Hello Readers,

It’s another new month, which means new schedule, new releases, and new updates?

First of all, we would like to announce that we are looking for Proofreaders to edit the earlier chapters of Arifureta, and just that. Position to be Endo’s slave helper is still not open. If you are interested, please proceed to the Application Form or send us an email at staff[at]japtem.com. You will be sent a short one page test to check your proficiency. Masadeer, our Head of PR, will check all applications.

Secondly, we are looking for ideas for upcoming events~ Why? Because Cat is not creative enough to come up with some. (BOO!) So if you have any good ideas, please comment down below and give us a suggestion that will blow our minds.

Last but not least, we would like to announce that after much deliberation, we will be dropping Moonlight Sculptor after we finish the entire Volume 17. Some might be surprised by the decision, but if you’ve been on chatango, chatted with us, or read the comments, you might have already guessed this was coming.

“Why?”, would probably the first question many would ask. As many already know, Royal Road has almost released every other chapter until Volume 20 with the exception of five or so chapters. However, we do know for a fact that they have been translated. In the beginning, the deal was that Japtem would work from Volumes 14-20, while Royal Road would concentrate on Volumes 21 and above. However, things didn’t go according to plan, and the Author has only given us permission to translate up to Volume 20.

With that, as a group focused more on the accuracy of the translations, Royal Road has clearly surpassed us in terms of release speed. However, don’t get us wrong, we will never denounce anyone who translates using Google Translate or Bing, since most of us are Machine Translators ourselves and we know how much time and effort is needed to get a chapter done.

Nevertheless, we get dissuaded after receiving comment after comment alerting us that there’s already a translation of X chapter, and to skip to X chapter. It has happened so many times that we stopped counting after the third. But to those who actually took the time and read both versions, we thank you.

We want to thank all our readers who enjoyed reading our releases, leaving comments of thanks and appreciation, and comments that made us laugh. You guys make our job all the more fulfilling. Thank you for the support during the past year that we’ve worked on Moonlight Sculptor and we hope you continue to support us in our other releases.

So, what’s going to happen? Most of us working on Moonlight Sculptor will focus on Ark, however, Ark releases will remain as is; bi-weekly. But here’s the twist, you can expect some unplanned releases of Ark! Furthermore, there’s a chance of us picking up another novel sometime in the future.

September 2014 Schedule:
Sept 02 : UL – Volume 2 Chapter 6
Sept 03 : UL – Volume 2 Chapter 7
Sept 05 : KNM – Volume 11 Chapter 5
Sept 06 : Arifureta
Sept 07 : Ark – Volume 3 Chapter 8
Sept 08 : UL – Volume 2 Chapter 8
Sept 10 : UL – Volume 2 Chapter 9
Sept 12 : KNM – Volume 11 Chapter 6
Sept 13 : Arifureta
Sept 14 : LMS – Volume 17 Chapter 6
Sept 15 : UL – Volume 2 Chapter 10
Sept 17 : UL – Volume 3 Chapter 1
Sept 19 : KNM – Volume 11 Chapter 7
Sept 20 : Arifureta
Sept 21 : Ark – Volume 3 Chapter 9
Sept 22 : UL – Volume 3 Chapter 2
Sept 24 : UL – Volume 3 Chapter 3
Sept 26 : KNM – Volume 11 Chapter 8
Sept 27 : Arifureta
Sept 28 : LMS – Volume 17 Chapter 7
Sept 29 : UL – Volume 3 Chapter 4

TBD: Re:Monster Volume 1 Chapter 6