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Idle Talk: Displeasing Chat between the Second Prince and Acquaintances

My name is Berne. Berne Tash Armelia. I am the heir to the Dukedom of Armelia, the son of the Prime Minister, Louis Dan Armelia.

“Good morning Edward-sama. Yuri-sama.”


“Good morning, Berne.”

I called out to the two people who were walking in front. Ed-sama has bright crimson hair color, the same as Ellia-sama, the second Queen, and a distinctive jet-black pair of eyes. With his upturned eyes, it tends to give others the impression that he’s strict.

But when he’s with Yuri-sama, the corner of his eyes will drop a little, making his overall facial expression look friendlier. When Ed-sama was still engaged with my older sister, Iris, I’ve never seen him have this kind of expression. I think it’s because he finds her really, really precious that he can’t help but display that expression.

As for the person next to him, Yuri-sama, she has braided brown fluffy hair. It is a kind of hairstyle that’s rarely seen and it looks very impressive. She also has big beautiful green eyes, and with her constant changing expression, she looks lovely overall. She is someone who always remains positive, at least I think so.

“Hey, Berne. You didn’t stay up late again to study, did you?”

“Yes, well…”

“Oh dear, Berne is overdoing himself again~?”

“No, I’m not overworking myself. It’s because I want to study a little, I’m all right.”

When I saw Yuri-sama’s anxious expression, my chest started to feel really warm. The only thing I’m particularly good at… to receive Yuri-sama’s concern… as I thought, it was just studying.

‘Berne-sama, you’re so amazing~’ If I’m not mistaken, that was the first thing she said when she called out to me. At that time, I didn’t have any interest in her at all, and I’m certain I even treated her coldly. Or rather, I didn’t know what was so amazing about it.

For me to get first place, I thought it was ‘natural,’ and I didn’t even consider it being snatched away. However, to her, always being in first place is amazing because she’s terrible at studying, and she came up to me and asked me to teach her many, many times.

Because it felt comfortable to be around her, by the time I noticed it, I was teaching her all the time. While teaching her, and seeing her improve little by little because of my instructions, somehow brought a warm feeling to my heart.

‘Berne-sama, please look at this~ Thanks to Berne-sama, my grades went up so much~’ In the beginning, her grades were only so-so, and having improved so much, she happily showed me her report card.

When I saw it, I felt really glad that I was able to help. …Before I knew it, I felt comfortable hearing her high-pitched voice as though it was healing me.

…Even though I have been approached many times, I have never felt this way before. In the end, it didn’t work out well, and she was taken by Ed-sama. Even so, as long as she was happy, it was fine… I just wanted to stay by her side… That’s what I thought.

In any case, because of that time, before I knew it… I was convinced that I was amazing. I have not gone down from being first place, and I can usually remember things after hearing it once. That’s why I thought that.

However, my way of thinking was shattered just the other day. And the person who destroyed it was my older sister, Iris.

When she was in the academy, she was not a very bright student. However, when I went back to the fief recently… I saw my older sister being the director of the conglomerate, and governing the fief as the fief Lord’s proxy.

Because of that, I saw her struggling with documents stacked as high as a mountain, having conversations regarding topics I do not understand, giving consultations, and once again scuffle with documents. After she admonished me, she went back to work… So busy with work that looking at it makes me dizzy.

When I saw her appearance, to be honest… I received a shock. I thought that I, myself, was someone amazing… But what exactly does that mean? The only source of knowledge is experience.

Compared to her… I’m just a kid with a functioning head. No… It’s probably not just her, there are probably more people. But that wasn’t the only thing I saw.

And because of that, I recently went to father and begged to receive his teaching. I cannot go on this way, that’s what I thought. Above all, I was mortified.

Under the strict supervision of father, I was forced to tackle many challenges. As a result, I was forced to stay up all night in order to handle it.

* * *

When I looked towards the entrance of the academy, I saw Dorsen there. As usual, he stands out with his short hair and muscular body.

“…Good morning.”

“Oh, Dorsen. Good morning.”

“Good morning,Dorsen. Although you look really tired… Are you okay?”

“Yeah. It’s because I underwent a harsh training yesterday. But I am okay.”

Although he’s usually reticent and deadpan, but if one was to look closely, he does seem really tired. That said, he doesn’t really look that different compared to normal.

“Is that so… Just don’t overwork yourself, okay?”

“Thank you very much.”

If I’m not mistaken, Dorsen has been strangely participating in the Knights’ training as of late. Dorsen’s father, Druna-sama said that it would be an opportunity for him to “forge and temper his character” and was forced to participate.

…It was probably because mother was absent at the tea party conducted by Dorsen’s house, the Katabelias… and they were subbed at official functions… That might be the reason why Druna-sama dragged Dorsen there. In other words, putting it simply, it was mother’s retaliation.

…About this situation, I only found out this inside story after I went to look for father. Because of this, I remembered what my older sister said at that time, “think about the consequences of your actions.”

* * *

When we arrived at the classroom, everyone looked towards us and gave their greetings. …Well, since she is now officially engaged to the Second Prince… I guess it was only natural that they greet her.

When we sat down on our seats, the bells coincidentally began to chime, and the door opened once more.

“…Good morning~”

“Oh, good morning. Van.”

The person who arrived in the nick of time was Van Lutasha. He is the son of the Pope of the Darryl Religion. The purpose of the Pope of the Darryl religion and the religion itself is to aid generations of generations of aristocrats. Because of that, although Van isn’t an aristocrat, he is enrolled at a school of aristocrats.

“Van, you are slow as always~ You barely made it just in time~”

“For me, I think I arrived here rather early. That aside, Yuri-sama’s hair has become really beautiful.”

“Thank you very much~ Or rather, even though Van is praising me, I don’t feel like I’m being praised.”

Van has shoulder-length blonde hair. His hair is really glossy and is rarely found even amongst women. Long and narrow eyes, and androgynous features.

“That’s not true at all. It really does look beautiful.”

“Th-thank you very much~ I’m sure it’s definitely thanks to Azura Conglomerate’s beauty products.”

“Ah, that place, huh.”

“Yes~ Now that you mentioned it, I finally became a member~”

“For a mere conglomerate to actually keep my fiancee waiting…”

Ed-sama said bitterly while clicking his tongue.

“Ed-sama, you cannot say something like that~ It’s because other people had to wait for some time, so it’s only natural for me to wait as well.”

“Yuri is so gentle.”

However, after being persuaded by Yuri-sama, his expression changed.

…Or rather, for Yuri-sama to become a member… I can’t say I’m not surprised. Such a thing actually happened. I will not be surprised if these two fail to become members… Or rather, I am more convinced it would be like that.

However, “that” older sister, to prevent a dispute between the royal family and the conglomerate, she probably suppressed her emotions and did what was best for the conglomerate… Surely the employees who adore older sister would have felt like they had to swallow something bitter.

“That conglomerate really is very popular~ I am still waiting for mine.”

“That’s right~ I’m sure that their president is an amazing person. I respect that person. I really want to meet the person once~”

“Since Yuri wants to meet the person, let’s invite them to the Royal Castle once. I’m sure that the other side will be extremely pleased and honored.”

“That’s a really good idea~”

…I think she absolutely won’t come. In the first place, the people of the fief of Armelia are considerably angry with the Second Prince. Because when I went there, not only mother, but as soon as I was separated from older sister, the other employees completely disregarded me as though I was a thorn on their sight. Even if it wasn’t older sister, but someone else was president… for example Sei or Sebastian, I’m sure they wouldn’t go either.

“…Speaking of the Royal Castle, how was the talk about the previous matter~?”

“Ah, about the church’s soup kitchen. Of course, I got the approval. Hey, Van.”

“Yes. The Darryl church should also be pleased to help out.”

“I’m really glad it turned out that way~ I’m sure that everyone will be pleased.”

“Yeah. Of course, since Yuri will be the one doing it, everyone should be pleased.”

…Yuri-sama is a gentle person. She made a proposal for Ed-sama to open a soup kitchen for the people, and Ed-sama also aggressively made a move.

However. …To conduct it frequently, they have probably already calculated how much budget it will need.

That is only a natural thing to do. The Royal Family is living the same as before… Or rather, their expenditures has increased. This is because Ellia-sama spent a lot on herself, and Ed-sama has splurged quite a bit for Yuri-sama’s present. Nevertheless, the tax revenue has not changed.

‘If you want to live for the people, the first thing you should do is to reexamine your own life… For example, that in engagement, instead of being happy with Ed-sama’s present, she could have donated it to the people. However, that girl keeps extorting presents, which is ill-natured of her.’ Father said with indignation.

To ask for present, it was still fine if it was just once or twice, but it has happened repeatedly to the point where the Treasury is being squeezed.

Although father and other ministers were opposed to the idea from the very start, it was still forcefully carried out by other, and the expenses started to pile up.

In addition, a soup kitchen is being carried out in the Royal City. …In reality, there aren’t many people who are in need of help. Father complained that they are just trying to earn popularity.

If the labor cost is cut down, it means that the incomes of the people will also decrease. As a result, even the people who should have been somewhere in the middle class will also be poor.

Up until now, I’ve always thought that Yuri-sama is a gentle person… But I might not have seen anything at all.

“…Right now, conducting it frequently will put a large burden on the National Treasury. This time, don’t you think it’ll be better to reconsider?”

“Why is Berne saying something like that? Isn’t it the top priority to help the lives of the people? Everyone is happy, isn’t that a good thing…”

“Although it’s a good thing, it won’t be good if it’s too frequent. Yuri-sama, please don’t say too many unreasonable things to Ed-sama…”

“Ed-sama is the Prince of this Kingdom. Can’t a Prince do whatever he likes? If the Kingdom doesn’t have enough budget, it will be fine to take it from the taxes~ Ah, and also, how about disbanding the military? Un, that’s a good idea~ Since this Kingdom is really peaceful, the military is unnecessary~ Right, Ed-sama?”

Yuri-sama had a bright smile on her face as though she has thought of an ingenious idea. I, however, couldn’t hide my surprise because of her words.

I thought that she seem like a small child. An inhumane… innocent child. If one thinks about it a little, judging from the aspect of national defense, and the standpoint of peace and order, it is something that cannot be said. Above all, what will happen to those people who would lose their jobs. …The future will be a beeline towards to the soup kitchen.

“Ah, Yuri is so smart. …Berne. You are being obstinate. You sounded like a retainer from somewhere.”

“…I’m sorry for the impertinent words I’ve said.”

Ed-sama glared at me, and I shut my mouth. …Ah, father will probably once again explode in anger. No, he has been angry. And because I wasn’t able to stop it, he’ll probably get angry at me.

* * *

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