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I have settled most of today’s work, all that’s left is arranging and confirming documents. Because I didn’t feel like eating with my younger brother in the evening, I asked Tanya to bring me a light meal. Mother and Tanya didn’t mention him in my vicinity, they were probably taking my feelings into consideration.

The skies outside has turned completely dark, and the dim room is only brightened by a lamp. …I wonder if it is about time I start wearing glasses. Since I’ve only been looking at detailed reports, it can’t be helped if my eyesight worsened.

Knock, knock, a knocking sound echoed in the room. When I asked the person to come in, the one who entered was Berne.

“Is there something you need?”

“…Do you still have work left to do?”

“That’s right. It is as you see.”

“…Do you always work with this kind of schedule?”

“Since mother and grandfather arrived, it has subdued a little. Back in those days before they came, I would work all day long.”

…It might really have been a long time since I’ve had this kind of talk with my younger brother. It’s been almost two years since we last saw each other, and even we were both still at the academy, we had our own entourage so we didn’t have much of a chance to communicate with each other.

“…Is that so…”

“Is it all right for me to ask you one question?”

“What is it?”

“…Why did you assist the Second Prince at that time?”

“…Why you ask…? That’s because older sister did that to Yuri…”

“You’re talking about… the way I criticized her, and spread false rumors. Were you prepared to undertake the responsibility of the results of what happened?”


“If you want to succeed father as the next Prime Minister, you should think about the consequences. The consequences of your act and the influence it has.

…I don’t have detailed information regarding your behavior in the Royal City. Nor did I want to know. However, I do know for a fact that your reputation isn’t that good.

Right now, I do not want to let you succeed as the fief Lord, and being the Prime Minister is just a dream within a dream.”

“…It is the duty of their subjects to fulfill the wish of the royal family.”

“The role of the Prime Minister is to oversee the Kingdom according to the King’s will. However, it is also part of his duty to remonstrate against the King when he makes a mistake. …Besides, you said that it is your duty to realize the wish of the royal family, do you not have to consider the feelings of others?”

Grandfather was the one who told me the duty of the Prime Minister. “Louis-dono has matured splendidly with his role… But as for Berne…” was what he expressed.

“…To conduct things with feelings and to move because of feelings are both different. I made a move because I was overcome with the ugly feelings of jealousy, and it led to that outcome. My number of allies diminished, and I was expelled from the academy. You stood on the other side and denounced me at that time, but now, are you not also facing the same situation?”

It is regrettable to stop the tradition of our family of having the position of being Prime Ministers. I am still in need of more and more power. While I was thinking about that, I thought I might be able to adjust younger brother’s behavior somehow…

“That is all I want to say. Is there something else you would like to ask?”


“Is that so. If that’s the case, please leave. I still have some work to do, so I cannot keep you company any longer.”

When Berne left, I let out a deep sigh. Somehow, I’ve become really tired… As long as that girl is there, Ed-sama will be covered by a shadow. Thus, it is more necessary than ever to have him distance himself from his entourage.

Knock, knock, there was a knock on the door again. I wonder who it is this time?

“…Please excuse me.”

“Oh, my, Sebastian. Is there something wrong?”

“When I passed by the room, I saw that there was still a light. Young mistress, please do go to sleep soon.”

“Just a little more, please wait. I want to look over the report of the Advanced Division. It’s the result of the farming department that Sebastian spoke of earlier in the day. …Everyone is amazing. Everyone is studying properly and were able to show results… Just looking at it makes me happy.”

“As I thought, the fact that they were able to gather together, have discussions and were given a place to experiment, plays a big role. I also look forward to the developments that will happen in the future.”

“You’re right. Things I did not know and things I couldn’t think of… When I look at it this way, it leaves me with nothing but amazement.”

“…There are also some things that the young mistress doesn’t know, huh.”

“Oh, my, Sebastian. That is only natural. Aside from the accounting department, I am no good with the farming and medical department. That’s why the High School division was made, to leave it to those people who specialize in those fields.”

There’s a limit with just myself. Thus, it is best to leave it to those professionals to handle.

“…That is…”

“The Financial department’s report. I’ve already looked at it. We should cut down a little more, or else the negotiation can’t continue.”

That kind of disposition, it is necessary to think what kind of influence it will have in a long-term span. When I saw it, my head started getting jumbled up. …For the sake of my brain, I need a talented person or rather, an Adviser whom I can exchange arguments with.

“You’re right.”

“…By the way, Sebastian. How did Berne do?”

“He did the work that was given to him splendidly.”

“I see…”

“…Just between you and me… While we were at the Financial department, he asked about the young mistress. ‘Does older sister always work this much?’ ‘Why does older sister work that much?'”

“…It seems like a somewhat impolite question.”

“Because of that, it is all the more surprising. In the academy, I heard that Berne-sama is a very bright student. Nevertheless, his intelligence doesn’t have much effect here. In addition, when he saw the documents that young mistress was working with, he received a shock.”

“You really understand Berne well.”

“It’s because I’ve been watching over him since he was young, Berne-sama’s expression is plainly written on his face.”

Well, that is certainly true. Sebastian has been serving our House even before we were born, and he watched us grow up. In a sense, he is similar to being our parents.

“…In addition, I think young mistress has already noticed it. You probably felt Berne-sama’s eyes staring at you.”

“Well, that’s right.”

Thanks to him, I am more tired compared to usual.

“It’s because he was observing young mistress for a long time. When we walked out of the room, because the impact he received was too much, he kept staggering.”

“Oh my. I wonder if he has matured a little?”

If he received that much impact, I hope he decides to receive father’s teaching by all means. Earnestly.

“I believe that it so.”

…I wonder if mother was aiming for this all along? Because that child has really high pride, he is easy to understand. I am worried that when he returns to the Royal City, he will go back to that flower garden and continue being part of the Second Prince’s entourage… But since younger brother still some schooling left, he has no choice but to return to the Royal City.

“…Thank you very much for the pleasant talk. It looks like there’s still some hope left. Now then, as Sebastian suggested, I should get some sleep.”

* * *

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