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Mother, is a Cheat

Before the product was commercialized, I sent trial products to mother who seemed to really like them and began advertising the products here and there. And the result is, of course, it has established itself as a popular item amongst the aristocrats and even the commoners in spite of its high price. …Really, mother is skillful when it comes to advertising. And I have secretly given the position of Advertising Director to mother.

As a matter of course, since the conglomerate has expanded, my workload naturally increases. Even though the number of employees have increased gradually and have been given as many supervisory responsibilities as possible, but because it hasn’t been a year since we started our operation, it can’t be helped that I still want to be directly engaged in it. …But I have to take care of my health.

“…Young mistress Iris.”

“Oh, Sebastian. What’s wrong? If I’m not mistaken, the discussion with you will take place in the afternoon?”

“About that, there has been information that the Madam will be arriving in the afternoon…”

“Eh? Mother is? But she did not write a word of it in her previous letter…”

“In any case, please instructs us.”

“Y-you’re right. For the time being, please ask the people in the dining room to proceed to the door, and also tidy up mother’s room. Even though it is usually kept clean, please double check it.

Please also change the flower display by the entrance hall. Let’s change it to the same rose we use for the product. After that, since I want to serve the new product, chocolate fondant for dessert, please prepare a menu to accommodate it. Because chocolate fondant is quite rich, it will be better to serve a slightly light meal.”

“As you wish.”

“As for the tea, please serve the herbal tea. Because this will be served in Azura Conglomerate’s coffee shop franchise, I want to get some impressions.”

By the way, teahouse the name of the new division. I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep calling them “Noble line” and “Commoner line,” and thus the establishment of a cafe where nobles and the wealthy can come to visit.

Therefore, the chocolate products have been divided into teahouse division and confectionery division.

Ah, however, I left the noble line as it is, you know? Since the nobles love to receive special treatment. When we established a membership system, and everyone was delighted and rushed to apply for memberships.

If they are qualified to become members, they can visit an exclusive shop in the Royal City and the fief. It is a place where they can watch the mechanics of our conglomerate and how we handle “all” our products.

In other words, it’s not limited to just confectionaries, but also the recently established beauty products. In the case of the beauty products, the herbal body perfume created with various different aromas are currently selling like hotcakes.

The orders for the confectionery is also doing well, and there’s a different booth in the teahouse where people can buy food and eat them on the spot.

…More importantly, since mother will be coming, I need to clear out some time off my schedule. I immediately looked at my schedule to verify. Recently, Tanya has been acting as my secretary. I’m really grateful to her.

And so, I somehow managed to clear some time off my schedule and wait for mother’s arrival. When I meet everyone… I’ll apologize to them. I feel really apologetic that everyone’s burden has increased greatly, so before the information that mother has arrived, I will do some office work. Just with confirmation of numbers.

“The Madam has arrived.”

“Thank you, Sebastian.”

I headed to the entrance hall at once. Oh, the corridor looks shinier than usual.

“Welcome home, Madam.”

The employees greeted mother upon her return.

“Welcome home, mother.”

The person who emerged from the door is a matchless beautiful woman with platinum hair. Ah, although she’s my own mother, I really do think she’s beautiful…

Mother, who used to be called “The Flower of High Society,” is still an existence admired by aristocrats and she carries a great deal of influence in social circles. …In addition, she is the Advertising Director of Azura Conglomerate, even though this information is not public.

“I have returned~ I’m sorry for coming so suddenly, Iris-chan.”

She has a gentle character. Although she talks like this to family members, it’s entirely different outside. How should I say this… Because she is called the “Flower of High Society,” of course, she acts like a perfect lady.

“No, not all. I am glad to be able to see mother after such a long time.”

“Oh my, you sure said something cute. Nevertheless, because I wasn’t able to properly talk to Iris-chan before you came here, I feel really happy.”

“However, is this really fine? I mean, it is still the season if I’m not mistaken?”

“It is all good~ The official events have all ended, and I have informed all of the people I have good relations with… Ah, although I received an invitation from the wife of the Leader of the Knight Order, I didn’t feel like going.”

…As expected of mother… Although that was what I was thinking, I didn’t say it out loud. By now, I’m sure that the people from the household of the Knight Order Leader have turned ghastly pale… Or rather, that’s what I think.

After all, if mother doesn’t attend, it holds a meaning that the event will likely not be entertaining.

It can’t be to that extent, right? Might be what some people are thinking, but this is indeed the truth.

Except for official functions, entertainments held by individual households will change their status depending on “what kind of people can they gather.” And so, when the person dubbed as the “Flower of High Society” doesn’t attend, it holds a great meaning.

Even when mother does attend an event, the organizers will feel really worried because they might never know when mother feels like leaving. If mother leaves the event early, organizers will feel like there’s no sense in continuing the event.

Whether if it’s a tea party or a ball, the wife’s ability will be tested… If it’s not an official event, even during the entertainment of the royal family, the Queen’s ability will be tested. As long as she attended, it will not be impolite.

Really, the existence of someone like mother, is in itself, is a cheat.

…Let’s leave that aside. It was impolite of me to think that Dorsen deserves it. However, I do not feel all that sorry.

* * *

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