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Strolling around the Royal City II

Similar to the coffee shop, we also lined up at the beauty shop, and I started to survey the place. Mimosa kept saying she wanted this and that, but because we will be going to the building reserved for members… I got her to act more prudent.

The members-only building is mostly visited by aristocrats, so Mimosa and I have no choice but to reveal our identities. Although the session will be held in a private area, the possibility of running into aristocrats there are still high.

To enter the place, one person must be a member and the person can bring in two attendants. Thus, Tanya, Ryle, and I are one group, while Mimosa, Harry, and Dan are in one group.

…If a limit was not set, everyone would be bringing many of their maids and escorts, and the shop will be in chaos. Thus, we had to take such measures.

Because of that, the store established a waiting area in the corner of the building for guards to wait in. …Dida was waiting there, and while he’s there, he will be watching the entrance of the building and observe the security.

And so, we entered the store. This shop looks like an aristocrat’s villa here in the Royal City. Because we bought a large vacant mansion with a large garden, the walkway to the entrance of the building is quite long.

First things first, we present our membership card at the gate. After admiring the garden and the lush landscape while walking towards the mansion, we went inside the store.

After entering we will be greeted by a butler and presented our membership card. And then, we will be guided to a private room… that’s how it works.

“…Iris-sama. Welcome, and please enjoy your visit.”

When the butler saw me, he wasn’t confused at all. By the way, his name is Barrett. He used to work as a butler at a certain merchant’s house.

“Oh, my, you’re not surprised at all.”

“I knew that you have arrived here in the Royal City. And I was wondering… when you will take the time to come visit.”

“Since that’s the case, it seems like I cannot inspect this place in secret.”

When I said that in a form of a joke, Barrett smiled from ear to ear. Although he is already an old man, his smile has strange powers.

“With all due respect, Iris-sama. Many aristocrats come to visit this place every single day. Because even the most trifling thing might end up as a big problem… we cannot relax at all.”

“Is that so. If so, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s inside. But before that, I would like to talk to you, so please go ahead and guide Mimosa first.”

“I understand. Then, Mimosa-sama please come with me.”

“Please take care of me.”

“Barrett. I will be waiting over there, when you’re done guiding her, please come pick me up.”

“I understand.”

After I sent Barrett and Mimosa off, I left the entrance and entered a certain room. This room is near the vicinity of the entrance and has no particular use. Because the mansion is quite large, there are a number of unused rooms.

The second floor is basically where all the private rooms to receive guests are. One person per room, servants will guide the people there while the employees will describe the products or provide a demonstration for new products.

On the first floor lies the storage area for the products and a place for the employees to take a break. Although the room I am currently in is vacant, it is because it has not been decided what the rooms on the first floor will be used for. I believe that in the near future, it will also be put into practical use.

“Welcome, how may I help you.”

Oh, my, it looks like someone has arrived. From the room, I heard a voice coming from the entrance.

“I came here today with a companion. Please take care of us.”

When I quietly opened the door to take a peak, Barrett had already returned to greet them While I was gazing at the other party wondering who had arrived…

Oh, if isn’t Earl Monroe. Although he is a little far away, that guy with a stout physical build, a head full of blonde hair and curly forelock bangs covering his forehead… there’s probably no doubt about it? I wonder… if he is the guy from the rumors.

Then, I shifted my attention to his companion. I thought that it was either his wife or his son… but it was someone I was completely unfamiliar with. If it was a woman, I thought it might be a mistress of his, but I can’t tell from the person’s features at all.

However, because the servant or escort following them was completely different… Who is it? While I was thinking about those things, the two already went up.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Iris-sama.”

While I was being absentminded, Barrett knocked on the door and entered the room.

“It’s quite alright. That aside, Barrett. Does Earl Monroe often come here?”

“Yes, it is as you say. In one week, he will come once or twice without fail.”

“Is that so.”

That’s relatively often. …However, I’m happy for the shop.

“What kind of products does he usually buy?”

“As for the Earl, he buys a lot of confectioneries. Also, just recently, he purchased an Eau de Cologne. In addition, when he was accompanied by his wife or son, they also made many purchases.”

If one is to consider what’s normal… is this normal? That said, although the prices are set quite high, it still depends on how much one buys.

“Heehhh… What kind of products do his wife and son purchase?”

“As for the Madam, as expected, it beauty products. She also asked to receive consultations often. As for the son, as one would expect, he’s similar to the Earl who likes chocolate. Every time they come, they will purchase a splendid amount of things. We would often need to help load them into their carriages, and it would take a while before we finish.”

A splendid amount… he said. While I was wondering how they were able to consume them all… I remembered that Earl Monroe often holds entertainments, so they probably use them then.


Barrett called out to me who fell silent while lost in thought.

“Oh, my, I’m sorry. What I would like to talk to you about is nothing extreme. I was just wondering if there’s something bothering you or if there’s something you would like to improve… If there’s anything at all, I want you to let me know directly. Of course, I will have to confirm everything you report to me.”

Because he has already found me out, I wanted to listen to the opinion of someone who is working on-site. In addition, this is a place where aristocrats visit in a regularly, I was more or less wondering if there was anything bothering them.

“I see, so that’s what you’d like to know. Presently, there’s no particular problem. If I am forced to say something, I would like it very much if you could increase the number of employees a little more…”

“Employees, huh. In which area exactly?”

“For the time being, the cooks. There have been many requests to be able to order and eat here.”

“Is that so… However, about cooks, they are compelled to undertake a period of training, so even if we are to hire new ones immediately, you will still have to wait a while… I will look into it right away.”

When I get home, I will make sure to look at the recent sales of this place.

“Thank you. Well then, please guide me to the room as well. From here onwards, please let me see this place as a guest.”

“I understand. Now then, please let me guide you.”

After that, I completed my inspection as a guest. There wasn’t any particular problem, so I ended it after suggesting this and that.

…Mimosa hasn’t come out even after a while… that’s what I was thinking while waiting for her. When she finally came out, she had a contented expression on her face, so she might have done quite a bit of shopping. …Although I didn’t hear the details from her.

With that kind of feeling, today’s inspection ended. I feel a little forlorn thinking that my short visit to the Royal City is coming to an end, but I also wanted to hurry up and return to the fief…

“Thank you very much for today, Alice.”

“I would also like to thank you for today, Misha.”

…While feeling somewhat complicated, I returned to the house.

* * *

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