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The Harvest in Town

The moment one of the men reached for me, Tanya appeared to protect me. In my eyes, everything happened as though it was in slow-motion.

“…Do not approach any further.”

Before I knew it, there was a knife in Tanya’s hands, I wonder when she took it out. That knife was pointed at the man’s throat. It remained pointed at a part of the man’s neck until a drop of blood came dripping down.

“Wh-who the hell are you…”

Because of the unexpected and sudden state of affairs, the men seemed somewhat surprised. However, it looked like they recovered before long, and the employer started laughing through his nose.

“Oh my, didn’t you say that it’s unpleasant to resort to violence, but aren’t you guys resorting to violence now?”

“It’s because of the attitudes you’ve displayed. Violence will be met with violence. That’s all there is to it.”

No, in reality, that’s not what I thought at all… In short, it was an excuse I immediately came up with. Tanya, you couldn’t endure it any longer, huh. However, because of you, I was saved. You have my gratitude.

Now then, what should I do now. If I were to reveal my social status here, it’ll be easy to solve this matter. However, I wanted the security forces to capture them if possible. It will be an advantage to show their capacity for the sake of maintenance and public order.

I would like for them to appear so that nothing will hinder them from their job if the same thing happens to other people in the future. In addition, it will enforce the idea that the security forces of our House are there to protect the citizens.

“Are you okay~?

With an exquisite timing, grandfather appeared. A new person… Moreover, with grandfather’s appearance, he seems to be a person with ample strength, and the mood of the men gradually became resigned.

“…Tsk. Let’s go.”

When the employer finally made a decision, the two other men went away with him.

“…Young mistress!! Why did you do such a dangerous thing!”

“Oh my, oh my, Tanya. You’re not supposed to call me young mistress.”

“This is not the time to say such things! My insides turned cold. Even if Gazelle-sama wouldn’t make an appearance, I could have gone out instead…”

“But you were angry even before I went out here, weren’t you?”

“It’s because young mistress was in a perilous situation. It’s only natural.”

“With such anger… you wouldn’t have been able to talk calmly. If someone intimidating like grandfather went out, it doesn’t look like any talking will be done… Because of that, I thought that the most qualified person to go out would be me.”


“In the first place, my main purpose was to be an advocate. The children in this place are also citizens whom I should protect. Since that’s the case, I do not mind moving.”

When I obstinately said that, although Tanya wasn’t completely convinced, she finally became silent.

“About what happened here, I’ll add it on my agenda when we get back. Not because it’s personal, but because it’s some that must be done for the fief. …Now then, it is time we head back.”

After that, the children who were shivering in fear regained their spirits and gave their appreciation, we said our farewells and began to walk back.


Not far away from the main street, grandfather suddenly called my name.

“Is there some the matter, grandfather?”

“Run. …Tanya, you understand, don’t you.”

“Of course.”

Tanya, who didn’t say anything else after that, grabbed my hand and started to move.

“Wai— Tanya!!”

“Alice-sama, please don’t talk and start running.”

Tanya led me towards the exit of the main street, where the branch of the security forces was.

“Please help us!”

I, who does not understand the situation well, and with a question mark flying above my head, I looked at Tanya with askance.

“What seems to be the problem?”

“Over there, we were attacked by some men… and then a person who coincidentally saw us, helped us out… But because he is outnumbered, I’m worried whether or not he’ll be fine…”

Tanya, who usually doesn’t have much expression, displayed a dreaded expression as though she was really afraid. …Or rather, when you said the man was outnumbered, could it be grandfather…

“That’s very serious! We’ll go immediately.”

Three people from the security forces appeared and followed after us. …Be that as it may, grandfather definitely looks a lot stronger even with the three of them combined… At least that’s what I think.

Tanya and I follow them. Tanya is necessary to act as their guide, however, I don’t separate from them because of the silent pressure I felt coming from my hand. …I thought it would be absolutely safe for me to stay in the guardroom by myself.

And so, when we returned to the scene… there were about ten men on the ground. For an instant, I thought they were dead, but it seems like they just fainted.

As for grandfather, he was standing in the middle of the unconscious men looking really bored. …Or rather, to be able to take care of this many people in such a short time… As expected of grandfather.

“Y-you are… Thank you for your hard work.”

A splendid salute. That reminds me, grandfather gave training to all the guards in the fief yesterday morning, so he probably recognizes grandfather’s face.

“Mmn. Today, I was requested by one of my acquaintance to be these young ladies’ guard. And then, though I don’t really understand it, they suddenly attacked, so I did them in.”

I see… We are just another person until the end. Certainly, although grandfather’s face is familiar to them, the fact that I am currently acting as the fief’s lord proxy and the Duke’s daughter is only known to the people part of the Azura Conglomerate Development Department and some of the fief’s government.

“Please accept my gratitude for your cooperation. We will take over handling these people.”

“Well then, I guess I will leave now. As for the young ladies, I will be sending you.”


…From there onwards, we returned to the Duke’s mansion without any other incident. By the way, the people who attack us, as I expected, they were people of that employer. It looks like he only left the place because he wanted to call his other companions. They were immediately apprehended with the charge of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is absolutely prohibited in our fief. This was not something I proposed, it has been a law in our fief since the olden days, so there’s no need for deliberation.

In addition, Ryle and Dida got angry the moment I returned home. Grandfather just stay behind and laughed. …However, I still intend to go out to town from time to time in the future. It was fun, and more importantly, I harvested a lot of things.

For one thing, the commerce for picture books was started. Afterward, it will be fairy-tale books for children. I will be giving it to the institution as a present. And the proceeds will be used to build a new institution. I decided that even in the future, the profits for the picture book will go to the institution.

…Of course, needless to say that my workload has increased. However, I felt a sense of fulfillment more than ever because I have determined my purpose.

The things I am doing has no right or wrong answer. …However, I have the power. I can help and protect those small children. No, it is possible for me to help more people.

Since that’s the case, all I have to do is believe and move forward. When I consider that, my hesitation was blown away and used my energy for work. …Now then, I shall do my very best with work today.

* * *

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