 30th, 2015]

Hello Readers,

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who send us emails, worrying about our well-being. However, don’t worry, nothing serious happened to us. If anything, we almost died from laughing during our “Weekly” Karaoke Singoff — we actually got Haikai and his brother to sing Barbie Girl by Aqua! For your entertainment, we’ve uploaded the song!

(If you’d like to join us, please PM either Masadeer, Cat or Haikai to add you to the Skype group.)

On a more serious note, we have taken a month off due to real-life reasons such as the start of the new school year, work, and other miscellaneous stuff. And to be honest, we all just got tired of the complaints. However, the release schedule will return to normal starting next month.

Lei’s school year has started, and as promised, she finished the entire Volume 1 of this novel. Thus far, a translator has expressed his wishes to continue translating this novel, and we hope to hear from him soon.

Arifureta has been officially dropped by Endo, and it’s being continued by DuraSama. Please visit his site to get your fresh dose of this novel.

Magi’s Grandson
We will not drop this project, and it is still being translated. You can expect some releases for this novel this month.

This project is not being translated by us, we’re just hosting it for re:Translations. Please visit their IRC channel if you’d like some news about this novel.

Shadow Rogue
We currently have a couple of chapters completely translated, and will be releasing those. However, we’re lacking translators for this novel. So if another group would like to pick it up, please let us know. NEW UPDATE: We will be releasing all the way up to Chapter 48, and Zen will pick it up from where we stop. Hurry for Zen!

Unique Legend
We currently have a Proofreader, and hopefully we can continue our releases. But if you’d like to read ahead, please visit the forums.

Server Maintenance
Japtem will be down for most of tomorrow, if not all, due to server maintenance and upgrades, please don’t panic when it does.

If you have any questions for us, please leave a comment, and we’ll try our best to answer them.