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Activities in the Royal City

Ah, how nostalgic… For a while, I looked at the scenery of the Royal City in comparison to the fief and became absorbed in it. Compared to the day-to-day life in the fief, living in the Royal City felt like a raging wave.

That is because of what happened ten days ago…

“Oh my, it does seem that a lot of invitations has arrived.”

After the party to commemorate the founding of the Kingdom, we decided to spend a day to relax at home and drink tea. Although my body doesn’t feel that tired, my mind did. At that time, while I was drinking tea with mother, one of the butlers serving our house came to deliver invitations sent to our House.

“Earl Monroe and Marquis Rudolf are associates of Ellia’s maternal House… So there’s no way I would go.”

“The invitations are not just for Her Grace, but there are invitations for the young mistress as well.”

“I’m not understanding the meaning more and more. Well… after looking at what happened at that party, I can understand why they would want to make an acquaintance. Iris-chan, do you want to go?”

“No way… I certainly never had a thought of going.”

For me to attend a tea party held in the Houses of one of the Second Prince’s faction? I will absolutely refuse to go. In the first place, there’s no point in trying to deepen the association now.

“I thought so as well.”

Mother blew out a sigh and continued drinking tea.

“Oh, are there any other Houses that you would like to go to?”

“…The House of Marquis Langley.”

“The House of Marquis Langley? Ah, if I’m not mistaken, the daughter of that House was one of Iris-chan’s classmates.”

“Yes. We got acquainted while I was still in the academy.”

Mimosa — I wonder how she’s doing…? Although we’ve been exchanging letters from time to time, it’s been more than two years since we last met.

“If that’s the case, then we’ll go to Marquis Langley’s House. Besides that, is there any other Houses you would like to go to?”

“Hmm, which Houses does mother think will be fine to go to?”

Apart from the Houses part of the Second Prince’s faction, there are numerous other invitations. However, because I didn’t leave the fief for so long, I am not well informed regarding most of the Houses.

However, since I got the opportunity to make some connections… I would also like to take the time to get acquainted with some of them. Because of that, “which House” to go to becomes really important.

Because I don’t have much time… I need to be efficient. In order to decide on which Houses would be best to make acquaintances with, I consulted with mother.

“I guess Baron Messi’s House would be good. After that, the Earl of Dranbalt’s House.”

“The Earl of Dranbalt’s House, if I’m not mistaken, mother and that House’s Countess has a deep friendship?”

From the corner of my memory, I remembered mother going to the Dranbalt’s House a lot.

“Yes. The Countess has really good sense, and it’s very interesting to talk to her.”

“Since it’s mother who is saying that, it’s quite a compliment.”

“Thank you. …In addition, Dranbalt’s House is part of the neutral faction, so when they hold a tea party, the majority of the people invited are also neutral members. If Iris-chan wants to learn about the strife of the factions, won’t this be a perfect chance?”

As expected of mother… It was as if she read my mind, and because of that, I decided in my heart to attend the Dranbalt’s tea party.

“If Iris-chan will be going, I will go as well.”

“Let’s go together, mother. Then, is there something about Baron Messi’s House?”

“As for Baron Messi, he is one of the people who fought alongside father in the war against the Towair Kingdom. Knighthood was bestowed upon him because of his military exploits… However, the region he governs is adjacent to the Towair Kingdom, so even though it’s the season, he rarely leaves his fief in order to protect the border.”

“Baron Messi… Ah, you mean Mabaras-sama? I heard about him from grandfather once. If I’m not mistaken, he is a close friend of grandfather.”

“That’s right. And he is also known as the excellent right arm of father. You do know that in the past, father played an active role in the military unit during the war?”

“Yes. Of course, I know about it.”

At that time, there was an impasse… No, we were actually a little inferior, and the person who turned the tide and brought victory to the Tasmeria Kingdom was grandfather.

Because what had happened, grandfather was appointed as General, and even until now, he is respected by the Knights and Military personnel.

…And when I wanted to hear about the old times from grandfather, if I remember correctly, he stayed silent while looking embarrassed.

“That’s right. Because the history books omitted the a lot of details, not a lot was said about what happened in the vicinity. Nevertheless, because of what had happened, it led to Mabaras-sama being rewarded with Knighthood…”

“Certainly, since it’s like that, it would be best for me to meet him at least once.”

This is a rare opportunity… Since that’s the case, I should meet him at least once.

“Yes. In addition, Baron Messi is part of the First Prince faction, naturally, most of the people who will attend are part of the First Prince faction.”

“If that’s the case, there is more of a reason for me to go.”

“That’s how it is. …Earl Monroe holds entertainments all the time, but it would be more constructive for him to be more like Baron Messi who is usually protecting the borders.”


After listening to mother’s words, I immediately pulled up a map of Tasmeria Kingdom in my head. That reminds me, the House of Earl Monroe and Baron Messi’s fief are close to each other, which near the borders of our Kingdom and Towair Kingdom’s.

If I’m not mistaken, it was also the main battlefield during the war against the Towair Kingdom. Because that area is where the granary is, the war started by aiming for the crops.

The Towair Kingdom is further up north where the land is mostly damp. In comparison, our Kingdom is rich in crops and that’s the reason why they aimed for our Kingdom.

Most of our country has everlasting spring, we have a lot of fertile lands where crops can easily grow. The land governed by Earl Monroe is north of Tasmeria Kingdom, which has four seasons, but nevertheless, different crops can be produced.

“Does Earl Monroe’s fief covers a large area of land?”

“Yes, something like that. However, every year, even before the season begins, he’s staying in the Royal City. He attends parties here and there, and in return, he also holds considerable entertainments.”

“Is that so, but why…”

Especially since the location around his land is insecure. The war against the Towair Kingdom ended, but there was no signed truce agreement, so there is no ceasefire. That said, I am hopeless to help with the situation since that area is not where the fief I govern is. The only thing I can do is keep it in mind and observe what happens.

“Let’s put that matter aside. This time, since Iris-chan doesn’t have much time, I thought it would be good, but what do you think?”

“Yes… As mother suggested, I will be attending the events of these three Houses.”

“Is that so. Then, let us send an answer immediately… and the closest event is…”

“It’s the event at Marquis Langley’s House. The event is the day after tomorrow. However, instead of calling it an entertainment, it’s more like a private event.”

We quickly gave our answer to the butler who was still waiting.

“Is that so. Then, Iris-chan. Let’s start our preparations tomorrow.”

“Yes, mother.”

Thus, this began my visitation of parties after a long time. …That said, there was only three.

* * *

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