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Inside the Carriage

“…Even so, Iris-sama sure has the guts.”

Moneda brought up the topic while we riding the carriage. The people inside the carriage right now are Moneda, Sebastian, and I. Dida, on the other hand, was sitting outside the carriage acting as our driver.

“Oh my, how impolite. Even I was actually very tense.”

“Nevertheless, it didn’t look that way at all to me. The main point is that I never thought you would approach those members to talk about a business proposal.”

“If that’s the case, Moneda, why did you think I called them for?”

“Of course, to report about the establishment of the bank…”

“I did do that.”

“No, I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t…”

I started laughing unintentionally. I was also feeling really nervous back then, it was a situation similar to walking on a tightrope. After all, those documents took three weeks to put together. Even though the documents were stuffed with a lot of details… everything went well with flying colors. I felt uneasy thinking about the various different questions they’ll have regarding the overflowing materials.

“However, why can we not have the bank fund the educational institution? In addition, there’s also the matter regarding the road maintenance…”

“It is impossible to sever the distribution of goods. However, if the distribution channels have been improved, the circulation of money also improves… Since that’s the case, it would be better if we start as quickly as possible. In addition, if those funds are returned to the people, wouldn’t it be easier for children be able to attend the academy?”

Of course, the primary division will be completely free of charge. Nonetheless, I don’t believe there will be a lot of people pleased with the idea. Especially those people living in remote areas.

However, if funds were allocated to these “Public Works” such as road constructions, it will silence those people, circulate money amongst them, and revitalize the economy.

“Smart people have probably already noticed the benefit of road maintenance. Distribution of goods will improve, and because a lot of materials and food will be needed to provide for the worker during the construction… their businesses will prosper greatly.

When an investment is made, the Duke’s House will be indebted to them, and will also receive information on researched materials. …When they consider these things, I thought they will jump at the chance. The only thing I had to worry about is not being eaten up.”

“Young mistress, you’ve actually considered things up to that point…”

“Oh my, did you think I didn’t take them into consideration?”

“No, I did not mean to say such things.”

“Is that so? Well then, Moneda. When we get back, please go to the bank headquarters and open up the bank. Just as we have rehearsed before, start accepting deposits, opening accounts, and various other procedures.

After that, please secure the funds for road maintenance. …In other words? Moneda. Please prepare not to have any holidays for a while. Things will become really busy.

“It’s exactly what I was hoping for.”

“Sebastian, you’ll also be very busy. Please consult with Rehme the order of which to conduct the construction work as well as making more efficient roads. Also, please prepare documents with the calculation of expenses for the construction and road maintenance.”

“I understand. I have already finished discussing it with Rehme-dono, and the calculation of the expenses is done. All that’s left is to submit the documents.”

“As expected of Sebastian. Please submit those documents to me. I will take a look at it immediately. If possible, I want to turn it over to Moneda so that we can start on it right away.”

* * *

My name is Sebastian. I don’t have a surname… However, I take pride in serving the House of the Duke of Armelia for generations.

By the way, my work consists of managing the mansion as well as the fief instead of the present head, the Prime Minister who is busy in the Royal City most of the time. Because the Duke’s fief is a genuinely extensive land, it is impossible for me to manage it closely, so I utilize my vast contacts. …Or at least, I used to.

When the young mistress accepted the position of the Feudal Lord’s proxy, my calm life changed dramatically. …To sum it up with one word, busy. I am exhausted.

With me managing the both mansion and fief at the same time, a fellow servant came up to me and asked, “When will you have the time to rest?” And this happened quite often. Because I’m like that, I have complete admiration for the way the young mistress works.

To be honest… when the young mistress arrived, I thought that she will leave everything to me… At least, that’s what I thought. But the moment the young mistress arrived, she asked me for the fiscal financial report of the fief, read it with extreme speed, and went out to inspect the fief vigorously.

Then, she launched a conglomerate and made a fortune in a blink of an eye. Right now, she is busy trying to reform the regulations of the fief. …I wonder when she takes the time to rest, or rather, it’s a question of whether or not she sleeps at all.

Her work ethics and the way she gives adequate instructions, just thinking of those leaves me astonished. For her sake, I do not mind overworking these old bones of mine. …While supporting this person, it is a pleasure to see what the future will look like.

However, I do have one concern, the young mistress is looking more and more haggard recently. Although the person herself said that it’s because she’s trying to lose weight… I’m worried that weight loss might not be the only reason… but fatigue as well.

There is no mistake that the future of our fief lies on the shoulders of the young mistress. And because of that, the presence of the young mistress is getting bigger day by day.

I must support the young mistress as much as I can so that she doesn’t collapse.

Today as well, I will ask the chef to prepare the young mistress’ favorite food. …That’s what I was thinking on the way home from the Commerce Guild.

* * *

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