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Chapter 3

While on their way to Earl Klein’s house, the young Knight named Shoran and the Swordsman named Laint, paid special attention to Id, and held conversation with him through the walk. However, Reinian had not said a single word to the party. With exception from when she first introduced herself, she did not make an eye contact with the party.

‘She looks very cold-hearted. She reminds me of Jung Woon’s elder sister, Neng Wol, back in Middle Kingdom.’

Just like any other Noblemen’s houses, Earl Klein’s house was a huge mansion. Interesting enough, a Military Exercise Hall could be seen on one side of the mansion.

“Take a look at that Id. I guess it’s true the Earl likes martial arts. I believe most Noblemen won’t make those kinds of buildings.”

“Why does it matter if he has one built or not? Not everyone has the same interest as others, right? If you have a closed mind, it’ll be hard for you to learn the way of the sword.”

“Hey! What does that have to do with learning how to use a sword?”

“If I said it does, then it does! Just be quiet and go inside.”

Just as Id said, the rest of the party were already entering the door of the mansion.

Id and the others were first led to what looked to be a living room.

“Now everyone, please make yourselves at home!”
“Father, I will come back down later.”

The Earl’s daughter, Reinian, went up to her room and without delay, a maid brought out the tea and some snacks. Right when the maid was about to leave, Reinian came down from her room, wearing a new set of clothing.

“Let’s have a small chat. The meal should be ready momentarily.”
“Thank you very much for inviting us to dinner.”

As Ilran have mentioned before, Noblemen usually do not behave the way the Earl did. Most of them socialize with only fellow Nobles.

Nobles who associate themselves with commoners, such as Earl Klein, were rare. And of course, the fact that he has fondness for swordsmanship attributed to his behaviour.

* * *

Immediately when the tea was brought out, the Swordsman Shoran, asked the question he was most curious about.

“How did you do that thing earlier?”

Everyone suddenly turned around to face Id as if Shoran had just asked the question that was lingering in everyone’s mind.

‘He’s asked about it again! I thought magic is nothing extraordinary in this world… But then again, there’s currently two Magicians present who are curious about the same thing… It’s hard to explain… Hmmm…’

“Father, what is he asking about?”

“Hmm? Oh Reinian, I guess you don’t know about it. Actually something like this happened… (explanation omitted by the author)… But no matter how much I’ve thought about it, I still have no idea how he did it.”

“Perhaps he used Conjuring Magic? I think it might be possible if you use the power of the Wind Spirit.”

‘Oh!~ Thanks a lot Lady. I will repay my debt later. No, no, wait. I have never used any kind of Conjuring Magic (or any type of magic for that matter) before. What if they asked me to demonstrate it?’

“It’s not Conjuring Magic. What I did was… hard to explain. But have any of you ever seen a Swordmaster?”

“Hmmm yeah. Most of us here, has seen them before.”

“Then, has anyone seen a Swordmaster radiate Ki from a sword — a sword aura, before?”

“Yes. Shoran, the Royal Court’s Magician, Hagen, and I have seen it before. However, my son and my daughter have not. I’ve seen Marquis Gersi used it while we were on the battlefield.”

“Then that’ll make it easier to explain. What I did was similar. The only difference was I weakened and soften the aura to make it invisible and I used my fist instead of a sword.”

“Is it really possible? To radiate Ki by using a fist instead of a sword…”

“Then are you a Swordmaster?”

“Id you… never told us you were a Swordmaster.”

‘Oi, oi Grey, you’ve always been meddlesome, but did you ever ask? You should have noticed it when I was teaching you Boh Bubh.’

“Please ask questions one by one.”

The next person who probe a question was Royal Court Magician, Hagen.

“Then, does that mean you’re already a Swordmaster?”

“I am. But I’m still relatively weak.”

The next person who asked a question was the Swordsman.

“Is that true? To radiate auras with a fist instead of a sword… I’ve never seen nor heard of such things.”

“I think your body’s first hand experience has answered your question.”

“Father, it’s probably a fabrication. How can such as young man who looks as old as I am, be a Swordmaster. Even Father has yet to reach the level of a Swordmaster. He must have used a spirit.”

“Reina! Don’t say such things to the guest! I’m very sorry for what she’ve said.”


“That’s enough Reina”

“No, it’s alright. Please don’t worry about it. Everyone else also seems to be having a hard time believing it.”

“See Father? If he really was a Swordmaster, he would have shown us evidence and not let it go like it was nothing.”

‘Che! Is it really that hard to become a Swordmaster, enough to make such a big fuss about it? Should I show them some evidence?’

“Come on Id. Show us.”

‘Grey… This guy… Well then…”

“Alright, okay, I got it.”

Id took out a slightly long sword he bought from the weapon shop. It was still sheathe and had leather wrapped around the handle. And because it hasn’t been trimmed, the shape of the scabbard was ambiguous.

Id slowly unsheathed the dagger.

The dagger’s blade was milky-white in colour, engraved with beautiful patterns.

Id stared at the dagger for a moment and poured Ki into it. However his Ki was not penetrating the sword easily.

‘Huh? This is weird. What’s happening? Then a little stronger this time…’

[Id-nim, if you keep forcing your Ki into the sword, it will explode along with the seal inside it.]

‘Oh right, the seal. Can you remove the seal, Lamia?’

[Yes. Would you like me to do it now?]

‘… No. That Magician will take notice of the magic sword and he’ll point out that it’s not my own ability…’

Id returned the dagger back to its sheathe. Ignoring the curious looks of the people around him, he picked up a small stick in front of him and poured his Ki on it.

A bluish blade-looking aura appeared surrounding the stick. And at the same time, the onlookers gave a sudden burst of “Ah” and “Oh”.

Id then used the stick and sliced the glass ashtray sitting on top of the table. After he retracted the bluish blade on the stick, he touched the ashtray slightly, and it split exactly in half.

Both sides of the ashtray was cleanly cut.

“Amazing! Although I don’t know much about it, that right there, is at least the beginning of being a Swordmaster. Fantastic! But… I have never seen the Marquis radiate Ki with his fist!”

“That’s right! I’ve never heard about it either.”

“In any case, it’s amazing to reach the level of a Swordmaster at such a young age. Now, let’s go and have dinner.”

The Earl led everyone to the dining room and introduce them to his wife. And then they ate dinner… ^^

* * *

After they had finished eating their dinner, Id and his party bid farewell to the Earl and the Countess.

“Thank you very much for inviting us.”

“It was nothing! Then, see you again tomorrow at the stadium!”

The group left the Earl’s house and walked towards their inn.

“Grey, what did they mean by the beginning of a Swordmaster?”

Id did not understand when the Earl said he was at a level of a the beginning of a Swordmaster.

“That… I’m not quite sure myself… Do you know, Ilran?”

“Oh that? Why, of course! Being a Swordmaster means one can use Ki. At Beginner level, you can only pour Ki into your own sword to increase its sharpness and become somewhat resistant to magic.

At an Intermediate level, you can can form shapes using Ki. So if an Intermediate Swordmaster wants to, he can turn a rapier into a longsword by covering it with his aura. Although they can make it longer or bigger, no one does that because it wastes a lot of Ki.

At Advance level, you can send out the aura surrounding the sword to attack enemies from a distance.

And above all levels is the Great Silver, who can use sword auras to form something similar to a sword, and also transform it into something that fits your preference.

As far as I know, there has only been one or two who reached the level of a Great Silver.

Currently, there isn’t any Great Silver, and there are only ten who are at an Advance level Swordmaster! I’ve also heard there’s another stage above Great Silver, but I’m not sure what it is…”

“Is that so? Then Ilran, do you know who the two Great Silvers were?”

“Well… One of them was from five hundred years ago. The founding King of Railon Empire, The Hero, King Zion McReluger.

The other person was from about two or three hundred years ago. His name was Maximillion. However, not much was known about him. His nationality was unknown, and he did not form any dominion. He continued doing whatever he wanted to do, and journeyed looking for adventures. From what I’ve learned, he did not commit any criminal acts, of course.

That’s all I’ve learned from having relations with knowledgeable people. So if you want to learn more about them, you’ll have to search and read some historical books!”

“Ilran… The last sentence you’ve said sounded like bragging.”

“What could you be talking about?”

“You said it yourself: KNOW-LEDGE-ABLE people.”

Cough, cough That’s…”

“Ah, let’s stop there. Ilran, Grey, we’ve arrived at the inn.”

Because Id and his party already ate at the Earl’s house, they decided not to stop at the restaurant and head off to bed early to watch tomorrow’s matches.

* * *

“You’re running a little late today.”

“Ah, Earl, you’re already here.”

Id and the rest of his party met up with the Earl and his group, who were first to arrive. Id and his party ran late because of a problem they faced in the inn’s kitchen. However, they were able to make it just in the nick of time before the matches began.

“Ah, that reminds me, I wasn’t able to ask you yesterday, but why did you not enter the tournament? With your skills, you could have won. The prize for winning magic sword, and they are very expensive.”

‘This Earl. Who cares whether or not I entered the tournament.’

“I wasn’t interested. If it’s a magic sword, I already have one.”

“Hmm? You already have one? They’re very valuable! Where did you get it?”

“Haha. I got very lucky. The sword I incidentally bought from a random weapon store happened to be a magic sword.”

Suddenly, the Earl and his group stared at Id with surprised expressions.

“Ha~ You’re right. You were significantly lucky…”

“Hmm! Do you think I can take a look at your magic sword?”

“Certainly. Here you go.”

Id took out his sword and held it out to Hagen to examine. Hagen looked at it intently because accepting it and pulled it out of its sheath.

“Although I don’t know much about swords, I can tell this particular sword is well crafted. It is enhanced with both attack and defensive magic. This weapon seems to be a masterpiece of a Rank 8 crafter. The attack power is fairly strong. You chose well. Treasure it. It is worth a considerable amount. It’s probably worth more than the sword given to the winner of the tournament.”

“Yes. I understand.”

Id accepted the sword back from Hagen.

However, Id was getting tired of putting the sword on his back. In addition, Id preferred to carry things such as swords in his hand rather than his back.

“Alright! I’ve decided. Since I have Lamia, and it’s a better sword, let me give it away… Although it’s a waste…’

With clear resolve, Id suddenly extended the sword to the person right next to him — Grey.

With a perplexed expression plastered across his face, Grey received the sword stretched out to him.

“What is it Id?”
“This sword, you can have it!”

“WHAT?! REALLY?! Can I really have it?”
“Yeah, it’s yours. Carrying two swords is too annoying!”

“But hey! This is a magic sword… ^^

‘This guy… keeps asking as if he wants to return it even though he really wants it.”

“It’s yours. It’s alright… because I have another one!”
“You’re serious, right? No take-backs later on!”

‘Ha~ This guy is really childish.’

Earl Klein, who was listening to Id and Grey’s conversation intently, could not believe his ears.

Didn’t think it would ever happen… giving a magic sword to someone else. It was understandable if the person who was giving it away was on their death-bed, but to give it away because he was annoyed of carrying two swords…

Whereas the people in Id’s party had an expression that said ‘so that’s what you were going to do’. A couple of days ago, there was an incident where Id bestowed Hael and Irlina magical weapons right after purchasing them.

“Hey Id, do you really know what you just did? Magic swords are very valuable. Are you sure it’s alright for you to just give it away?”

“It’s alright, Earl. Besides, I already have a different sword, and that sword doesn’t seem all that useful to me. Also, we are travelling together so by giving him the sword, he will get stronger, so it’ll be an advantage to me as well.”

“Well, if you put it that way… Oh well. I guess there are all sorts of different kinds of people in this world…”

Right after the Earl finished talking, the matches started.

However, Id didn’t seem to enjoy watching the matches. The quality of the competitors were pretty much the same as the day before.

Id stopped watching the on-going match, pulled out his dagger and removed the leather that was wrapped around it. After he had finished unwrapping the blade, he saw its silver handle, with a jewel embedded inside.

‘Hmmm, it’s pretty. Lamia can you unse—… No if it’s unsealed now Mana will flow out of it and… Lamia can you put a magic shield around me so no one will notice?’

[Magic shield has been formed, Id-nim.]

‘Thank you. Now, please remove the seal on the dagger.’

[Id-nim, please put down the dagger. If you hold it while it’s being unsealed, you might receive recoil impact.]

‘Ah! Don’t worry about any recoil. Please unseal the dagger right away.’

Id immediately wrapped a defensive layer around his body.

[Id-nim’s body is covered with a magic shield as well. With Id-nim’s safety assured, I will now begin the unsealing process.]

‘Ha~ So if my safety wasn’t assured you won’t unseal the sword?’

While Id was deep in his thoughts, the dagger in his hand started glowing with a blue hue, and suddenly started shaking vigorously. As seconds passed by, the light got brighter and brighter, absorbing all the dust and rust on the dagger. When the blue light dissipated, a fragrant scent of flowers filled the air.

[Id-nim, I’ve finished removing the seal.]

‘Hmm alright. But what’s this smell? I think it’s coming from the dagger…’

[It seems the flower owned by the Goddess of Flower, Elaiza, is inside the sword, along with various magic, granting it the ability to release the scent of flowers. Id-nim, this scent is for relaxing and clearing your mind.]

‘Aya! So it’s magic with positive effects. Thank you Lamia.’

[It’s nothing Id-nim. I’ll also be removing the magic shield now.]

‘She’s quite talkative today… She usually doesn’t talk unless I ask her a question.’

As Id pondered about Lamia’s sudden verbosity, he returned the dagger to the side of his hip.

“Hmm? What’s this smell? Doesn’t it smell like flowers, Irlina?”
“Yeah! But it doesn’t remind me of any flowers I know…”
“Hmmm? The fragrance is quite faint. Who sprayed the perfume?”

‘Ah, it seems they can smell the scent coming from the sword?’

“Doesn’t it smell nice?”

After they finished their discussion about the scent of flowers, the group returned their attention to the on-going match. Right after the current match was Reinian’s match. Instead of a Magician, Reinian’s opponent was a Swordsman. It was the same Swordsman who easily won against a Magician in one of yesterday’s match.

“Hmmm! This would be quite a difficult match.”

The Earl said as soon as he saw the opponent. He was concerned a great deal more than usual because it was his daughter’s match. At that moment, the sound a the bell indicating the start of the match, rung.

The Swordsman carefully approached his opponent and began his inspection. Reinian also carefully examined her opponent. Without being noticed by anyone, the Spirit of Light, Laead was summoned.

Reinian drew first blood. She commanded the spirits to move from behind her to block the Swordsman in the front and both sides. However, the Swordsman did not show any expression of surprise or alarmed even when the spirits were approaching him.

“Ah… If he just stands there, then the Spirit of Light will explode and he’ll be blown away by the impact of the shockwave.”

Ilran had predicted what would have happened to the Swordsman, he stood on the same spot, unharmed. The only difference was his sword radiating a faint blue hue.

“Hmmm… It’s a sword aura. He used his sword aura to exterminate the spirits, and when he did that, the spirits did not explode… Although he’s young, he is already in his beginning Swordmaster stage. Ahh, it seems Reinian will not be able to win this match. Earl…”

“It seems to be the case. Her opponent is after all, a Beginner Swordmaster. No matter how far she has mastered conjuring magic, this is her first combat experience.”

To prove the Earl and the Court Magician Hagen’s words, Reinian’s magic was blocked by the sword aura, preventing her from doing any damage to the Swordsman.

Reinian looked at the Swordsman intently and said.

“You’re amazing. Now then, I shall use my finishing attack. If you are competent enough to block this attack, I will forfeit the match. However, I warn you not to think about going up against this attack head on. It’s impossible for a beginner Swordmaster to block this attack.”

As soon as she finished talking, Reinian began casting her magic quietly, placing her spirits throughout the stage.

“Shinalenu Ayahena-nim… The ruler of water, I wish to borrow the powers of water. Spirit of water, Layla, with your powers, please annihilate the enemy… Perfect Water Blaster…”

As soon as Reinian finished chanting, she stretched forth her hand, and suddenly, a circle appeared around her hands, forming a magic circle. Coming out from the magic circle, was a humongous thick stream of water, flying directly towards the Swordsman.

To avoid a head on collision, the Swordsman ducked under the water attack, or else he would have been blown away.

The Swordsman’s face showed a slight panic expression with beads of sweat forming in his forehead. He quickly grabbed a small pallet from his pouch, head it out and yelled.

“Fire Shield!”

Suddenly, fire covered the Swordsman’s surrounding to form a shield of fire. As soon as Reinian’s magic collided with the Swordsman, it caused a huge explosion. When the explosion started to subside, echoes of ‘tzzz tzzz tzzz’ sound could be heard, and because of the sound, a large amount of water vapour materialized. In the center of it all, the Fire Shield, had been destroyed.

Although Reinian’s ‘Perfect Water Blaster’ appeared to be the stronger attack than the ‘Fire Shield’, the ‘Fire Shield’ absorbed some of the power of Reinian’s attack.

The Swordsman, then radiated his Ki into his sword and cut the water blaster into halves. The weakened water blaster split into two different directions and evaporated. As soon as there was no trace of Reinian’s magic left, the Swordsman charged into Reinian’s direction, but then he stopped.

Reinian was sitting on the ground with a pale face, gasping for air. She seems to have used an excessive amount of magic.

“Ha…ha…ha.. to block… that attack… ha… You’re… very skilled.”
“I… ha… ha… admit… defeat…”

With Reinian’s words of surrender the referee announced the Swordsman as the winner. The Earl and Hagen ran down to the stage to escort her back. After the Earl carried her on his back, Hagen used recovery magic.

“Thank you Hagen-nim.”
“You’re welcome. Now, please stand up.”

Reinian held on to the Earl’s hand as support and stood up. The Swordsman then approached her.

“Are you alright?”
“Yes, I’m fine. Congratulations on winning.”
“Thank you. It was a good fight. You fought well. My name is Rainel. And…”

The Swordsman gave his greetings to the Earl and left.

As soon as they finished greeting each other, the Earl and the others returned to where Id’s party was.

“You fought well Reinian.”

“Although your opponent this time was a little stronger than you, you did great.”

Reinian’s brother, Shoran, said to comfort her.

Id, however, remained seated, feeling awkward because there was nothing much he could have said.

“Take a seat here. After watching the matches, let’s go to any place you want and I’ll buy you everything you want today.”

“Hoho, Father’s very generous… Will you really buy me everything?”
“Of course!”

‘Haaa~… I’m getting goosebumps.’

* * *

Meanwhile, the next match had already begun. However, just like all the other matches, there weren’t any special contestants. Soon, it was the final match. In the finals were the Swordsman who defeated Reinian, and a Magician wearing a dark hood, hiding his face.

“Ilran, do you know that Magician? Earlier, he won by using an obnoxious technique called ‘Dark Shade’…”

Id was referring to the match the Magician had fought before. The Magician used the magic named ‘Dark Shade’ on his Swordsman opponent. The spell formed a black fog, and like a swamp, the fog slowly covered the Swordsman’s body.

Feeling horrified, the Swordsman surrendered and was able to leave the stage with his life intact. If he had continued with the match, there was no doubt the man would have died.

“I’m not too sure as well. Quite a powerful Magician… With his amount of skill, he’ll have no competition here. It’s strange…”

On the arena, Rainel was cautious and instinctively felt his opponent was a strong one. Rainel started to build up his sword aura.

In the arena, more people began to gather to watch the final match.

The Magician started to move and used his magic.

“Dark Arrow.”

As soon as the Magician casted the spell, beams of dark arrows started to fly in the surrounding area. The arrows were not just aimed at Rainel, but the spectators as well. The spectators began to panic and quickly evacuated.

However, the Magician immediately casted another spell.

“Fire Twister.”

Blazing fire soon covered the surroundings. Rainel immediately used his sword aura to split the fire. However, the fire began to spread out.

Hagen urgently used his magic to cast a shield around his surroundings.

“That Magician is strange. The dark arrows earlier, and this time, the fire twister. Those spells were used to get rid of the spectators in the area.”

“You’re right.”

It was just as Shoran said. The people moved far away from the center of the arena. The only people left in the front were Id’s party and the Earl’s, with a shield cast by Hagen covering them.

As soon as Shoran finished talking, the Dark Magician examined his surroundings and raised his hands, casting a spell.

“The Keeper of the Underworld, I call upon your power. Give me thy strength…”

Suddenly, at the top of the Dark Magician’s raise hand, was a circular ball, summoning about a 13m long dark curtain. The group behind the shield rose quickly.

” Klein, The situation looks grave…”
“I’m inclined to agree with you.”
“Hey now. What do you think you’re doing?”

While maintaining the shield, Hagen asked the Dark Magician.

Within moments, a voice resonated from inside the black hood.

“Kekeke… You don’t have to know. If you stay still and stand back, you will live to see tomorrow.”

The Dark Magician then yelled at another Magician on the opposite side.

“It’s been a long time, Lauri. 30 years has passed since you’ve last defeated me. I’ve been looking for you, and you were here all along.”

The express of the Magician Lauri, who heard the statement addressed to him, turned sour, and responded to the Dark Magician with uneasiness.

“Hmmm… So it was you…. Cleon.”
“Kekeke… I see, you’ve remembered me.”
“Is it for revenge?”

“If it wasn’t for revenge, why do you think I’ve searched for you? When you defeated me, I lost my magic and an arm. Revenge… Isn’t it obvious?”

“From your appearance… A contractor?”

“Why, of course. For I, who had lost my magic, have formed a contract with the devil to defeat you. How else could I triumph over you? Thanks to the contract, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of power. Kekekekeke.”

As soon as Cleon finished speaking with Lauri, he placed his hand in front of him. Suddenly, a black bolt shot out from his hand.

Then Lauri, an old Magician, casted ‘Haste’ to evade the attack. The place where he sat before, was sit with the black bolt and melted.

“You dodged it well. Good. I didn’t want to defeat you too easily.”
“Celestial Fire Ball!”
“Heh… With that level of magic, it won’t be enough.”

Cleon immediately drew a magic circle in the direction of where the fireball was coming from, and from his hand, a dark circle formed and swallowed the fireball.

“Cleon… How did you—…”

“There’s nothing to be surprised about. Spirit of water, answer my call and bestow a breath of cold air. Ice Spear!”

As soon as the incantation ended, spears of ice flew towards Lauri.

“Fire Shield!”

A wall of flame formed in front of Lauri to block the spears. However, two spears went through his defense and headed straight for Lauri. Lauri immediately dodged to avoid serious injury, but one spear still grazed his left hand.

With the exchange of attacks, the difference in strength between the two was established.

* * *

“Hagen, at this rate, that person, Lauri, will be in grave danger.”

“It seems it’ll turn out that way. The strength of his magic has been confirmed. In any case, it seems I need to help him out. Who can take care of the shield in my place?”

“I’ll do it.”
Ilran came forward and casted a shield.

“Amazing. Are you a Class 6 Magician?”

Hagen nodded at Ilran in approval, and looked towards the Dark Magician, Cleon.

* * *

Standing in front of Cleon, Hagen held out his hand and yelled.

“Fire Wall!”

Cleon was suddenly surrounded by a wall of fire. At that very moment, Lauri took the chance to take cover where Hagen was standing. Rainel, who was still on the stage, ran towards Hagen and Lauri.

“Thank you. But if you do this, it’ll be dangerous for you.”

“It won’t matter. I don’t think the Dark Magician is capable of defeating the three of us.”

Even with Hagen’s reassurement, Lauri’s expression did not soften.

Cleon’s facial expression turned enraged. Suddenly, the fire wall surrounding Cleon had dispersed.

“I’m sure I’ve warned you that you will not be harmed as long as you stay put and not interfere. Since you did, does it mean you have a death wish?”

“Well, you can do as you wish as long as you defeat the three of us, but I don’t it’ll be possible for you. Also, I don’t think the people outside will stay still!”

Hagen spoke what was on his mind, and Cleon’s eyebrows creased.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you but… Whatever happens, happens. The curtain will not be open for long. Also, think about it. To accomplish my revenge, don’t you think I’ve put a lot of thought into this?”

“Klein and the others better be careful. It doesn’t look like this will end easily.”

“Eclipse of Darkness…”

Abruptly, darkness started to cover the top of the shield. It collided with the shield and sparks began to fly.

“At this rate, the shield will break!”

Ilran urgently told his companions and immediately asked Hael to use Holy Magic.

“Ariane-nim, heed my call, and please block the approaching darkness…”

A blue glimmer light scattered and Ariane came out from within the shield and attacked the darkness. With Ariane’s powers, the darkness retreated from the shield.

Hagen and Lauri took this chance and cast their spells.

“Wind Saber!”
“Light Magic Missiles!”

The darkness magic slowly disappeared thanks to Hael’s Holy Magic. Hael soon stopped casting her magic.

“We can’t be on defensive forever. If we don’t attack we’ll suffer.”
“You’re right. I’ll start it off.”

As soon as he responded, Lauri started his attack.

“Blade of fire, cut thy enemy, Fire Blade!”

All of a sudden, a blade made of fire appeared headed towards Cleon. Hagen followed after Lauri’s suit.

“Remnants of Hell, Ramui, destroy the enemy’s forces of darkness… Hell Explosion!”

Cleon blocked Lauri’s fire blade with his dark blade. However, Hagen’s follow up spell created magic circles around Cleon and it started to explode. Cleon flinched in pain. Because he had to block the fire blade, he was unable to block Hagen’s attack.

“Ragini Rookamun abide in your contract with me and cast your protection!”

Within moments, a dark enchantment appeared in the area, and the surrounding areas began to exploded.

“Dammit. It’s his contractor’s protection? But his contractor is Ragini Rookamun…”

“Isn’t he a high ranked demon? And of the darkness…”

“You right. It will be a very hard battle. But how did he manage to make a contract with Ragini Rookamun? To make a contract with him is very difficult, almost close to impossible, if you don’t have anything to offer to him…”

The fragments of dust in the air settled down, and a black curtain came to view. When the curtains opened, Cleon appeared standing in the center, and in both of his hands, were concentration of dark magic.

“Kekeke… You’re quite good. Dark Buster!”

Just then, the dark magic in both his hands fused together and flew towards Hagen and the others.

“Is this the power of Ragini Rookamun? Then how about this… Flames of fire bestow your powers upon me… Flare!”

Then, streaks of fiery light flew out from Hagen’s hands. Both types of magic, light and dark, collided with each other. However, the power of light was pushed back.

Dark Buster, although it’s magic had decreased, it was still travelling quite fast. With its power and momentum, the shield Ilran casted will not be enough to sustain it.

Right when Lauri was about to chant to cast another magic shield…

“Lightning Bolt!”
“Wind Blade!”

Although the powers of Lightning Bolt and Wind Blade were weak and they were vaporised by Dark Buster, the shield that was protecting them survived.

Because of this sudden attack, the Earl, Hagen, Lauri, Irlina, Hael, and Grey drew their swords. If the situation were to get worse, they planned on using their magic swords, which would not require any chanting, but just mana to activate.

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