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The Appearance of Grandfather

“…The state of the Royal City is the same as always~ However, the castle is slightly sensitive.”

“…Sensitive, you say?”

“That woman seems to be getting carried away and has recently done various unusual things~… Although that Baron’s daughter is most probably trying to gain influence. When Sharia died, the King has become severely weak-minded. …That’s why at that time, Eliya-sama and I were opposed to him getting married to that woman.”

“That woman” she speaks of is the King’s concubine, Ellia-sama. Mother seems to dislike Ellia-sama since the olden days. On the contrary, she seemed to have gotten along really well with Sharia-sama.

Also, Eliya-sama is the present King’s mother… In other words, the Queen Dowager. She has the highest position amongst the women in this world. She is now retired and is living in the dowager palace. However, that does not mean that her influence has decreased.

By the way, is seems like Eliya-sama has loved mother since a very, very long time ago. Eliya-sama will not hesitate to say that mother is like her real daughter. Even though Eliya-sama is now retired, mother will still sometimes visit the dowager palace.

“…Although I heard about the Baron’s daughter trying to gain influence… But I thought that Ellia-sama will definitely oppose to Yuri-sama and Ed-sama’s engagement…”

When one thinks about the future, instead of a daughter of a Baron… I thought that Ellia-sama would choose to engage Ed-sama to a more powerful House.

“About that Baron’s daughter… What was her name again?”

“Her name is Yuri Noir-sama.”

“Ah, that’s right. About Yuri-sama… She’s admirably skillful. In flattering other people’s pride, that is. Since that’s the case, it is inevitable that the vain Ellia will succumb.”

“…Mother, have you ever met Yuri-sama?”

“Yes. Right now, since she seems to be appearing here and there, I met her by chance~ As soon as Iris-chan was gone, she has been accompanying the Second prince.”

“Is that so… How did your encounter with her turn out?”

“It’s neither here nor there since I’m Iris-chan’s ally after all~ …However, even if I wasn’t, she’s not someone I want to get acquainted with. I’m no good with those kinds of people whom I cannot see their true self.”

“You’re saying she’s too dream-like?”

“Unn… I can’t really explain it~ However, Iris-chan is fine since you don’t have to approach her.”

It doesn’t look like mother will speak any further… This worries me. Truthfully, since I didn’t have much contact with her, I don’t understand her well. Though I’m quite familiar with Ed-sama’s personality.

“Th-then… Mother. What kind of person is the First Prince?”

“Oh my, has Iris-chan never met him before?”


I don’t have any memory of it at all. If I have met him, since he’s part of the royal family… I thought that I have would properly remember him.

“Now that you mentioned it, Alfred-sama retired from the limelight fairly early… And then he immediately went abroad to study.”

“Why did he draw away from the limelight so early?”

Since he was considering on studying abroad, he didn’t have to remove himself from center stage.

“When Sharia died, a lot of things happened… However, it wasn’t like it was his fault? After all, he is an amazing person just like my husband.”

“Just like father, is it?”

“Yes. Ah, I’m not saying he looks similar. But the atmosphere around him is similar. As long as he stays in this country, you might meet him someday.”

“Is that so, as long as he stays in this country… Ee-ehh?”

Didn’t he leave to study abroad?! Or rather, how did mother know about this information?

“Oh my, you didn’t know about it…? Then, this is a secret.”

No, no, no… It’s not that kind of a problem that will be settled by keeping it a secret.

“Why in the world is he not showing himself…”


“It’s been a long time~!! Melly, Iris!!”

While I was in the middle of asking my question, the door opened vigorously and my grandfather appeared. …What, Eh?

“Grandfather! Why are you here…”

“I heard that Melly came here. I thought it was perfect timing and came here.”

Gazelle Daz Anderson. He is mother’s father, currently serving the Kingdom as its general, and my grandfather.

Anderson House is a Marquis House, however, grandfather said that the world of the aristocrats is too laborious and enlisted in the military. He was remarkably able to make a name for himself. In the thirty-year war campaign against the neighboring Kingdom, Towair, he was appointed General and achieved huge success. Even until now, he is an existence respected by the Knights and other members of the military.

To explain the difference between the Knight Order and the Royal Guards, the Knight Order are armed forces while the Royal Guards are in charge of protecting the castle. The people who belong to that group are people who received an aristocrat’s recommendation.

And within the group of the royal guards, there’s another unit in charge of protecting the royal family called, Personal Guards. Because the mission of Personal Guards is to become the spear and shield of the King in case something happens, only Knights who are stronger than average are appointed.

Although Ryle and Dida were recruited to become Personal Guards… It was because their strength was forged by grandfather. As for recommendation, they probably got one from father, or even grandfather. …In the end, both people refused.

The army is a group of people who will immediately advance to the battlefield when a war occurs. When one wants to enlist in the army, they will not be questioned of their background. During peacetime, instead of being in a garrison, their work consists of maintaining peace in the Royal City and across the Kingdom.

After explaining up until this point, it should give one a basic understanding that grandfather who was the only son of a Marquis, should have enlisted as a Royal Guard. However, grandfather enlisted to be part of the armed forces.

Well, if one looks at his appearance, his unruly gray hair, his disorderly beard, and his burly physique, one can only think of him as a Warrior and not a Marquis that he is.

By the way, Melly is my mother’s nickname. Her full name is Mellice Reese Armelia.

“Iris, you’ve had it hard… I’m sorry for not showing up sooner.”

“Not at all! Grandfather has been busy with a lot of things. I don’t mind it at all.”

“Hahaha, I have already let my son succeed me as head, and even if war is to occur, it’s not like the Kingdom will immediately fall. I have free time.”

…But if I’m not mistaken, grandfather. I heard that grandfather has been looking for people to train every day…

“Still, Iris is looking more and more like Melly…”

While saying that, grandfather looked at me while smiling.

“I-I wonder if that really the case…”

To say that I look like mother, it is unthinkable. …It’s probably just him showing love for his grandchild.

My platinum hair is the only thing I have that resembles mother. If we compare our eyes, mine is an intense dark blue whereas mother has soft blue eyes with the color of aquamarine, reminding me of the color of the blue sky in spring.

“There’s no need for you to rush into marriage. It’s alright for you to continue doing the things you want to do. If you lose your place here, it’s fine for you to come to mine.”

…That’s right. That might be good as well. When the time comes for brother to inherit the Dukedom, I’ll lose my place here. When that happens, I’ll be fine for me to go to grandfather’s place… Since it’s possible to give instructions for Azura Conglomerate from anywhere.

“Oh my, father. I cannot let that comment pass. There is no way that there will come a day when Iris-chan loses her place. If anything, please take my foolish son away by all means.”

* * *

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