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Firstly, it was the visit to Marquis Langley’s House.

Because it’s a private event, I thought that I wouldn’t feel nervous… But after thinking that it’s been a long time since I met Mimosa, I started feeling nervous. After I have arrived in Marquis Langley’s mansion, one of their servants led me to their drawing room.

“…It’s been a long time. Iris-sama.”

In the drawing room, Mimosa was already there sitting while waiting.

“Thank you very much for your invitation today.”

I returned her greetings and sat down. With that timing, apart from one lady’s maid, Mimosa asked all the servants to leave the room.

“…Let’s stop the greetings here… Iris, it has really been such a long time. I’m glad to see you looking so spirited…”

I wonder what happened to that solemn atmosphere from earlier, she returned to her natural self. Mimosa Langley. She was my classmate in the academy and my best friend. As for her appearance, with slightly drooping eyes, she looks gentle and cute. Because my facial features look a little strict, there’s a complete contrast between us.

“I’m sorry for worrying you, Mimosa…”

“Seriously. While I was resting because of a cold, I didn’t think you would be expelled… That’s why I kept telling you to be careful of those people.”

Mimosa did warn me severely back then. ‘Don’t get too close to that daughter of a Baron, Yuri, and not be too concerned with her.’ However, when I saw her getting close to Edward-sama, I tried to interfere and was faced with uncompromising retaliation as a result.

“I have reflected. At that time, I didn’t think that the other side would plan so far ahead and retaliate to that extent.”

“You’re right. If it was the old them, I don’t think they would even think of going to that extent. However, when those people became associated with that child, they changed a lot.”

“Yes… Mimosa, you noticed it as well?”

“Isn’t it only you who did not notice because you were too crazily absorbed with Edward-sama? With just a glimpse, I saw it all. Hey, Iris… to be honest, I’m scared of that girl.”


Although I started to smile, but after seeing the serious expression on her face, I withdrew my smile. When I came face to face with her during the party, she looked like an innocent girl with the fascination of a child, so I didn’t really think about it.

“I’m scared because I cannot tell what she’s thinking at all. In addition, she seems really innocent under the guise of a child… But it doesn’t feel that way at all.

I mean, if you look at those people… Until those people met that child, they would act according to training they were given depending on their individual statuses, so do you think they would have behaved in such a way?

It is because they understood their own positions that they were more vigilant compared to others of people who might want to utilize them… Nevertheless, they immediately and readily fell into that child’s palm and moved in the way she wanted.

And because they themselves are not aware of the situation, it’s attributed to that child’s clever actions. Even their arrogant behaviors, I found it suspicious and wondered if there’s any meaning behind them.”

“…Are you not thinking about it too much? I mean, her actions and way of speaking might just be her natural self.”

In this situation, I find it difficult to think that it’s that child’s technique. That’s what I thought when I took things into consideration.

…That said, there is also that part of me who is in complete denial. One of the reasons is because I felt uneasy is concerning the words Mimosa used to describe the Baron’s daughter, Yuri, while she was still in the academy. The other reason is because I thought that the things she spoke of was too extreme… and I tried to drive it to the corner of my mind.

“…Is that so… Really, let’s put a stop to this topic.”

Although Mimosa didn’t look convinced, she couldn’t find any words to refute it, and seemed to have grudgingly agreed.

“Apart from that, Iris. How are you doing these days?”

After switching the topic, Mimosa returned to her natural calm self and asked. Mimosa is, how should I describe this… She is very feminine, and the atmosphere around her feel very maternal.

“…Even if you ask me how I’ve been… It’s exactly as I have written in my letters. I guess you could say that… I’ve been busy managing the conglomerate, and up to my neck in the fief’s politics.”

“I want to hear all the details about it. Isn’t it wonderful? You opened a large store here in the Royal City, and isn’t the most popular cafe also part of Azura Conglomerate? Mother and I are a big fan of their beauty products, and I also love their confectioneries, especially the chocolates.”

“Thank you very much for that.”

“In addition, you became really beautiful… Did you do anything special?”

When I saw her looking at me with dreamy eyes and started laughing, I winced a little.

“I-I didn’t really do anything special. I don’t have that much free time. …Mimosa, as well, what have you been doing lately?”

“I also haven’t been doing much? …After graduating from the academy, because I am not engaged to anyone, I have been staying in the Royal City and undergoing bridal preparations until I find a partner… That’s how it was supposed to be, but with the current situation, I don’t want to immediately find a partner… so I’ve been a little bored.”


Strangely, I completely understand. Especially the latter half. At this time, with the active struggle of the factions, since one won’t know which side their partner might join, it’s better to hold off than to make a bad marriage.

“Well, it’s all good. Since I’m not at all ready for marriage either. It’s a good chance to reflect upon myself.”

If anything, I think Mimosa would have received a lot of offers for marriage… I thought it was a little regretful. But I’m sure it’s not just Mimosa, a lot of Houses part of the neutral faction are finding it hard to find a partner.

Going with the flow, I started drinking tea, but my hand holding the cup suddenly stopped. Together with some scones and sandwiches, there was a familiar chocolate engraved with a lily.

“I’m sorry about this, Iris. Although it’s one of your store’s product… as I’ve said earlier, it’s one of my favorites.”

“There’s no need for you to apologize. I’m really glad you like it that much. That reminds me, I plan to inspect the stores here in the Royal City… Would Mimosa like to come along?”

“Could you be talking about the store of Azura Conglomerate?”

Mimosa’s eyes started to sparkle.

“Because I plan to visit the affiliated stores as well, it might be a little tough. After all, I have some time left here in the Royal City… So I was thinking of taking this opportunity to see the state of the stores. Of course, because it’s an inspection, although there would be a lot of people there, it can’t be helped if we don’t bring a lot of guards for security purposes.”

Because it’s an inspection, we cannot take that many people. However, as a daughter of an aristocrat, Mimosa’s House might not agree with her going out without a certain number of guards.

“How many people would it be okay to take along?”

“Up to two people… I will be taking Ryle and Dida along, as well as Tanya.”

“If Ryle-san and Dida-san will be with us, I don’t think father will oppose to it.”

“Oh my, you seem to trust those two very much.”

“That is only natural. Their superiority has been known throughout the Kingdom… It is only natural to trust and rely on their strength.”

“I wonder if that’s the case. …If you successfully receive permission, please send me a note.”

“Yes, of course. When should I send it by?”

“Sometime this week.”

“I understand.”

After that, until the sun went down, we continued talking about our days in the academy, and the current fashion in the Royal City. As the saying goes, time flies by really quickly when you’re having fun, and if Tanya didn’t tell me that should head home soon… I might have continued to immerse myself with talking to her.

* * *

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