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Aesthetics are Universal

…By the way, it’s been half a year since the bank was established. During this half a year, the Public Works’ first project, road maintenance, began and is progressing steadily.

As for the bank, different conglomerates opened an account under the names of their conglomerates and made deposits. And those people part of the conglomerates opened an individual account and it began to spread… Now, the presence of the bank has become larger in urban areas. Because of this, Moneda looked really busy. The challenge right now is… probably how to spread this to other cities.

Also, capital for the educational institution has been gathered safely and is now under construction. When it is completed, it will immediately be open for operation. However, since the construction of the advanced division is the priority, it will still be a long way to go before all the children of the fief will be able to attend the primary division.

My workload has not decreased at all, or rather, it has increased. Indeed, because the workload has increased recently to the point of being in a risk of overworking, there was an urgent need to gather officials to help with managing the fief. Because there are already some people in the house who had been helping with the fief, I immediately engaged them for work for us.

The departments are as follows: Finance, Education, Public Affairs, Public Works, and Judicial Affairs. Moreover, it is a system where I, as the representative of the Fief Lord, is at the top.

By the way, the Finance department is concurrently working on the taxation. Each department is to calculate their expenses and submit a report in a form of a balance sheet. From there, the bank will take a look at it and give the approval needed. Again, this is being done to prepare of the taxation reform in the future.

The Education department operates in a similar manner to the Ministry of Education in Japan. The academy personnel will decide on what subjects they want to teach, but the Education Department reserve the rights to choose the contents and how much funds will be spent.

The Public Affairs department are in charge of managing the people of the fief. As of now, they are busy running about in preparation to make family registers. …I was also thinking of eventually establishing Social Welfare.

The Public Works is currently in charge of the road construction, and eventually, they will also be responsible for building public facilities. In other words, because the road maintenance is underway, it is not an exaggeration to say that they are very busy.

As for the Judicial Affairs, just as its name suggests, they are in charge of implementing the laws in the fief. They are currently in charge of enforcing the current laws, and will be working on law reforms later on.

Now, since I’m tired, I should go take a hot bath.

“Young mistress, is there something the matter?”

“It’s rare that I have some free time, and since I’m tired, I thought to take a hot bath. Can you prepare it?”

When I asked Tanya to prepare one, Tanya immediate left to take care of it. Tanya has been overprotective lately. …I wonder if I really do look all that tired?

“…Today, young mistress somehow looks really happy, it something happened?”

“Ah, as I thought, you can tell? Fufufu, the thing I really wanted had arrived.”

Fufufu… After being busy for half a year researching and researching, it has finally been completed. And today, I am intending to test it out.

I slowly got into the bath, and when I felt that my fatigue has been healed, I immediately used it. Haaa~ The aroma of rose smells really good.

When I got up from the hot bath in high spirits, Tanya was outside preparing my outfit.

“Please excuse me, I’m coming in, young mistress. I finished the preparations… E-eh!”

When Tanya looked at my hair, a surprised expression appeared on her face. Fufufu, it’s wonderful, isn’t it? Since she’s the kind of person who usually doesn’t have much of an expression, the effect is excellent.

“Young mistress’ hair looks really beautiful… It is as though it’s shining. Please excuse me, young mistress. Exactly how in the world did it turn out like this…”

“Fufufu… It’s because I used this.”

What I took out was a small bottle. And inside it was a pale yellow liquid.

“This is, what exactly is it?”

“It’s called a “Rinse.” It is a necessary item needed to regulate your hair and make it glossy.”

In fact, Rinse doesn’t exist in this world. It seems like everyone washes their hair with soap and water. I have endured this for the last half a year. Incidentally, I couldn’t get my head around it for the first three months and thus I didn’t notice. After noticing, it’s human nature to worry about it. …When one only uses shampoo, hair will get damaged. Because I know that, I can’t end it with just using shampoo. Because Iris has beautiful platinum hair which she inherited from her mother, it gave me unnecessary stress.

And thus, I tried making handmade soap, shampoo and rinse similar to the ones in my previous life. Although lotion does exist in this world, it still took quite a bit of time.

Since I’ll be making them anyway… I might as well make related products. I used the roses our House is proud of as the fragrance.

“…Young mistress, it’s amazing…”

Tanya muttered while looking at my hair. As I thought, no matter which world it is, everyone will be interested in beauty products.

“…Shall I give some to Tanya as well?”

“Eh, will that be alright with you?”

“I can immediately make more.”

Although it took a lot of time to make one, but since I now have the recipe, it won’t take long to make more.

“Then, please give me a little…”

Tanya gladly received it. It brings me great pleasure to know she’s happy. Because I’ve been indebted to Tanya for a while now.

However, the talk didn’t end there. When the female employees saw my hair, they wondered whether I was using something special and where they could get their hands on it, and approached Tanya one after another. Although Tanya kept quiet about it, I unceremoniously reveal the nature of Rinse, and they asked for it one after another.

When the male staff found out about the effect, they thought, “This will definitely sell,” and wrote up the proposal. Thus, it was immediately promoted and commercialized by the Azura Conglomerate.

As a result, it is needless to say that my workload has increased even further.

* * *

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What Iris refers to as Rinse, we are more familiar with the term “conditioner.”

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