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Negotiations of the Young Lady

“Knowledge is also an asset, is it…”


“However, it’s because the number of doctors is scarce that’s why they are valuable. If they were to increase in numbers, their value will probably drop…”

“What are you saying. Right now their numbers are far from enough.”

The people can consult with a healer if there is one living in town. That said, because not many have the proper education, they can’t really be counted upon. In addition, in remote areas and frontier regions, it is said that there aren’t any practitioners and people can only rely on dubious remedies.

“I don’t think I need to say this but, there is profits to be made when there is an increase in the number of doctors among the population. That said, the conglomerates will be able to make lucrative profits by making equipment used by doctors and medical ingredients. In addition, with research, we can expect new medicines to be developed.”

If one looks closely, a director of a conglomerate who deals with sales of medicines was sorely tempted. Un, it has probably captured his interest.

“As for the Fief Administration and Accounting Department, its aim is to bring up talented people to make the future of the fief more prosperous. …Especially the Accounting Department, don’t you consider that is related to everyone?”

“I can more or less understand how Fief Administration will involve us… But how is the Accounting Department related to us?”

“Please look at the third page of the document.”

“This is…”

“This is a short excerpt of Azura Conglomerate’s account book.”

“This is, an account book!?”

Everyone looked really amazed when they viewed the contents. In this world, there is no concept of Double Entry Bookkeeping! I can’t believe they don’t have something this convenient. Even though people said that “Double Entry Bookkeeping is one of the most impressive invention born from the knowledge of humans.”

What is even more surprising is that their format is not unified. Some conglomerates use Single Entry Bookkeeping while other conglomerates use the profit-and-loss bookkeeping method by counting their products… That’s how it’s been until now. For me, who wants to promote the capitalist system, I cannot accept this.

“This way, one can immediately see when payments are made. There’s also another document called a ‘balance sheet,’ and with this, you can easily discern the assets and liabilities. In addition, there is an income statement which immediately shows the profits and expenses. As a result, one can easily see the “quantitative” value of the conglomerate.”

I thought that it would be a benefit to guide merchants with experience and good intuition, and with this, they will be more unified in the future. Well… there is also my desire to eagerly practice something related to accounting job I used to have in my past life.

“When you want to apply for a loan at the bank, you’ll need to submit this form. After all, with the tax reform happening in the near future, poll tax will be eliminated.

With this account book, one can easily read the report of how much profit is made, and you’ll have to pay the appropriate tax according to this. Of course, there will still be loopholes in this taxation system.

Nevertheless, with the taxation system being based on your assets, you’ll be able to save on taxes. When one takes some time to consider it, one will find that it will be a big help for everyone.”

“…Do you have any authority to change the taxation system?”

“Yes. I am not just acting as the Feudal Lord’s proxy. Just like what’s written in this letter, I have been given the position to administer the fief with equal authority as the Fief Lord.”

“…If one enrolls in that academy you speak of, will they be able to learn the method of your conglomerate’s account books?”

When a regular person looks at the account books, they might not be able to understand the value of it… However, as expected of the directors of the conglomerates, they noticed the value of this book.

“Yes, of course.”

“I’ve been beaten… I didn’t think you’d bring out such a big bait, or rather, the big bait will probably prove to be very successful…”

“Yes. There are also other advantages, you know? For example, when the agricultural department starts researching on cultivation improvements, and if they meet with success, those methods will be handed over to the conglomerates who invested in this. What do you think? Isn’t it tempting?”

“Haha, it is tempting.”

“Now then, I would like to talk to the directors of the conglomerates who wants to make an investment. I do not want to take up any more time of those who are not interested.”

To my proposal, only two people left their seats. Oh, I thought that at least half of the people will leave.

“A lot of people surprisingly remained… No matter what is it fine like this?”

“Iris-sama. We are, after all, “First-rate Merchants” and we are proud to take part in anything that will yield profits. Rather than being bound by short-term profit, we are Merchants who are moved by large long-term profits. With large profits, it will only be natural to have some risk. And we’ll only make our decisions after considering the risks and returns. In conclusion, we will never let an opportunity to make large profits slip by.”

“Well~… I guess that’s only natural.”

“If you’re nothing but an average noble young lady, we’ll probably just throw the idea away as though it’s naught but a pipe dream. However, you not only created a conglomerate with your own hands, you have already reached our standings… No, climbed even higher. And what we value is this ability of yours.”

“…I am once again proud to be praised by you. Because it is you first-class merchants who are supporting our fief.”

* * *

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When Iris said that she wants the fief to have compulsory education, she meant that she wants the people to attend the ‘primary division’ where they can learn to read and write. The advanced division is not compulsory.

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