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A Promise with Grandfather

“About this, it’s not possible for me to take Berne away. Louis-dono will be troubled.”

“Well… It’s not like my husband will be particularly against it?”

“Hmm… Well, I guess that’s true…”

I felt like my head was splitting trying to follow the conversation of these two people. That child is suffering from blindness as usual.

“That child, has he done a lot inappropriate of things there?”

“He is moving splendidly. For Edward-sama’s sake, that is. No… It is for the sake of the Baron’s daughter…”

…Ahh, it’s scary to think what will happen after this, I don’t want to listen any further. Or rather, he doesn’t seem like he wants to come back to the Duke’s House.

“Putting that aside, Iris. Will it be all right for me to stay here for a while?”

“Of course, grandfather. Ah, if that’s the case… there’s something I’d like to trouble you with…”

“What is it?”

“There are two things… The first one is, our fief has newly established a security patrol unit. I would like to ask you to train those new recruits. Of course, only when grandfather is staying here.”

“Of course, it is fine with me. It’s just right since I was intending to mess around with Ryle and Dida.”

“Eh? Then those two people knew that grandfather was coming here?”

“I did tell them about it a while ago… But since they are already accustomed to it, I expected this would happen.”

…Grandfather, you’re too laid-back. If that’s the case, there’s no need for me to inform those two. Since the duration is not yet decided.

“And so, what’s the other one?”

“Umm… about that…”

“Now, now, tell me.”

“…Would you please accompany me to town?”

Grandfather became wide-eyed, I wonder if my request was too unexpected.

“Although I don’t mind doing that… But what for?”

“Umm… I want to walk around town. It’s not that I want to inspect the town… However, I want to know what the state of the town is, how the people are acting and living now. I want to go to town to see and get a feel for it myself. Because of that, I do not want to take a lot of people with me… But if it’s grandfather, there won’t be any problems, right?”

During the previous inspection of the fief, I saw a lot of things. I want to walk around town not to inspect but as a regular person. Not riding a carriage, not surrounded by guards, but more directly. In other words, just like in the past. When I think about that, grandfather’s arrival is extremely convenient.

Number one, since I will be going with someone as strong as grandfather, it will be completely safe and Ryle and Dida will not oppose.

Number two, when I walk around grandfather, it will act as a camouflage. Although it’s rude of me to say this, grandfather doesn’t look like an aristocrat at all.

Number three, because there is a lot of things to be done in the house, I do not want trouble people with my selfish acts. In addition, Ryle and Dida has a lot of work allocated to them, and I want them to prioritize those… Although there are new recruits who could act as escorts, their abilities are still uncertain. When thinking about all of these reasons, grandfather’s arrival really is convenient.

“I don’t mind it at all? Then, shall we go tomorrow?”

“Is that true!? Thank you in advance.”

Wahh~ I wonder what I should do… What to buy, and window shopping as well. I’m looking forward to it.

At that exact moment, I heard a knock on the door.

“…Please excuse me. Iris-sama, it is time for the afternoon meeting…”

The person who entered shyly was Sei.

“Oh my, it’s already that time…?”

“Iris-chan, you don’t have to worry about us. Since we came here on our own will.”

“That’s right. It’s about time for me to mess around with Ryle and Dida.”

“Since that’s the case, the both of you, I must be going so please excuse me. If something happens, please call for me.”

On the way to the study, Sei reported the progress made since this morning’s meeting. …Ah, now that I think about it, we have yet to plan for the sale of the herbal tea leaves.

“By the way, Sei. Regarding the report about the Baron’s daughter, Yuri…”

“Ah, about that girl. She wanted to apply to become a member, I dismissed her application.”

“Oh my, Ed-sama didn’t complain about it?”

“I said, ‘it’s a different situation if she becomes part of the royal family through marriage, but until then she cannot become a member.’ ‘In addition, our conglomerate has many aristocrats waiting to become a member and they have higher status than you.’ When I gave that reason, she was convinced. Although the Second Prince wanted to say a lot of things, she persuaded the Second Prince not to in the end.”

“Is that so… If it was handled well, then that’s good.”

“…Or rather, what is up with those people? They should clearly know that the Azura Conglomerate belongs to the young mistress, and yet for them to act so self-important, they sure have the nerve.”

“…They probably don’t know, or rather, the correct answer is that they were never interested in me from the very beginning.”

Un, at least, it feels that way. To them, I have probably reached the level… where I am nothing but a memory, a person from the past. For them, unless it’s someone they consider important, no one else can enter their view… Ah, now that I think about it, the expression ‘Eye of the Storm’ is a fitting description.

“Even if those people don’t care about other people unrelated to them, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Second Prince has been brandishing his influence that it’s not acceptable if we do not give that girl special treatment… It makes one want to retort, ‘Then what in the world are you doing applying for membership.'”


I unintentionally blew out a heavy sigh.

“Sei. If you’re doing this for my sake, you don’t have to worry about me and address the membership application as usual. Or rather, it will be troublesome if Ed-sama intervenes and do this and that.

“Right now, it really is because of the number of pending memberships. When it is time to look at her application, I will examine it very carefully.”

“It’s fine if it’s like that.”

After that, I continued making arrangements with Sei, but before I knew it, it was already dusk.

…After that was a meeting with Sebastian.

While I was thinking about it, I leisurely strolled alone. The compound of the Duke’s House is extremely large. Presently, other than the main building, there are a couple of gardens and a secondary residence. By the way, Azura Conglomerate is currently borrowing the second residence as its headquarters.

Because it was settled that prototype products cannot be made public, we decided to use that building. I also go there when I want to perform trials. It turns out to be a good choice since it’s also in the House’s compound.

When I entered the study, Tanya immediately served tea.

“By the way, Tanya. Can you adjust the schedule for tomorrow?”

“Do you have something else planned?”

“Yes. Grandfather will be taking me out for a walk around town.”

“Gazelle-sama will be taking you? If that’s the case, then it’s fine. I will immediately adjust the schedule to make time.”

“Thank you.”

With this, it’s settled. I’m looking forward to tomorrow~

* * *

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