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Side Story: Shortly before the start of the evening party

Note: This chapter is written in Dida’s perspective.

“…Ahhh. Why do we also have to participate in such a thing.”

While I was complaining, Ryle who was sitting next to me unexpectedly wrinkled his brows after hearing my words.

“It can’t be helped, Dida. It is a request from Master [Shishou].”

“Even so, the training happening today has nothing to do with us, right?”

Today’s training is a mock battle between the military and the knights. A representative from the respective side will compete for victory or defeat. Even though were are completely unrelated to the event, Master Gazelle forced us to attend it.

Because young mistress will be attending the evening party hosted by Baron Messi, I wanted to accompany her there. Well, since it’s Baron Messi’s house, there is no concern regarding security, and also, were are guards directly trained by Master especially for the young mistress, so there is no need to worry.

In worse case scenario, Tanya will also be there. …I am certain I am not the only person who has been wondering what Tanya has been up to lately. In any case, if I were to be given a choice on whether I want to go to the party or a place with a bunch of sweaty burly guys, I would choose the former.

“Although it’s unrelated to us, it is a good chance to examine the strength of the Military and the Knight Order. Since it is a good opportunity, don’t waste it.”

“I guess that is good in its own way~ Also, we don’t have to do anything this time. There’s no mistake that it makes me feel distressed.”

We could have used this mock battle as an excuse to release steam. Also, the relationship between the Knight Order and Military is pretty bad~ The Military view the Knight Order as “people who do not have war experience,” while the Knight Order view the Military as “people who do not know how to think of their heads and only know how to move their bodies.” But in my opinion, both sides are equal~ Because of that reason, they occasionally hold mock battles to compete with each other.

But it seems like this mock battle was only achieved because of Master who is regarded highly by both the Military and the Knight Order. As for Master, he probably wanted to go to the evening party hosted by Baron Messi, who was once his subordinate and confidant, but because of the strange atmosphere between the Military and the Knight Order, he grudgingly decided to attend the mock battle instead, or so it seems.

Baron Messi, a titled Baron, has an important duty and his schedule only permits him to hold an evening party today before leaving the Royal City. Hmmm, although I sympathize with Master due to his misfortune, but I wished he didn’t have to drag us into it as well. Furthermore, to just observe the mock battle between the Military and the Knight Order? It seems boring.

In the training compound inside the royal castle, the people from the Knight Order and Military have all gathered. Or rather, Master has yet to arrive.

Because we, who are unrelated to the event have arrived, the people from the Knight Order and Military were looking at us suspiciously. …Ah, I want to go home.

“Oh, you guys have also arrived.”

Master called out to us from behind. The moment Master had arrived, everyone faced Master. As expected of Master.

“General Gazelle. Excuse me for asking, they are…”

“They are my disciples. Since they are coincidentally staying at the Royal City at the moment, I asked them to come.”

“General Gazelle’s disciples…”

Thanks to Master’s words, the way they were looking at us changed compared to earlier. A provocative… No, with those glares, they are trying to discern us? Master sure is popular. Well, it seems like there are a lot of people who want to undergo Master’s training, but there haven’t been any opportunity to receive private lessons from him. And that is probably the reason why they are looking at us that way.

“Now then, let us get started, Captain of the Knight Order.”

“Yes. I will be at your debt, General Gazelle.”

The Captain of the Knight Order… If I remember correctly, he is Druna Katabelia? Hmm, this guy’s son went to the same academy as the young mistress.

After that, the 1 on 1 matches commenced. Since the people who have appeared so far have been specially selected, the matches were worth seeing. The abilities of the Knight Order and the Military were pretty much equal. However, a selected few of the elite knights were surprised that the people from the military were able to keep up.

After four matches, the next match was the last one. From the Knight Order, the son of the Captain of the Knight Order appeared as the representative. And a person from the military also stepped up.

“Please wait just one moment!”

When the match was about to begin, Master’s voice seemed to cut through the atmosphere.

“For this last match, can we make it a 2 on 2?”

“2 on 2…?”

After hearing Master’s request, a question mark appeared on everyone’s head.

“That’s right! The people who are about to participate, can you guys pair up with each other and compete with my disciples?”

With the sudden change in the situation, I unconsciously said “Huh?” in astonishment. While Ryle who was next to me, whether or not he expected it or is in shock, he remained deadpanned.

“Against General Gazelle’s disciples… That sounds interesting.”

Unexpectedly, the person from the military was immediately on board. Wait, wait, the purpose of this mock battle is to settle the discord between the Knight Order and the Military, right? Currently, both sides are at a deadlock with two wins and two losses. The audience also let out an excited roar to encourage the change.

The Captain of the Knight Order and his son also gave their agreement. …Ahh~ahh, the path of retreat has been severed.

“…Let’s go, Dida.”


Ryle quietly stood up and walked towards the competition field. And so, I helplessly followed after him.

* * *

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