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Gratitude towards Grandfather

“…Hmm, that child has probably already graduated…”

“…Iris-sama, is there something the matter?”

When I accidentally said those words out loud, Tanya reacted.

“Un… I was wondering if Berne has already graduated.”

It has been two years since I left that academy. When I think about how those members have already graduated, I felt a deep emotion.

According to the story in the game, one year after graduating from the academy, the protagonist will successfully capture someone and it will lead to a happy ending.

It was similar to Ed-sama’s route… where I was denounced and expelled from school, and they lived happily ever after. Of course, if she wasn’t able to capture anyone, it will lead to a normal end, and the current harem situation… did not exist in the game.

That said, the Second Prince’s route is the only one that’s different, because the story ends the before their graduation, so I have no idea whatsoever on what happens after that. Well… the only thing I know is that the situation when I regained the memories of my previous life was the ending of the game.

By the way, although it’s a little late for me to say this now, Berne and I are children born within the same school year. I was born between January 1st and April 1st while Bern was born after April 1st. In other words, we are in the same grade, and Berne will graduate at the same time with Ed-sama.

“…Young mistress, do you miss being in the academy?”

“If you ask if I miss it, then I do… But that is all there is to it. Because those dark days have been driven out of my mind, I don’t remember much anymore.”

“So it’s like that…”

“I wonder if their graduation will bring about fortune or misfortune… Well, I guess it’s a good thing for our House since Berne will be able to separate from them.”

“There isn’t any particular reason for the young mistress to worry about that person.”

Tanya, for the time being, Berne is still the heir of our House… She has splendidly thrown that fact aside.

“Because if this Kingdom survives, I would like the fief to have some kind of pipeline. Although it will be a while before it’s time for father to retire as the Prime Minister… I want Berne to be prepared to take over the position sometime in the future.”

“…According to the young mistress’ words, this country will be destroyed?”

“That is something I cannot predict. Since the Second Prince has graduated, the earnest struggle will be begin, so there is a possibility…”

Unlike the happy ending portrayed in the game, their happily ever after… will probably end. After all, once the fight against the First Prince and the Second Prince intensifies, the country will likely become impoverished.

“Now that I think about it, a letter from Master came. How was it?”

“Un? …Somehow, he said he was thankful. It seems that Berne went to father by himself. But it wasn’t as though I did something, so if he wanted to thank someone, he should thank mother.”

To be honest, I don’t really care much about whatever happens to Berne. If I were to put it in a certain way, he would be someone I would use if he can be put to use… or something like that.

“However, young mistress, excuse me for being forward… But when you received the letter, you seem slight depressed after reading it…”

“Yes, well… The letter also had some information written about Ed-sama.”

I was really surprised by it. As for what I was surprised with, apparently Berne told father some of the conversation he and Ed-sama had while in the academy. But what was even more surprising was the contents.

I mean, it’s that Berne! Berne actually brought up the burden the situation has on the National Treasury… But when he said that, ‘Why don’t we disband the military,’ it became that kind of conversation.

When grandfather heard it from father, he went berserk. “The budget provided to the military isn’t unnecessary. If you want to reduce the budget, you should decrease the number of Knights.”

That’s what he said. Well, certainly, the Kingdom is not domestically stable for now. And grandfather stood on the front lines during the war against Towair…

Although there is no ongoing war against other countries, it wasn’t as though there was a formal cease-fire with the Towair Kingdom, and because of that, we cannot be at ease. Because of that information, grandfather got really worried about the situation and returned to the Royal City.

“…Really, how annoying.”

When Tanya accidentally leaked those words, I pulled myself together. Because she is usually an expressionless girl, and for her to say something like that, I was really scared.

“Tanya, it’s not as though I got depressed because of Ed-sama nor was I thinking about him. However, for just a moment, I was really surprised with the contents of the letter.”

“Nevertheless, it is preposterous for young mistress to feel anxious because of this.”

“Thank you very much for worry about me, Tanya.”

Because I’m really grateful for her worrying about me, I gave my thanks.

“…Now then, we should return to work.”

After the tea time had ended, I went back to the study. After grandfather went back, the mansion felt larger all of a sudden. …Grandfather really has that kind of presence.

“Oh, my… Ryle, Dida. What’s wrong?”

While I was walking down the corridor, I encountered them right in front of the study.

“I came here to report.”

“I only tagged along because I was bored.”

“…What have I been telling you… you should watch what you say in front of the young mistress.”

When Dida answered in an easygoing manner, Ryle glared at him. Now that I think about it, how many times have they had these kinds of exchanges? While I was thinking about it, I sat on the chair.

“It’s fine, Ryle. Aside from that, how are the guards doing?”

“They are doing quite well. Because while Gazelle-sama was here, he supervised their training daily.”

Un, since it came out from Ryle’s mouth, the result is probably good.

“That’s right. They have reached the point where they can keep up with our swordsmanship.”

“Well… that is wonderful to hear.”

Tanya unexpectedly said words of praise. Un, for them to actually be able to keep up with Ryle and Dida’s swordsmanship, it means that their skills have improved. A while back when I went to observe the practice training incognito, the only thing I saw was them hackling their sword at Ryle and Dida.

…Or rather, Ryle and Dida, exactly how strong are you guys. A little before grandfather left, I remember him saying, “I lost to those two! I must be getting old.”

…Because grandfather hasn’t been defeated up until now, he was slightly annoyed. Nevertheless, before he went back, he would have mock battles with Ryle and Dida daily. And in my opinion, his eyes were sparkling like a child having lots of fun.

“Young mistress… the fact that these two people were able to match up with him in terms of swordsmanship means that if they were in the military or part of the Knight Order, they would be very influential people.”

“That certainly is magnificent. Please continuously do your best.”

…Grandfather, thank you very much. I secretly gave my thanks to grandfather. Though I still have some questions why grandfather would want to strengthen our guards. …Well, if anything were to happen in this country, it is important for them to have enough strength to protect the people of our fief.

* * *

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School starts in the month of April. Iris was born between January and April, Berne was born between April and July. Anyone born on August of the previous year to July of the current year is in the same grade.

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