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Evil Ghost Miners


Congratulations on discovering a Hidden Dungeon Instance : Lost Mines!

A system notification sounded off in Rui and the others’ ears, and they looked at each other in surprise. They had assumed this just an ordinary hidden dungeon map, but it turned out that this was actually a dungeon instance!

What does a dungeon instance signify? It signified an unlimited supply of experience, heaps of gold and equipment! An unexplored hidden map had already given Rui great joy, on top of that this would mean unlimited monsters to farm where no one else had been. Oh god this was literally heaven!

“Wooo… Wooo”

While they were still dazed with happiness from the system notification, the monsters at the tunnel entrance spotted them. Giving out disgusting cries, they charged at the party with slow lumbering steps.

“Ugh, what monsters are these, so disgusting!”

Looking at the encroaching monsters, Little Sweet Girl cried out in revulsion.

“Shut up! The monsters here seem to be able to react to sounds.”

Due to Little Sweet Girl’s cries, more of the surrounding monsters who hadn’t discovered them yet, turned their heads and lumbered towards them.

Evil Ghost Miner










Very Slow


【Passive Skill】 Heavy Blow : 50% chance of dealing an additional 20% damage to enemies hit!

【Passive Effect】 Malice : Players with low willpower have a chance of being affected with Fear Status!

【Description】 : These are the ghosts of ordinary miners. Due to the invasion of the mines by unknown monsters, their souls have been enslaved and they have become unthinking monsters. Full of malice, they hate all living and will fight to their deaths in order to slaughter every living soul.

Looking at the stats of the approaching monsters, Rui’s brow furrowed in thought. These damned monsters have a hundred attack. Even the bronze boss Gray Wolf King had 120 attack. These ordinary monsters were almost close to boss level attack power.

Damned, what sort of absurd cave is this? Should this even be in a newbie area? If an ordinary monster is that powerful, how crazy would the the Elite monsters or worse; the bosses be! Well, at least the system, there is definitely a way to strategize to beat the instance.

Although these monster have a crazy attack and decent health, with really disgusting passive skills, at least it has 0 defence and moves extremely slow! Such monsters might prove difficult for a normal melee fighter, but for Rui who depends mostly on Speed and Agility, they would be easy pickings!

“You guys be careful. You should have already noticed their crazy stats by now, so just keep yourselves alive!” Looking at those monsters shuffling towards them at turtle-like speed, Rui took time to give his orders. Taking a second look at his party, he noticed Sasha looked unnerved and Little Sweet Girl’s legs were actually trembling in fear. He rolled his eyes.

“Nevermind, the girls should just stay behind lest they become affected by the fear status. They would be killed in a single blow.”

“Wait, what about you?” Seeing that Rui was about to run off by himself after issuing his commands, Sasha couldn’t help but ask.

“Me?” Rui paused a moment before saying, “Sorry, I prefer working alone! ”

“Brutal Blow!”

Charging forward quickly, Rui lunged towards the closest monster. As he closed in, the dagger in his hand glowed slightly, and its sharp blade swiped across the throat of the miner’s ghost.


A huge yellow number showing the damage dealt had appeared, causing the party members behind to gape in surprise.

‘400 plus… damage… ?’

Yezekael’s mouth twitched as he looked at the mysterious figure, shock reverberating in his heart. A player who doesn’t have a full set of equipment, and hasn’t even reached level 10, could actually more than 400 damage! Although the monster had zero defense, but damned, it was still unbelievable!

Looking back at his own attack of 26-42, even with a critical strike on a weak point with a lucky damage roll, he would only be able to deal 100+ damage. That would be barely a third of Rui’s damage. No wonder he was able to find a hidden quest, get such great equipment, ignore his own offer and kill the Greedy Wolves twice; this man was extremely strong!

Sasha’s thoughts were much simpler compared to Yezekael. Looking at the huge numbers, her eyes widened in surprised. She had been a tomboy from young and enjoyed playing around. In her group of girl friends she was considered their leader. Playing 《Kismet》 to her was also a way to prove girls could do as well as any guy. And indeed, she had proven herself.

The first day in game, she had already rushed to level 4, gotten a piece of equipment, and even discovered a quest which awarded an equipment. But on that day, she had also bumped into this man — this very mysterious man.

At first, she hadn’t put much thought on him after their first meeting, but soon after, she had been shocked to hear he had single handedly slaughtered the 6 members of the Greedy Wolves Guild with just a dagger in hand.

Still, she hadn’t witnessed that event first hand, and wasn’t fully convinced. Now, with the evidence right in front of her eyes, she was stunned into silence. Although she usually acted aloof, she was no fool. She knew how 《Kismet》 worked, and knew that even if she reached level 10, she would likely be unable to do that much damage.

As for the blur and chatty Little Sweet Girl, she was staring in shock with her mouth agaed. Looking at the elegant figure moving with almost Elven grace, she thought of the previous cold face and was a little dazed. ‘Who was this man, what was his true self?’

Yezekael’s trusted lieutenant Everflame had his own thoughts as well. Besides the extreme shock he was feeling, he was also inspecting Rui. The flawless combat awareness, the flowing movements that almost seemed like a dance, the poise, positioning and sheer damage, all of these combined to paint a picture that just said one thing — Perfection.

He was clear that such movements had to be a result of years of practice. Indeed at this moment, he marvelled at Yezekael’s vision. In terms of talent, he probably could equal Yezekael, but in terms of vision and breadth of mind, he was miles apart. When he first met Rui, he had been put off by his cold attitude and had almost lashed out, yet Yezekael endured it.

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