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Various Speculations II

“…I guess his status has dropped.”

I spoke of the details of the party that happened the other day with Alfred who is currently in front of me. However, because it’s been a long time since I made an appearance at a party, I was really tired.

“If Ellia and her maternal house also made a move, I think it would have been more interesting. However, Ellia was busy greeting other aristocrats… She was too absorbed, frantically greeting and soliciting them to increase their influence that she didn’t notice. It’s the same with the Marquis’ House.”

Alfred nodded looking satisfied.

“It’s not good to be too greedy. Since people from other countries were in attendance, it’s not advantageous to show that our Kingdom is in chaos. Still, it has reduced the influence of the Second Prince’s faction… and tipped the balance of the neutral members’ opinions. As expected of you, grandmother.”

“I didn’t do anything at all. If I have to say something, it was Edward who caused his own self-destruction… is probably the best way to explain it. At any rate, has that child always been so thoughtless?”

“Who knows… From the very start, he has always been egotistical. If one is to describe his current state, it will be “If he loses his stopper, he will rampage,” or somewhere along those lines.”

Hearing Alfred’s description… I thought it was accurate and nodded my head. It was a perfectly fitting phrase.

“So what you’re saying is that the stopper, that Baron’s daughter… must be taken away. How was it? Since it’s you, you have probably already investigated her.”

“Yes, of course. …Ludy.”


Ludy, who always stood on the side, reacted to Alfred’s words and took a step forward.

“When we investigated the girl, we found out that she is the illegitimate child of the head of the House of Noir. His partner was a housemaid who was serving in the Royal Castle.

After that, the maid resigned from her position and entered the Noir House. Then, she gave birth to a daughter, Yuri, she left the Noir Baron House and went into seclusion.

Baron Noir seemed like he looked for her whereabouts, but he was not able to find her for the past dozen years, and it wasn’t until the year before the girl enrolled at the academy that she was found.”

Until she was found, I wonder if she has been living in the streets? Even so, to actually look for her without any result for over a dozen years, exactly how large of an importance did the Baron place on her existence…?

“Is that so… Are there any other information?”

“I am really sorry. There is no other information right now.”

“I understand. Please continue your investigation on her.”


“…That said, it would be advantageous for you to have that stopper removed.”

“…Well, I wonder what it is you’re implying.”

When I asked, Alfred played dumb and smiled. Really, he absolutely doesn’t want to reveal his intentions.

“However, because of this matter, there are those who would definitely side Second Prince faction thinking… “Since he doesn’t have a good head on his shoulders, he should be easy to manipulate.” and thus joined delightedly. As for the people who are on our side, they were probably pleased to see Edward showing such an appearance. Therefore, it’s presumably very convenient for you, right?”

“…Well, I won’t disagree that it will not be a disadvantage to me if he becomes a good bait.”

Although Alfred said while smiling wryly, I, too, agreed with him. The people at the top should protect the common people… As of now, there aren’t many aristocrat Houses with prided themselves in doing that.

Or rather, they do things for the prosperity of their own Houses… To be prideful of their social standings for their own self-satisfaction, and repeatedly use their influences for their personal greed. These kinds of people, they will probably also try to make use of the royal family.

…Since it’s like that, Edward will not be a good ruler. After all, if I have to point out something, he gives the impression that he would do whatever he likes.

After all, there might be another side who would want to make use of that child. …Even more so because Alfred has yet to show himself.

Alfred hasn’t taken the center stage for more than ten years. Even though he attended the academy for noble children, he graduated from the academy without using the royal family’s name. There are probably not a lot of people who remembers him when he was younger.

The First Prince whose name is not even well known, and the Second Prince who can be used… That’s probably what some people are thinking.

However, on the contrary, it is a chance to completely eradicate those people. As long as that child continues to act the same way as he did in yesterday’s party.

“…And so? Have you already made plans on what you intend to do in the future?”


Although I tried asking, as I expected, he remained silent. The only thing he did was smiled. Really, although he is my own grandson, I cannot read his emotions.

“Well, it’s fine. Based on whatever it is you plan on doing, I will just go along with it. No matter what it is you have planned, I’m sure that the results will be splendid.”

As long as the daughter of the Baron, Yuri, is present, nothing can be expected of Edward. This is something I understood during the recent party.

When I think of the moment that child ascends the throne and obtains the power… The risks are too big. That being the case when I consider the future of this Kingdom… I can only entrust it to the person in front of me, Alfred. Even if Alfred ends up letting me down, he is still better than that child.

“…Which reminds me, I invited Iris to the recent party. She has grown up and became really beautiful.”

When I said that, he reacted with a sudden but slight twitch. …However, his face immediately returned to his previous smiling expression where one couldn’t read what he’s thinking.

“Grandmother. Why did you especially went out of your way to invite her?”

Although his the tone of his voice was a little sharp, I was happy. Because it means that he is considerably concerned in her affairs.

“Oh my, it’s because I love girls who always does her best. Isn’t it natural for me to want to meet her?”

When I started recalling it, I started to smile. She has similar facial features to Melly, and one can feel the same atmosphere the Duke of Armelia has surrounding her.

Fufufu… If Melly is a large rose, then Iris similar to a beautiful, upright and dignified lily. Her elegance is different, that’s what I thought when I saw her.

“In addition, this is a positive thing for Iris, isn’t it? I heard from Melly that she’s been receiving invitations left and right.”

“…Considering her quick-wittedness, there are no possibilities that people will not approach her.”

“That might be so. Her background in business, achievements, appearance, and lineage… all of them are really attractive. Doesn’t Alfred thinks so as well?”

“I think so, too.”

Alfred answered casually. Ahhh, really. Although I think it’s fine if he let his expression loose a little more. While I was thinking so, when I quietly observed Alfred, I noticed that he looked a little troubled which cause me to deepen my smile.

“What is it? It seems like you want to ask something.”

“No? There’s nothing in particular.”

In this kind of situation, it can’t be helped if I want to make him more unsettled. Well, since I was able to shake Alfred a little, let’s call this a win.

“Come to think of it, Alfred. In your eyes, what do you think of the House of the Duke of Armelia?”

“What exactly do you mean by that?”

“The government of their fief, and its structure. …I don’t have any ulterior motive.”

“If I were to put it in one word… it’s ‘interesting.’ Various reforms are being made. If there’s something I’m worried about, it’s their growing military potential. In my opinion, one hundred years in the future, it won’t be strange if the Duke of Armelia’s House will become the most prosperous in the entire Kingdom.”

“As I thought, it’s like that after all. It’s not something to be happy about if one House has too much power. …That said, for the development of the Kingdom, it is necessary for each fief to advance as well. Because of that, we must make an allowance on something that shouldn’t exist.”

“Although you say that, since it’s grandmother, it’s not like you will do anything unkind towards their House. The fact that the Royal Guards whose skills are the pride of the royal family are mostly from the Duke of Armelia’s House, and that we continue to leave them alone is an excellent proof of that.”

“Well, that’s right. In addition, there is also that fact that the previous heads and current head of their family have been supporting the entire Kingdom as its Prime Minister… And compared to other nobles, they are the definition of an aristocrat who behave like proper aristocrats and contribute to the Kingdom… Especially with the current situation, they haven’t done anything particularly rebellious.”

Not only is the Duke of Armelia doing a good job being the Kingdom’s Prime Minister, their House also makes contributions towards the royal family. Rather than chipping the power and influence of that House, it makes one more confident that that House is powerful.

In addition, I also heard some of their standpoints. They are gradually giving their support to Alfred to become the next King. Because of various situations, Edward has gotten himself into a difficult position with the Prime Minister. Although I have been retired up until recently, I’m being made to work. Just like once upon a time… because of that guy.

“…Well then, grandmother. Please excuse me, I must get going now.”

When the conversation ended, Alfred bowed towards me and left.

* * *

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