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Mother seems really angry

“Well~ Iris-chan. You’re working already?”

Early in the morning while I was working in the study, mother unexpectedly came to visit.

“I’m sorry, mother. It’s probably time for breakfast.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Or rather, I’m more worried about Iris-chan’s physical condition.”

“I’m doing fine. I have not collapsed for the past half a year. In addition, I’m enjoying myself plenty.”

“Is that so? It’s fine if that’s the case…”

“If you’d like, please eat breakfast ahead of me. It seems like this will take a little more time. I asked them to prepare chocolate croissant for today’s breakfast.”

“Chocolate croissant? I’ve never heard of it before.”

“It’s a new product of Azura Conglomerate. It is a type of bread that has chocolate kneaded into it.”

“Oh my, that sounds delicious. However, since I have the chance, I’ll wait to eat together with Iris-chan.”

“I understand. I’ll work hard to finish this as soon as possible.”

Tanya immediately took the chance to serve mother some tea. A secretary who can do anything, that’s Tanya.

Since earlier this morning, I have been looking at one report after another from the various different departments. Ahh… there’s still a long way to go.

The road construction is doing well, and the construction of the educational institution in the fief’s capital is also steadily progressing.

“Sebastian, the calculation is wrong, please fix it. Also, this estimated budget is rejected. The calculation of the expenses is too generous. Please cut down on places where expenses can be reduced. If Public Works department is not satisfied with this budget, tell them to gather the evidence needed and bring them to me. Ah, speaking of Public Works, about that matter, how did that turnout?”

“Yes. The road maintenance and the preparations to construct the public office building are advancing smoothly. Since the materials used on both can be transported at the same time, I was thinking of cutting the cost there…”

“I would like to know more about that situation, so please submit a report to me by all means. Also, please inform the Public Affairs department that preparing the family registers is the first priority. At the very least, I want the people living in the fief’s capital to have theirs done before the end of the road maintenance. In the future, this will be an important document. Please tell them that before progressing to something else, speed up the creation of the family registers.”

“I understand.”

I looked at these documents earlier, so I guess this can be considered as done? As for these, I’ll look at them later and some discussions are needed… Uwa, there’s still two mountains left.

While I was thinking about it and sorting out the documents, a knock came from the door.

“Please enter.”

“Please excuse me.”

The person who entered was Sei, who is in charge of the conglomerate.

“Good morning Madam, Iris-sama. …I was planning to give a report regarding Azura Conglomerate this morning but…”

“I will take a look at it, please hand it over.”

When the documents were placed on the desk, there was another mountain. Whether it’s too many or too little, I hesitate on passing judgment. And so, I lightly flipped through the documents. I used sticky notes to tag segments that looked important and continued reading. After I finished reading everything, I went back to those stickied segments. …I’m really pleased I am able to speed-read.

“…Overall, every division is in good condition. Regarding the new commodity for the beauty line products, please bring a sample later. Not just what’s inside, but the container as well. After that, I would like some raw materials to conduct some tests… Please convey that to the developers.”

“Something you’d like to try out, is it? If you can tell me ahead of time, I will make preparations.”

“Is that so? If that’s the case… Please bring the materials written in this memo this afternoon. In addition, please bring the account books from each store, I would like to confirm them. I will look at them later.”

“I understand.”

…I guess it’ll be fine to end the morning meeting here.

“Mother, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s fine. Even so, this thing called “herbal tea” is really delicious.”

Mother praised the tea while smiling. Even though I have kept her waiting for a while, mother is really gentle.

“I am very pleased that you like it. It is currently one of Azura Conglomerate’s cafe franchise’s popular item.”

“That is so. By all means, I would also like to drink it even at home.”

“Although that was the plan… we are currently in the condition where we can barely provide for the cafe.”

Tea is a mainstream in this world, and when decided to serve them in the cafe experimentally, it became a big hit. Although a lot of people have requested to purchase the tea leaves, but the reality is that the production has not yet caught up. …Some measures are needed to be done about this. Incidentally, there will be a meeting regarding the cafe in the afternoon.

“Is that so. When it becomes available for purchase, please immediately let me know. I will serve it at the next tea party.”

“Then, I thank you in advance when the time comes.”

As expected of the Advertising Director. Even if I don’t ask her to, she is more than willing to work.

After that, I slowly ate breakfast with mother and had tea with her. It’s been a long time since I was able to spend a calming moment.

“…Which reminds me, how is the state of the house over there?”

“Hmm? Things are as usual~ Nothing ever changes~ Even though it’s long vacation, that foolish son of mine did not return home. He’s probably following the Second Prince and that woman most of the time.”

Mother’s voice turned cold halfway through her sentence. When my beautiful mother said those words with such force, it is a full mark.


“Though I have yet to say this, regarding the incident, I am, of course, your ally. Regarding Berne… I am angry at him.”

He-her tone has completely changed~!! It is completely out of my expectations. Because of her tone of voice was accompanied by a cold smile, cold sweat started trickling down my back.

“…To be honest, if he wasn’t my own son, I would have immediately crushed him.”

Although there was a smile on her lips, mother, it’s very scary.

“…Come to think of it, mother. What is the state of the castle in the Royal City?”

When I changed the topic of the conversation, mother “fuuu” let out a sigh and the atmosphere around mother turned gentle again.

Because of that, I felt relieved and also blew out a sigh. I-it’s not as though I was frightened by the atmosphere around mother that I changed the topic, okay? It is something I’m worried about.

…Of course, I have an understanding regarding both factions to some extent. However, the information that mother has brought with her is extensive.

By the way, from what I understand regarding the First Prince’s faction and the Second Prince’s faction is that they are currently in a stalemate. I guess that’s only natural. The present King is still in good health, so it is not wise to make a big move.

One of the main people involved… the First Prince is said to be studying abroad, which is very doubtful. In addition, where he has gone to was not made public. Because he has not appeared in the limelight, there’s no news about him at all.

Although the Second Prince seems to be still living a life as a student in the academy, but I do not have more information because I didn’t look into his school life.

* * *

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