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“…Start a business, you say…”

Sebastian and Sei are probably against it. Their facial expressions turned a little overcast.

“To do something you’re not used to, there are many examples of that. I think it’ll be better if you stop thinking in that direction.”

Moneda, who was part of the Commerce Guild, was also against it. However, if money is not earned, my vision will really end up being nothing but a pipe dream.

If we meticulously maintain the mansion and cut down our expenses for food and luxurious clothing… it means we will be able to allocate that budget for road maintenance and other things.

But after taking the reputation of the Duke’s household into consideration, we can’t really cut down too much on expenses… Thus, I came up with an idea, and that is to start a business. It was fitting since I found something interesting during the inspection.

“Well, Moneda. Could you please not stop me before you hear me out? Since it might be possible to make some profit.”

When Moneda heard what I said, a dubious expression appeared on his face.

“How should I say this. I am after all a daughter of a noble. For someone like me who has never stood on the battlefield alongside other merchants, and to suddenly announce that I want to start a business, your reaction is only natural.”

“…No, please excuse me.”

“It’s fine. Now, continuing with what I was saying. I would like to sell this commodity. Rehme, please take that thing out.”

“I understand~”

The thing Rehme took out from the bag was a brown fruit.

“…This is…?”

Sebastian and Sei, who seemed to have never seen one before, scrutinized it.

“This is a fruit called cacao~ It seems that these are harvested in the tropical regions in the south, and the locals will occasionally grind them and make them into a drink~”

That’s right, cacao. The land extending from the Royal City to our fief experiences springtime all year long. Our fief expands from north to south, hence the southern regions have a tropical climate. With that being the case, cacao appeared in that region.

“…I have heard of it. But if I’m not mistaken, because it is too bitter, it is not something fit for drinking…”

As expected of Moneda. The Commerce Guild should be well aware of these kinds of products. …But when I was doing the inspection with Rehme, I was quite surprised to discover it. This child really has knowledge about almost anything… After all, she also knew the step by step process executed by locals to manufacture the raw cacao fruit into a drink. You are also probably surprised.

“As I thought, it has yet to be commercialized. I’m relieved to hear Moneda say that.”


No way, are you planning to sell this? Also, what’s with your expression brimming with confidence? Is probably what he’s thinking.

However, I do have plenty of confidence in this. No matter what anyone say, desserts are, after all, important to nobilities. …For example, during tea time.

“…Tanya. Open the door.”


When Tanya opened the door, one of the cooks in our household, Merida, was waiting outside. By the way, Merida is another one of the children I picked up when I was young. Tanya, Ryle, Dida, Moneda, Rehme, Sei, and Merida. These seven people were the children whom I picked up.

Because Merida wanted to be a cook, she became one of the cooks in our household. She is the person who cooks my meals, and because I am dieting, I made various requests, but she nevertheless delivered. In other words, she is a splendid cook.

“This is a dessert Merida made using cacao as the main ingredient.”

What appeared was, of course, chocolate. Although it was something I was familiar with, everyone else looked at it in wonder.

“Please try it.”

Everyone timidly ate the strange and unknown food.


However, after eating a mouthful of it, there was nothing but words of praise.

“This is, something made from cacao, right? Certainly if it is this… By the way, how will this be priced?”

“Because sugar was used, I intended to price it a little high. The target demographic will be nobles, and because it uses an abundant of high-class ingredients, I’m intending to market it as a luxury food. But sometime in the near future, I will eventually make it a low-priced commodity where more people will be able to buy the product. Now then, Merida. Please bring in the others.”


What was brought in a while ago was a nondescript plate of milk chocolate. What was brought in next were plates of dark chocolate and various assortments of chocolates such as truffles.

“Although these snacks were also made from cacao beans just like the one earlier, the taste is completely different. Please try it.”

This time, compared to earlier, everyone ate it without hesitation.

“Wow~ Delicious! I like this round looking one~”

“As for me, I like this plain one and it’s easy to eat.”

Everyone respectively took a liking to the different snacks depending on their preferences. I am relieved that the overall evaluation is favorable.

“This way, there’s a variety of flavors. As someone who was part of the Commerce Guild up until recently, what are your impressions, Moneda?”

“It is a commodity that’s never been heard of before… With the proper advertising, it can be launched immediately. I believe these have that much appeal. It’s also a good thing that the target demographic has already been established.”

“Thank you. Since that is the case, Sei. I would like for you be my hands and feet, and help me open up a market outlet where this commodity can be sold.”


“…Me? Although it might be forward of me to say this but, wouldn’t Moneda be a better choice…?”

“Moneda will be involved with the establishment of the bank I spoke of earlier. I consider that he is the right person for the job because negotiations must be made with the Commerce Guild one way or another. In addition, with the nobility being the targeted demographic, it would be better if someone like you, who is working in the Ducal House, to be in charge of this, and you’ll also be able to respond quickly.”

“…I respectfully obey. I will do my best to answer to your expectations.”

“With that, it is settled. We will now focus on how we will get this commodity out in the market on the right track. First things first, Sebastian. Please draw up a contract with the village harvesting the cacao beans. Also, Ryle and Dida, please think about how many people will be necessary to secure the transportation from the village to the house and give me a report. I’m sure you remember the roads we passed through when we did our inspection, right?”

“I understand. I will start on it immediately.”

Sebastian, Ryle, and Dida stood up.

“Merida, please make more of these snacks for trial purposes. I’ll hand over any other recipes I think of afterward. And Tanya, please make preparations to write a letter to mother.”

“…To the Madam, you say?”

“Yes. There is no other person better than mother when it comes to advertising. If we send her the commodity, she will advertise it.”


“Moneda, please proceed in establishing a firm. When you do so, please take Sei along with you. If possible, please secure a place where this product can be manufactured. …For the next three months, because it will be the firm’s busiest and important time, I’m sorry about this, but will you be willing to offer your help?”

“Of course. There is no way I will miss the chance of taking part of something this interesting.”

“Thank you. Rehme, please stay behind because there’s something I’d like to confirm with you. Regarding the average price of products currently out in the market, if it’s you, you are familiar with them, right?”

“Yes~ If it’s within the span of the last fifteen years, please ask me anything.”

“Then, I thank everyone in advance for your individual work. If anything happens please consult with me by all means.”

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