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FanFic Title: Adventuring is Good for the Soul!
Chapter 1: Next Frontier
Author: JusticeTurtleMan
Date Published: August 15th, 2014

"System Login" said proudly by a young adult male inside a capsule and looks as if he was resting inside it. The capsule he was in allowed him to dive into to a virtual reality. In this case he is diving in into a new vrmmorpg.

Do you want to log in to Next Frontier?



Next Frontier is practically the next generation of VRMMORPG gaming. The reason for that is the game size no the human world is at least 4 or 5 times bigger than earth. With the basis of old countries of 2012 as Ancient Kingdom. The game takes place 300 years since 2012, the game history involved the birth of magic, demons, and gods. Monsters were no exception to this case.

"Yes!" a response from the young man's voice to the systematic message that has appeared.

A neutral tone feminine voice then said:

From your iris scan and brain wave, no account has been matched. Do you want to create a new account?


"Welcome to Next Frontier. All accounts can only be made with one character with a specified id code to each account. Each character may select any name their desire, but cannot be renamed unless through specified means. Character cannot be deleted, and the specified id code would be placed with the character that has been created. Ingame name would be the same name that character will have, and you are warned you are responsible for that action that you have made yourself with that name. Please select a ingame name for your character and proceed on."

"Tokage" said from the young adult male without hesitation, since that has been his online name for several years now. He thought well I haven't anyone else with that name so his ingame name might as well be unique.

"Please select your race."

Then a selection between a male human and a female human has been shown in front of him.

The reason for the lack of other races is that the players themselves have to find the races to be available, also it the same for specialized class.

"Male Human, physically trained for his age, black haired, dark black eyes, Light skinned, age 17", he said, the reason for this appearance was that this reminded him of his younger self who was more confident and cheerful than him right now. The past has always haunted him, he could never let go of his past to move ahead, because it made him who he is and he had accepted that.

"Please choose a location among Rulic Village, Liberation City, or the Flamlock Town."

The player thought it didn't really matter which area he chose since all of the locations are practically in the same country. The reason he knew this, because one of his friend was a beta tester for "Next Frontier" and his friend used to tell him about the game, the classes, location, and quest so much that the player remember most of it now.

"Flamlock Town" said the player, because the town would probably the least populated of the three during game release, and his thinking process would be that the Liberation City is quite industrialized and looks pretty amazing and may be full of good quests, while the Rulic Village which look inferior to Liberation City may have some hidden professions or rare items that people might think, because this was a vrmmorpg that was getting released today.

'Hidden professions' otherwise known as 'Secret Classes', they vary from value to one another depending on the player who discovered it, but these classes fill either one, or maybe even both of these conditions which began with being amazing or it's more of a Easter egg thing, but very unlikely to be both.

"Would you like to do the tutorial?" The feminine voice asked. "You may practice your movements and learn basic user's skills and may gather information."

"Sure." The player said that, because this is his first time playing a vrmmorpg, even though vrmmorpg games has been existing before this game, he had been busy playing a mmorpg until it was dead in the market and the server was even gone later. The truth was he had no real interest in a vrmmorpg, because he didn't like to move around a lot. His friend( beta-tester) has pressured him along with other friends to buy that game and capsule and play along with them. Since the player didn't want to be the one who was out of it he used his spare money that he has been saving to purchase a capsule and preordered the "Next Frontier". The capsule at least cost him a couple of thousands in U.S. ,while he bought the game with a 2 year subscription along because it was on a discount of 30% less if he did. The subscription fee per month was about $30 u.s. dollars along with the $200 u.s. dollars game. Basically he saved around $276 u.s dollars from that purchase. Vrmmorpg in the past years, had capsule twice the cost of what he purchased with a bigger subscription fee, because the capsule originated from Asia and the company which manufactured it was known as Unicorn Corporations.

He then spawned in the center of Flamlock Town. The buildings around him was a mix of wooden and stone houses and you could easily tell who was wealthy and who was not just by looking at the people in the crowd that surrounded Tokage.

Tokage with his decent awareness to his surroundings noticed there were at least 300 people in the town center, but when he looked at himself he sigh in relief because there weren't many players in Flamlock Town.

"The tutorial may commence now." said the feminine voice.


Quest name: Tutorial

Teaching new players how to adjust in this game. Starting off by giving the player a quest to do and is based on the location they have chosen and this location has been: Flamlock Town

Flamlock Town tutorial quest involved the player to go to the town guardsmen and complete a quest.

Rank: F-

Reward: Water Canteen and 10 Rye bread and a Backpack. Along with 200 exp.

Tokage thought this was pretty simple and then he realized something. 'Wait if a water Canteen and 10 Rye bread are the tutorial rewards then what items does he have on right now.'

"Inventory..., Storage...etc." Tokage then try to move his hand around to see if he can get a open inventory but instead the menu opened up and he saw no inventory in it. Then he looked around the menu and saw the status bar there and without a moment hesitation he pressed it.


Name: Tokage

Alignment: Neutral

Race: Human

Level: 1

Class: Explorer

Title: -

Reputation: 0

Health: 100 Mana: 100

Strength: 10 Vitality:10

Agility: 10 Dexterity: 10

Wisdom: 10 Intellect: 10

Stamina: 100% Endurance: 0

Charisma: 0 Luck: 0


No one important, in fact probably a beginner at most.

"I understand why my charisma is 0, but why is endurance at 0 too.", said Tokage. Wondering why the endurance stat isn't 10 like the rest of the stats. Also the description, Tokage begin to think if the game system isn't really ai controlled but rather real people maintain the system

Tokage went back to menu again, and then instead of choosing the status bar he tap the skill bar.


1st skill slot (empty)

2nd skill slot (empty)

3rd skill slot (empty)

4th skill slot (empty)

5th skill slot (empty)

6th skill slot (empty)

7th skill slot (empty)

8th skill slot (empty)

9th skill slot (empty)

10th skill slot (empty)

Additional Information:

If you can get beginner or higher tier class you will gain 5 more empty skill slot. Also it is possible to convert skills to another skill but the previous skill mastery (70%) will be transferred to the skill that replaces it.

Tokage realizes 'I could learn skills in this games, but I am limited to 10 right now due to being a explorer otherwise a basic tier class that he realized from reading the additional information from the skill slot window.' after a while in thinking, he began to realize he should go to guardsmen and tried to complete the tutorial quest. At most it has been about 5 minutes since he started to try to find a inventory window.

Tokage begin to walk through the village, and he begin to think 'Guardsmen would be stationed around the village, so I should go find a path that lead to the exit of the village so I can find the Guardsmen, and as I recall the tutorial quest didn't specify which Guardsmen which meant that any Guardsmen who need a quest done would be a prime choice of this quest.'

"Excuse me, sir may you tell me where I could find a path that could leave the village fastest as possible?" asked by Tokage to a neat man who unique traits that could be described as his tallness of about 6 feet and his monocle places on his left eye along with comb over brown hair which matches with his tailcoat suit and high quality black pants and brown shoes.

The man didn't respond with words, but instead raise his arm till it was straight and pointed with his right hand especially the index finger behind him. From that body motion Tokage could tell that the man is telling him to go upwards left.


The neat man didn't respond back with the casual "You're welcome." but instead he said these words to Tokage in a calm like voice.

"If you ever want to return this favor again come to my manor which is south east of the village by the way it is opposite of the direction you are going, and my manor is very luxurious and perhaps you can tell which house it is."

"No problem?" Tokage was a bit underwhelmed and confused by this man. Then Tokage thought 'This guy is he a unsociable loner who desire company', because he essentially just given a invite to Tokage to his home.

As Tokage continue to walking the direction the neat man has pointed. After about 30 minutes or so Tokage finally reached the edge of the village in which he saw some walls which he guessed be used to protect Flamlock town.

When he got there he saw a guardsman lying on the ground possibly sleeping and carrying a bottle of whiskey or some variant of it. 'Tokage thought he could be a useless bum, or a npc who has a hidden class as a reward for increasing familiarity with him.'

"Hello good sir may you have a quest for me to do or something similar to that?", Tokage asked politely.

Tokage then looked around seeing there was no other guardsmen around, and it was pretty much a hassle to go to the other way just to have the tutorial quest complete.

The drunken guardsman was just lying there still from that question and was snoring. Then Tokage started to kick him repeatedly to the drunken guardsmen stomach and was yelling at him:

"Yo, I don't think you purpose to be DRUNK ON DUTY!"

Then drunken guardsman appeared to start waking up with a yawn.

"Ahh, thank you for the wake up call there, or I might as well lost some of my payroll if another guard came by and saw me like this", then the guardsmen shook the bottle of whiskey and there was some left and the guardsmen begin to smile.

'Honestly I don't think I care even if you lose your job, in fact isn't it better for this man to lose his job so the town can be well protected.' Well in the end it didn't impact nor effected Tokage that much then suddenly.


Familiarity with the Drunken Guardsman: 0% -> 50%

After Tokage saw that his facial expression became a "o" he thought 'What the heck?! Don't I need to build up some sort of trust first or something on the lines of that?!' But after regaining his calm Tokage remembered what his original objective was.

"Sir Guard-

"No, call me Lance like my friends do", Lance who rudely interrupted Tokage. "and also drop the formality we're friends now aren't we?"

Tokage thought this to himself 'Aren't you being a bit too lax when I just kicked and yelled at ya.' Tokage a bit irritated but somewhat calm now.

"Lance may you present me a quest so I continue along my adventure as a adventurer.",Tokage asked. Lance responded first with a laugh, but then he begin to speak:

"No problem, but what your name lad, because I can't grant no quest to no stranger whose name I haven't heard yet." said by Lance. Tokage responded with:

"Tokage is my name" said politely by Tokage. Then Lance laughed again and then said while snickering:

"Tokage huh, what a stupid name, but I guess it's one of a kind tho.", Lance then begin to think about what quest to give this young man mean while Tokage is thinking about:

'Imma beat the living piece of crap outta him at least 2 or 3 times and afterward he will kick his stomach so many times that he will be coughing out his own heart along with his liver, lungs, stomach, and some of his bones.' but doing that to a npc is what rises infamy and this might be a good time to remind himself of infamy is.

Infamy in simplest term the opposite of standard reputation but the same. Infamy is being famous for being evil and while standard reputation is basic noble or heroic deeds and such. Being reputable may give you discounts, or even increases the prices of your goods you about to sell, but infamy does the same with the evil side along with the troublesome problem not being able to enter good nature areas which are more common.

"Yo Tokage, I got the quest for you that fit you perfectly!" Lance said. Then Tokage responded:

"Really what is it?" Tokage then thought about what type of quests would he get from a guardsmen and he begin to process his mind and probably thinks it will be probably be a quest to slay a bunch of monsters for example 10 wolfs, or bring some items across the village and back to him or someone Lance trust. But to Tokage's surprise.

"Sparring with me", is what Lancelot said.


Quest name: Sparring with a Guard

You will be given a guard's iron sword so you can spar with Lance with either swordsmanship or swordplay and to see if Lance the drunken guardsmen was competent enough to remain as a guardsmen-...

Rank: C+

Restriction: To pass this quest you must be accepted by Lance.

Reward: Unknown

Quest has been Accepted

Tokage looked at the quest and he was surprised to see sparing with Lance is a C+ rank while getting a guardsmen quest rank F-. 'This game should really be looked at here.' Tokage was expressionless.

Lance went around his base, or his guard post and pick a random iron sword that fit Tokage style. Lance has a picked a one-handed sword and just throw it at Tokage while yelling:

"Catch the sword Tokage!" Tokage barely grab the sword on it's hilt when it almost hit the ground.

"Ready to spar now Tokage?" Lance looks a bit excited on his face and start swinging his sword in many directions as if he was one with the sword. Tokage replied:

"Yea ready as always." Tokage was holding his iron sword in his left hand while Lance is holding his sword in his right hand. Tokage was expecting Lance to be weaker than the normal guardsmen, but expectation doesn't meet reality. Lance said

"On the count of 3, 1,2, and 3!", While Lance was saying "and 3!" he was ready to dash at Tokage at full speed.

For Tokage, he though Lance disappeared all of a sudden, but then he realized he just wasn't able to see him move that fast. Then this happened.

*cling* *cling* *cling*

What Tokage couldn't have seen was that Lance has already appeared in front of him strike at his sword at least 3 times in one second.

Tokage realized he was getting pushed back with each cling sound. Not only that his stamia no more like his mental and physical state was getting exhausted by each blow that Lance did. It wasn't simply a few strikes that could do this. This was Lance's combat ability and if Tokage were to treat Lance a enemy boss, Tokage realized that Lance was someone who impossible to beat right now even if Lance cut off his own head Tokage isn't very sure that he could still beat a decapitated Lance. Then this happened.

*cling* *cling*

Tokage at least just from having to withstood the pressure of those two attacks pushed him at least 3 meters.

To Lance, this attacks he doing was about less than 50% of his real power and it's probably around 30% to spar with Tokage. For someone of his caliber to be simply guardsmen to a town is unfathomable to common people npc and and players alike.

Warning!: Stamina: 5%

Even if Tokage took 0 damage even from those previous attacks, he knew, no he feel it in his heart, or probably in his subconsciousness that Lance is unbeatable for him this quest is simply impossible for him, but why does Tokage's body keep going and not giving up when it's mind is doing so. The answer for this is simple: It wasn't exp or rewards he could get it's simply his passion for gaming that couldn't allow him to stop playing even against strong foes like Lance. His sole drive for even playing this game.

"Well, I think it about time I wrapped this up spar." Lance said while smirking. Then Lance prepared his position comparable to how mages cast chants, because Lance was beginning to use his and this was his most favorite technique: Drunken Sword Dance

In Tokage's perspective: Lance was in a position where in one hand he is wielding a sword and while the other hand look like he grabbing a bottle of whiskey. His lower body was replicating a martial artist master footwork. Each time Lance move toward, to Tokage the power, the speed, the balance, the technique were all looking flawless as if Lance was a master in martial arts.

Tokage was readying to defend with the iron sword in both hand of his tried to block Lance's Drunken Sword Dance technique. Lance superb technique in movement and speed was too fast for Tokage to even notice the attack in which Lance use the flat of the iron sword to hit Tokage's stomach.

Tokage then flew at least 6 meters away from Lance.

Warning!: You have been stunned. Also you are bleeding.
Endurance: Gained 10 stats

Tokage noticed his health bar was at least less than 10%. His entire body was covered in blood. Well is this how he dies after attempting to do tutorial he is forced to fight a super strong guy and now dies just because he went to tutorial. That's pathetic even Tokage know that at least. Lance then said:

"Do you concede here?" Lance asked while his sword at Tokage.

'Concede, well that is an option that he considered especially when he was dying and he could just say no and take the killing blow instead of just waiting to bleed to death' Tokage thought again and finally know what his answer going to be.

"Yes, I concede, it is your victory." Tokage said without any shame nor pride in his voice. Then Lance start laughing out again and then said:

"First time this ever happened, most of you adventurer would just let me kill them, but you're the first of out many who fought with me.", Lance was grinning good and then he took out some bandages and some whiskey out. Tokage said out loud:

"So I'm not going to bleed to death?!", Tokage thought more npc are heartless and will left you to die, or so he learned from his mmorpg experience. Lancelot responded calmy:

Familiarity with the Drunken Guardsman: 50% -> 100%

"Of course not.", Lance then poured some whiskey on Tokage and throw on some bandages and then said: "Alcohol to disinfect your wounds, bandage to patch you up, and a sword for you to go back to war." then Lance give Tokage another iron sword different from the one he got from before the sparring. Lance add on to what he was saying before: "It's a different iron sword this one is at max durability the other one I give you was at least half and I wanted to break it but for a good reason." Then Lance broke the iron sword that Tokage received earlier just right now.

"Does this mean I complete the quest?" Tokage asked.

"Yep." Lance replied with ease.


Quest Complete: Tutorial
Teaching new players how to adjust in this game. Starting off by giving the player a quest to do and is based on the location they have chosen and this location has been: Flamlock Town

Flamlock Town tutorial quest involved the player to go to the town guardsmen and complete a quest.

Rank: F-

Reward: Water Canteen and 10 Rye bread and a Backpack. Along with 200 exp.

Quest Complete: Sparring with a Guard
You will be given a guard's iron sword so you can spar with Lance with either swordsmanship or swordplay and to see if Lance the drunken guardsmen was competent enough to remain as a guardsmen-...

Rank: C+

Restriction: To pass this quest you must be accepted by Lance.

Reward: Unknown-> Lance's "Sword" Training.

Level Up!
Level Up!
Level Up!

Tokage was a bit too shocked to get 3 levels from just 2 quests is quite amazing. 'Am I a lucky person or a unlucky person, then after some calming down he starts to remember something and thought he should ask Lance what he meant by being first to concede cause Tokage recalled that today was the game's first release.' The time that has been wasted since release for Tokage is around 6 hours. Tokage asked Lance question:

"By the way, what do you mean the first adventurer to surrender to you?", Lance was a bit hesitant, but then he had a epiphany or something like that. Then Lance explained about his past about being a member of the round table, the member known as Lancelot, although he forsaken his past, his skill was skill known by the world. Lancelot begin to tell Tokage of his past about the many challengers he had to face including adventurers. Lancelot told Tokage about how he almost stole and ran off with King Arthur's wife Guinevere, but King Arthur snapped him out of it and Lancelot realized he was manipulated by Morgan Le Fay a very powerful and possibly evil/beautiful sorceress. After that time Lancelot fully realized he doesn't deserve to be near King Arthur and begin living as a low life in a town from being a bum with rum to a guardsmen who usually drunk is who he is now.


Later on that same day. Lance(Lancelot) taught Tokage his swordsmanship both his past and current swordsmanship. Tokage had learned two skills from that training which is both combat-related.

Sword Mastery has been learned
Sword Dance Mastery has been learned.

Through Lancelot excellent yet harsh training which is the course of 3 days, Tokage has trained to main skill Sword Mastery Beginner level 4 along with sub skill Sword Dance Mastery trained to beginner level 2 on the first day only. The only reason they rose so high is that Tokage was trained by someone who is very superior to many instructors. The problem with the training regime that Lancelot given to Tokage was that Tokage was nearly dying during the middle till the end of the training. Lancelot mainly give stamina and healing herbs so Tokage can accomplish his training extremely fast. The training was so rigorous that it like ripping out your flesh and hoping it recover type of training. Basically the training was for Tokage was to carry two iron swords in both hand, along with carrying the heavy set of iron guard armor which include the heavy helmet, gauntlets, shin-guards, and boots the weight just from the armor is at least over 130 kilogram a special armor that Lancelot made just for his self training and it's the same for the other equipment. The training involve the classic old running a few miles, doing swinging of two iron sword at once while while maintaining different form for each swings to vary attacks and such. Of course the next day was more terrifying, basically instead of land Tokage is forced to trained the same process he just did recently on the first day under water so Tokage learned how to hold his breath to survive. The third day Tokage without rest, was purpose to do climb trees and hop from trees to trees not only that every time he performed a jump he must pretend he was swinging at a target and his attacks must vary. The training was pretty well overall and Tokage managed after the 3rd day of his training to reach at least Sword Mastery Beginner level 6 at least.

(Author's note: The training will be clarified later, by that I mean there's going to be a flash back with how Tokage experience the training himself.)

After that training Lancelot taught Tokage his favorite move Drunken Sword Dance, but Tokage will never likely use it cause he find dancing not to be fun, but more of an annoyance when he attempted to at least Sword Dance.

Overall this is how much stats Tokage received after doing Lancelot's "Sword" training

Strength: Gained 20 stats
Vitality: Gained 20 stats
Agility: Gained 10 stats
Dexterity: Gained 20 stats
Endurance: Gained 15 stats

Tokage also knew when you level up your Strength, Vitality, Agility, Dexterity, Wisdom, and Intelligence goes up 1 at once. Along with 10 extra skill points for each level he gained and since he gained 3 levels he has gained 30 extra skill points, but Tokage is very indecisive to put his stats somewhere so he kept them. Then he said:

"Status Window",


Name: Tokage

Alignment: Neutral

Race: Human

Level: 4

Class: Explorer

Title: -

Reputation: 0

Health: 330 Mana: 130

Strength: 33 Vitality:33

Agility: 23 Dexterity: 33

Wisdom: 13 Intellect: 13

Stamina: 100% Endurance: 25

Charisma: 0 Luck: 0

-Weapon: Guardsmen's Iron Sword

Attack damage: 10- 12

Durability: 40/40


It's just a iron sword used to protect a town or village.

Then Tokage begin to prepare his travel to the capital city which is also known as liberation city. Since 4 days in this virtual reality is 1 day in real life. Honestly Tokage is quite amazed that this game could even attempt to match up a very popular VRMMORPG game known as Royal Road. Supposedly this game is said to surpassed all aspects which made Royal Road unique especially this game was made in the West to counter the popularity in which Royal Road has made in Pacific areas.

The main reason why Tokage need to head to Liberation City is because all his friends from real life are meeting there. So they can party up and do some quests together. This was planned was from the beginning which was if you weren't in Liberation City you would solo by yourself or party with a friend if you meet along the way for at least 4 days then head to Liberation City which casually takes about 3 days whether it from Rulic Village or Flamlock Town.

To be continue...

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