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“…Young mistress. Are you thinking about what Mimosa Langley-sama said earlier?”

While we were riding the carriage to return home, Tanya brought up the topic. Although I was absentmindedly looking outside, I immediately focused my glance at Tanya.

“…When you said a while ago, when exactly do you mean?”

“It’s when she was talking about the daughter of the Baron, Yuri. Excuse me for being forward, but the young mistress’ expression looked like you were momentarily lost in thought.”

“…I am surprised. To think that Tanya was watching carefully.”

“It is the maid’s duty to understand what our master is thinking.”

Although Tanya clarified the reason why… I still think she’s amazing. Even though I intended not to show it on my face as much as possible.

“…Young mistress, with your appearance, it seems like you didn’t think that Mimosa-sama was overthinking things…”

“That’s right. However, it’s nothing really exorbitant?”

I have no grounds to suspect her. Or rather, because it was too extreme, I withdrew myself and tried not to think of those words.

…However, talking about it now might be a good idea. Since it’s Tanya, I am certain I can trust that she will not say anything to anyone. Above all, more than anything, she would probably feel really honored for me to talk to her about it.

“If you’d like, could you please let me know some of the things you were thinking of…?”

“Even though Mimosa has warned me about it… I really thought it was because I dug my own grave.”

“What do you mean to say?”

“First of all, about that soup kitchen. Although it was criticized by the aristocrats and other bureaucrats… But when one thinks about it from the perspective of the common people, wouldn’t they welcome it? And they would think, ‘They are actually thinking about us.'”

From what I heard from father, they cannot continue to distribute food for long. This country doesn’t have the capabilities to do it. Because of the remaining debt from the previous war, I thought that the Finance should be tightening things up even more.

Thus, instead of using more and more money to distribute food to the people, I believe the money should be used for something else.

In addition, the people don’t know the current financial situation of the country. They have no way of finding out. In other words, because they have no idea how much pressure the country’s finances is under, when taxes are temporarily raised, their impression of the country will worsen. However, it doesn’t mean that the impressions they have of the Second Prince will change.

“When thinking of it this way, they will be able to make allies with the common people. …About Miss Yuri’s behavior. She behaved that way even though she’s an aristocrat.”

“About the distribution of food?”

“No. Her speech and behavior during that party.”

“I have heard about her behavior during the party, I believe it was something the Second Prince’s faction would have pulled…?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I think most aristocrats would think so. However, isn’t it too convenient for it to be interpreted that way?”

“Convenient, you say…?”

“Right. For example, if I not only want to maintain the rights I have acquired but further gain more rights and power… Instead of the First Prince whose existence remains a mystery, the Second Prince is better.

After all, what kind of person is the First Prince, and what kind of thoughts he has… because he has not come forward for over ten years, it is almost impossible to comprehend. As for Ed-sama, I think he is suitable and an easy target for Miss Yuri to elevate her own status, that’s my impression.”

“Is it because ‘he is easy to manipulate?'”

“If one is to put it simply, yes. The arrogant behavior he displays when it comes to Miss Yuri, it might be what impresses Yuri even further.”

“…I see…”

“That said, I have no grounds for suspicion… As I thought, I might be overthinking it.”

Un, I feel like I have become a person who over thinks too much. If one obtained people one can use, then one should use them. If one wants to make sure Ed-sama rises to the throne, it would have been more than enough to make a frontal attack.

For starters, there was no need to drag Ed-sama’s head and show him a flower garden… To show the royal family, to gather the hyena-like aristocrats, to drag other people in, and to choose situations where one would deepen the antagonism between the people of this country.

“However, young mistress. Just to be safe, it’s better for you to take some precautions.”

“That’s right. …For starters, I will be extra cautious in communicating with the royal family and other dealings in the Royal City. After all, the current King has fallen ill… With the current situation, I can’t help but be anxious.”

As for Azura Conglomerate, in order to not centralized its operation in the Royal City, it has directly opened a branch in each fief and has been recently increasing the number of exchanges made with foreign countries. When I consider the affected earnings, I found that this progress can’t be helped, and it’s better to withdraw from the Royal City before the confusion increases.

In addition, the conglomerates in the fief are sure to take similar actions. To begin with, when I spoke to Moneda for the first time, the trade in the Royal City has already decreased.

Afterward, the peace and order of the fief should be maintain. Even if the confusion in the Royal City doesn’t intensify, it doesn’t mean that we won’t receive sparks of it… Nevertheless, we have already established a security force beforehand. I guess I should have a discussion about this with Ryle and Dida.

“As for me, I will try to gather as much information as I can.”

“I see… I’m counting on you.”

When I returned home, I went to my room to relax. Since I am free the day after tomorrow, other than our conglomerate, I wonder if I should look around the Royal City.

Since it’s been a long time, it might be good to look at the academy from the outside. For some reason, after meeting Mimosa again, I kind of missed it. While thinking about those things, I feel asleep just like that.

* * *

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