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Tea Time with the Madams

Now then, today is the day to visit Earl Dranbalt. This time, it’s different compared to when I went to visit Marquis Langley’s house, and various other people have been invited. …And because of that, I am really nervous.

“Iris-chan, you’ll be fine so you don’t have to worry so much~”

However, since I’m together with mother, I find it reassuring. I am really reassured. The next House I am to visit next is Baron Messi’s House, so I want to take this opportunity to regain my senses.

When we arrived and Earl Dranbalt’s House, a servant came to greet us at the door. And then, a man dressed in a tailcoat guided us. The place we arrive at was a beautiful courtyard filled with greeneries.

“Welcome, and thank you for coming. Lady Mellice, Iris-sama.”

A woman who was sitting at the center table stood up and came to greet us with a smile. She has soft golden hair that seems to shine even more brightly under the sun. Although her figure was a little round, she seems gentle and cheerful… She was Earl Dranbalt’s wife, Countess Dranbalt.

“Thank you for sending an invitation for today’s event. Together with my daughter, we were looking forward to it.”

Mother responded with a formal tone. No matter how close mother is with Countess Dranbalt, she wouldn’t act out of order because there were others around.

“Oh, my, for Lady Mellice to say something like that, I’m very honored. Please, come in and have a seat.”

When Countess Dranbalt said that, she pointed us to vacant place. A man wearing a tailcoat was immediately standing by near us.

“Then, I shall accept your offer.”

And then, we respectively headed to our vacant seats.

The garden was well-kept and overflowing with greenery. And the tables were arranged opposite of it, giving it the best view of the surroundings. What is stood out, even more, were the dresses people wore. Light pink, light yellow, light blue… Everyone was wearing pastel colors. Perhaps they each person was to represent a flower and were seated in that order as well. I see, the reason why the dress code — wear pastel colors — was specified on the invitation was to aim for this outcome.

“I shall make the introduction. This is Lady Remedy, Earl Caldina’s wife.”

“Please treat me well.”

When the lady standing on the left side of Countess Dranbalt saw me, she nodded at me lightly. When I saw her, I also slightly lowered my head.

“This here is Lady Dora Danas, Earl Danas’ wife.”

“I have been looking forward to meeting Lady Mellice and Iris-sama.”

The lady beside Lady Remedy said so and also bowed lightly. And I, too, like a bobblehead doll, bowed my head lightly again.

“And then, this lady over here is Salina Mines, Baron Mines’ wife.”

“I am honored to meet you.”

…With that, all the introductions were done. To be honest, it was getting hard for me to put faces to their names… so I was thankful that it ended.

And then, the tea party began. I ate some of the sweets placed on the table and drank the tea that was served. Unn, it’s delicious… Since it will be embarrassing if I cannot follow the conversation, I perked up my ears.

“The clothes Iris-sama wore the other day was very beautiful. From where did you purchase that dress from?”

Lady Dora suddenly asked that question.

“I used the cloth obtained from the East to make that dress. However, we have not gathered enough materials, but when we do, it will be sold in earnest.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. Although the fabric was wonderful, the design of the dress was also unique and lovely. Where did the design of that dress come from…?”

“I asked a tailor shop from the Duke of Amerlia’s fief to make it.”

“Then, that dress was designed by Iris-sama?”

“No, to say that I designed the dress is a little… I thought something like that would be nice, and roughly explained what I wanted.”

I can’t say that it was because I wanted something easy to move in… At any rate, because I’ve been wearing clothes and dresses that’s easy to wear and suitable for work, it would be difficult for me to suddenly start wearing tight corsets and extravagant and heavy fluttering skirts.

Thanks to my almost impossible request I made to the tailor shop’s designer-san, a non-heavy dress was completed to my satisfaction… That’s the only way to put it.

“So that’s how it was. However, I think that that dress will be popular in the future. Don’t you think so as well, Lady Remedy?”

“Yes. After all, it had garnered a lot of attention during the party. Even now, I believe many have gone to the tailor shop to order one.”

…I wonder if that’s really what’s happening? I mean, if it is like that, isn’t this the chance to advertise the clothes from the Duke of Armelia’s fief?

While I was thinking about it, before I knew it, the topic of the conversation changed. The current fashion, and the current state of each House.

The center of the conversation is the organizer, Countess Dranbalt, and mother. Countess Dranbalt indirectly brought the topic into the conversation and started to calm everyone down. Mother also didn’t try to obstruct the organizer in any way, and the place was brightening up visible to the eye.

“…Now that I think about it, about Earl Monroe’s House. A rumor came about that he has been using his influence a lot lately, has anyone else heard of it?”

Lady Remedy brought up that topic.

“No, but I do know that Earl Monroe has been holding a lot of extravagant entertainments lately. I once saw his wife wearing a brand new large diamond necklace, and two days after later at one of the events, I saw her wearing a brand new large emerald earring. When the jeweler came to our house, he implied that Earl Monroe has been ordering many pieces of jewelry and dress lately, you do know about it? Also, it seems like he has been going to Azura Conglomerate non-stop.”

“I am only in charged of the management of Azura Conglomerate, and for the management of our patrons, someone else is in charge of it… But after hearing your story, it sure is amazing.”

Because the glances were directed towards me, for the time being, I gave them an answer. Other than the basic overall management, I have not looked into other things.

As for the patron management and other things, I have left it all to Sei and other people. Thus, until now, I do not know how much each House has spent. However, even if I knew it, I wouldn’t tell anyone else.

More precisely, if Lady Remedy’s story is true, then I wonder why Earl Monroe is so prosperous? Was he like that from the very start? No, if I’m not mistaken, the granary is in his land. Although I haven’t heard of him suddenly starting a business or anything…

“Isn’t that right? I also received the news during the party.”

“What an enviable situation. Speaking of jewels, Lady Dora. Where did you purchase the jewels you wore during the party the other day? It was very beautiful and I was charmed just by looking at it.”

Right then, mother changed the topic of the conversation. Although I wanted to hear a little bit more about the previous topic, I guess I’ll pull back here. Or rather, as expected of mother, she was able to observe everyone who attended the party.

“About that, it’s a jewel called Topaz. Because I was enchanted by the beautiful red tinge of the jewel, I pleaded my husband for one.”

“When a woman pleads, it’s a good way for the men to show their resourcefulness. And so, was Earl Danas pleased with it?”

Hearing Lady Remedy’s words, I wondered if that was indeed the case, but for the time being, I shut my mouth and listened. I didn’t have a husband before I was reborn, and although I was engaged before… when I asked him to go shopping with me, Edward-sama found it really troublesome.

“Not at all, my husband is completely ignorant of jewels…”

“Even though he is ignorant of jewels, when he saw Lady Dora wearing it, I’m sure he would have surely fallen in love all over again. Don’t you think so as well, Lady Mellice?”

“Lady Dora is youthful and a lovely looking lady. Isn’t it because of that that Earl Danas was on tenterhooks during the party?”

When they heard mother’s words, everyone said ‘kyaa’ with a high-pitched voice. From that point on, the topics of the conversation kept switching in random order, such as who looked really cool.

As for those ladies with daughters, they started dreaming what kind of husband they would want for them. However, there was someone in the vicinity who couldn’t bring her heart to join in on the conversation.

…Mother as well, I wonder if she wanted to think about whom she would want me to marry? But because of what happened with Ed-sama, it is natural for families not to want me to marry into theirs.

I wonder if she was holding back because of me since she didn’t say anything about who she would want her daughter to have as a husband. …Nevertheless, I am very thankful for it.

“…Iris-sama, what do you think about it?”

Hearing Lady Remedy’s question, I pulled myself together. It won’t do to think about too much during a tea party.

“I am very sorry, I was a little absent-minded just then… What were to referring to?”

“About your future husband. What kind of person would you think would be best for you?”

“As everyone already knows, my engagement has been annulled. Thus, I want to live a quiet life in the fief for the rest of my days.”

As for my future dream, I want to be surrounded by children from the orphanage or something similar. …I thought that it was a good plan for the future.

“Oh my… Iris-sama, surely you jest. You are not only the daughter of the Duke of Armelia, you have also done a brilliant job in managing the fief as the fief Lord’s proxy and is the President of a famous Conglomerate. In addition, didn’t the Queen Dowager also specially set her eyes on you?”

“…Is that so?”

“Yes. If our House was a Ducal House, by all means, it would be our privilege to have you.”

Looking regretful, Lady Remedy let out a sigh. As though agreeing to her statement, Lady Salina also nodded.

I didn’t think that they were assessing me in such manner, so I was little surprised. …Nevertheless, even if they ask me for the kind of person I’d like to marry, I don’t really have anyone in mind.

…Even though there was a small feeling of depression, the conversation continued. Although I was feeling nervous, when it ended, I felt the event was quite pleasant. And for everyone to be able to enjoy themselves to this extent, this is attributed to Countess Dranbalt’s abilities.

I do not have the experience of being a host, and I don’t know if I’ll ever have a chance to be one in the future… However, if I get an opportunity to hold an event such as this one, I would want it to have the same friendly atmosphere as Countess Dranbalt’s… Or rather, as I thought, I would want to have the same sophisticated event that mother usually has, and because of that, I thought to do some training.

* * *

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