Hello readers,

Let me start off by saying that Cat’s surgery was successful and she is recovering.  I’ve posted an update in her other post but I feel like I should start off with this because, from reading the comments, there are many people who are worried about her.

So we are attempting somewhat of a rework on parts of Japtem, mainly to focus on speeding up the site overall.  In light of Cat’s recent illness, and the lack of translation, I wanted to gauge our readers’ interest in a crowd-sourced translation tool, since in the past we often had people volunteering for translation and proof reading.  Perhaps this would allow us to get more content out to our readers and let some of our more language proficient readers flex their translation muscles.

A little bit about what I’m envisioning: we would find and provide raws for novels we are working on (perhaps ones where Cat had left off, and others based on polls and whatnot), and there will be a tool for authenticated users (perhaps allowing only certain group of users at first) to set translations for passages and/or proof read.  This process would be similar to that of a Wiki, though perhaps more of a guided text input.  Once enough people agree upon the product, it can automatically be published to Japtem via the normal channels (our main site, mobile, etc).  Of course, I’m open to suggestions.


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