Hello readers,

Due to the recent license of Arifureta by J-novel club, this site will be gradually removing the web novel translations equivalent to the Light novel volume release.

Translations from volume 1 Chapter 0 to Volume 3 chapter 6 will be removed.

Please support the official translations, and read the translations on J-novel club

Edit: Since most people will probably comment about why remove the translations since they are the web novel and not the light novel, I will post an announcement released today from elementalcobalt (the current translator of Arifureta).

To those expressing disbelief that publicly available WN translation is affected by an LN, I asked the same question, and this is the response I received.

“We do not control the rights to the web novel and cannot demand that you remove your translations. However, just because the original work is posted for free online does NOT mean that the author has given permission for it to be reposted on other websites, or translated into other languages… and the author could, if they were alerted, request your translation be completely removed (and we could forward a DMCA request on their behalf if necessary).”