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Report and Anxiousness

Shortly afterward, I returned home. Considering I was able to converse with various people whom I haven’t had the chance to talk to before, I guess the outcome can be considered accomplished. That very night, I slept quite well. …With that, my agenda in the Royal City has been fulfilled. All that’s left is for me to greet Father and return.


The next morning, while I was working on some documents, Tanya called out to me.

“Did something happen, Tanya?”

“There are two things I would like to inform you about.”

“What is it?”

“The first one is regarding the Baron’s daughter, Yuri.”

When I heard that name, I stopped whatever I was doing and looked at her.

“From that time, I started to conduct an investigation about her. Although the investigation is still on-going, I believe I have acquired information of high priority and therefore I would like to immediately report it to you.”

“I see. Now then, what have you discovered?”

“First, it’s about her personal history. In the beginning, we thought that her mother served Baron Noir’s house, but the information we gathered doesn’t match it.”

“Oh my, I really entertained the thought that she formed a relationship with the master she was serving. And so, where exactly did she originate from?”

“The royal castle.”

“…The royal castle… Then, what exactly was she doing there?”

“It seemed like she was working in the royal castle as a maid. Although we haven’t found out how she got acquainted with Baron Noir, but soon after she resigned from that place, she entered the Baron’s House.”

“They have encountered each other at the royal castle one way or another… Even so, there are limitations on how often the Baron would go to the royal castle.”

There is a possibility for them to meet. However, what are the possibilities that they would form a relationship? That said, no matter what I think, the reality is they were together.

“I have spoken to those who used to work with her, and apparently they were famous for being seen being quite familiar with each other.”

As expected of the heroine’s mother. And her daughter, Lady Yuri the heroine, is really cute.

“After they have separated, it’s quite difficult to continue the investigation. While it is not troublesome to find information about her when she was well and alive, but I could hardly grasp her trail when she was alone…”

“A woman by herself… Furthermore, she would have been conspicuous with a child with her and yet you cannot find her trail… Hmm… And so, is there something bothering you?”

“When she was alive, a neighbor commented that it must be difficult to raise a child on her own. When the person asked her if there was someone she could depend on, she apparently said, “No, there isn’t.” However, shortly after the mother passed away, a person claiming to be related appeared…”

“As for that person, is it referring to Baron Noir?”

“I am not completely certain.”

“…What are the characteristics of that relative?”

“About that, it is because no one remembers the person characteristics that I cannot be certain. I only heard that that person was a man…”

“Is that so…”

Although she said she had no one to depend on, but a man claiming to be a relative appeared…? In addition, it was shortly after she passed away? There are the two things that immediately came to mind.

First one, for some reason the mother broke off relationship with her family. Because of that, the mother could not depend on her family, and only after she passed away did they come forward to protect Yuri. …But if this line of thought is accurate, it brings up the concern of where her family originates from.

The second one would be Baron Noir traveled there incognito or had sent someone on his behalf to retrieve her. This theory has the highest probability, but if this is indeed true, the question of why he had not published Yuri’s existence until the very end still remains.

Either way, it is still full of suspicions.

“That reminds me, how did Baron Noir prove that Yuri is his daughter? He shouldn’t have any proof that she is.”

“I am told that he did so by acknowledging the pendant she had was something he had given to the mother. More than anything, she had two features that predominantly resembles her mother.

Since relation cannot be proven through scientific means such as DNA, it is unavoidable to do so with just circumstantial evidence. On the contrary, there is no way someone could change their facial features, and thus the first evidence is that their faces are similar.

“Even so, to have searched for her for more than ten years… Baron Noir seem to have loved her a lot.”

“That pretense is also not certain. We are planning to investigate that further. With that, the report regarding the Baron’s daughter, Yuri, has ended.”

“Is that so. I entrust the rest to you. Now then, what about the second report?”

“Yes. It is regarding the matter young mistress has requested to verify; about Earl Monroe.”

“Oh, so it’s about that.”

He ignited my interest when we met each other at Azura Conglomerate’s establishment, and thus I instructed Tanya to find out as much information as possible. It was concerning the rumors I heard about Earl Monroe during the tea party. In addition, I also had her look into the man who was together with Earl Monroe.

“…That day at the establishment, the person together with Earl Monroe is called Divan. I have received information that he seems to be staying at Earl Monroe’s house as a guest, and he has been accompanying Earl Monroe whenever he goes out. I have also confirmed this from the testimony of various eye witnesses in Azura Conglomerate establishments.”

“A guest… Who exactly is he and where did he come from.”

“It seems he is the president of Eyler Firm. When I checked up on it with the Commerce Guild, Eyler Firm does indeed exist. It is a firm that mainly handles foodstuff. That said… I cannot investigate more in regards to their dealings.”

“…It is unavoidable to not disclose patron information. However, to think that the Earl was friendly to a firm’s president to such an extent. I wonder, is it because of that firm that their House has been prosperous as of late?”

“…It is very much possible.”

I cannot think of any other possibility. …And their territory is a granary. And Eyler Firm is a firm that mainly deals with foodstuff. There is nothing strange from purchasing goods from Earl Monroe’s territory and then selling it. Even so, “where” are those foodstuff being sold to?

“Tanya. Please immediately investigate the man called Divan as soon as possible. Also, acquire as many details as possible regarding Eyler Firm. In particular, where they are selling foodstuff and the amount.”


Ah, I have a bad feeling about this. From what I have gathered during yesterday’s party, the situation is changing rapidly. Although I’ve heard about it while I was governing the fief, only after arriving at the Royal City did I distinctively knew I was being dragged into the situation.

I would like to leave the Royal City and return to the fief. However, I feel like I cannot leave this matter alone. …I cannot help but feel something is steadily developing… while I am completely unaware of it.

* * *

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