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Chapter 1 : Holiday

Location: Atlantis
Time: 8:30am

The first Saturday from the day I moved into the dorm had arrived.

“Chu, someone is looking for you.”

Early in the morning, when I was still nesting in my bed, someone kept knocking on the door outside my room with “tock tock” sounds.

It was senior’s voice. I immediately bounced up from my bed, not daring to lay there any longer, and rushed to open the locked door, “Who!?” I noticed that senior was not wearing his black robe, he was wearing his casual clothing plus jeans. He looked relatively more relaxed.

“Mikayla and the others.” Senior glanced at me, “I asked them to wait at the hall.”

Miao Miao? Looking for me so early in the morning?

I ran into my room, grabbed my clothes, and ran out again, “Senior, lend me your bathroom.”

Ever since the day I discovered the weird thing in my bathroom, I’ve never ever used my own bathroom. I borrowed senior’s bathroom day after day. Who would be able to bathe and do their business in that freakish place?! Especially when I always felt the model can move. Every time I looked at it, there were some changes.

If this wasn’t the school’s dorm, I would have used a quick-dry glue to seal the bathroom door so it wouldn’t be able come out.

“When will you get used to your own room?” Senior snorted twice, but he still walked back to his own room, and opened the door to allow me in.

Senior’s room was just like what he had said before, the exact same layout, but senior’s room… was abnormally clean, there was nothing inside, there was only a set of a table and a chair in the living room, not even a television could be seen inside.

He normally doesn’t watch television to pass his time?

After living here for a week, if I wasn’t watching television then I was playing with the computer, and then spent a whole period of time to finish my homework. But after all that, I still felt really bored.

The only difference between our rooms was the bathroom. There was no damn model in senior’s bathroom.

But I think it’s possible that it’s in his bedroom, because I’ve not seen his bedroom before.

After I finished cleaning up and came out, I saw senior holding onto a book while sitting on the small chair in the living room. On the book were words I completely couldn’t read.

“The hostel prepared breakfast, the school’s restaurant should be closed today, so you guys can eat in the hall.” When I stepped out, senior said me, but his eyes never left the book.

“Alright, thank you.”

I quickly rushed back into my room, changed to my sport shoes, grabbed my backpack, and ran out of the room.

Don’t look at anything, don’t look at anything. I rushed down the stairs with the speed of running in a track and field race.

To be honest, for this whole week, this was how I went up and down the stairs because I was very afraid of being dragged away by some unknown object as soon as I stopped moving.

As soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs, as expected, I saw Miao Miao and the other two who in the hall, each standing at a different spot, inspecting the black dorm’s hall.

Ryan was looking at the picture of the screaming woman, but unexpectedly, the person inside didn’t rush out and scream at him.

The first one who saw me was Miao Miao, she revealed her big signature smile, “Over here, over here!” And waved, “We came to find you to go out and play.”

Go out and play again? I had always thought these few people were really bored, and sure enough, I was right.

“This is the first time we entered the Black Dorm.” Miao Miao’s big shiny eyes were looking all over the place, “This place really is different from the general dorms, the people who are living here are really terrific.”

I think so too, because this place is simply just a huge haunted mansion.

“The spiritual energy here is very strong, especially when I felt there might be the presence of Gates of Hell…” Chifuyu turned around, and the first thing that came out of his mouth was a bunch of weird words that made me feel like pounding him to the ground, “Over at this side, we call the Gates of Hell as Extreme Yin Gate. If one does not have the power to repress it, one might suffer heavy injuries, and will be especially susceptible to being cursed. No matter how many times the person is reincarnated, he won’t be able to escape from the curse.

Black lines were falling down on my face. Don’t tell me you came so early in the morning just to tell me I’m living on top of a Yin Gate which might curse me till I die!?

“The weather today is very good…” Ryan issued an enigmatic sentence.

“Yang Yang, you haven’t been to the shopping street nearby the school, right?” Miao Miao got straight to the point.

I shook my head, I really haven’t been there before. It should be said that, I don’t even know what in the world lies outside the school’s main gate.

“Next week there will be a basic course, Yang Yang didn’t you choose that course too? It’s called Mausoleum.” As soon as Miao Miao finished her sentence, I immediately remembered it, it was the only course I was able to choose to take together with senior. Because it seemed like he had tons of work recently, he didn’t attend the first nor second class. Since the teacher only did some introductory explanations about the mausoleums around the world, I had almost forgotten about the matter of senior choosing the same elective, “In Mausoleum next week, we need to bring explosive charms or something to protect ourselves with, since we are starting on-site training lessons.”

To be truthful, Mausoleum is really an extremely boring class. I was practically confused and shocked when I attended the first few classes. I had totally no idea what he was teaching.

Come on, I could even fall asleep in Chinese lessons, how could I listen to what kind of dead people were buried here and there a thousand of years ago.

…That’s not right, wait a moment, just now Miao Miao said that next week we were supposed start on what lessons? On-site training lessons? And we need to bring something to protect ourselves!?

I had a very bad premonition.

“Chifuyu and I need to buy crystals for sacrificial incantations, and Yang Yang can come and take a look, too. They’ll also be useful in classes.” Miao Miao grabbed my hands and smiled happily, “Since all of us are going together, want to ask senior if he wants to come as well? Shopping together with everyone would be more fun, right?”

I started to suspect Miao Miao’s target was actually Senior.

* * *

“After leaving the school gates, there will be malls along both the left and right side of the road.” Miao Miao, who became the guide, told me.

After we left the Black Dorm, we went through a few layers of school buildings and finally reached the gate.

While I was listening, I seemed to have heard a strange sound coming from above, and it was coming from the location of the narcissistic clock. But no matter how curious I was, I forced myself not to look up.

“The shopping street to the left side is the mall we generally visit. If we continue onwards, we will reach the Earth Beast’s village, but I recommend you to not continue onwards. Earth Beasts are very hospitable creatures, so there is a chance you won’t be able to come back.” Chifuyu pushed his glasses, and started on his detailed explanation, “The shopping street to the right side, generally has less students there because the Cosmic Gate is linked there. There are many people, who come and go, thus making it extremely chaotic. But inside is the dark street, where it’s possible to purchase some amazing stuff.”

Sounds like the shopping street to the right is absolutely a forbidden-to-enter area for me.

“Crystals can be bought in any general store, so Yang Yang, which mall do you want to go?” Miao Miao asked.

“Go to the one on the left.” Walking behind us, senior, who was invited to go out, suddenly raised his voice, “The shopping mall on the right is still too advanced for you guys to enter, so all of you better go to the left.”

He was the absolute commander. As soon as he uttered that sentence, everyone present didn’t dare to refute. Even Ryan, who was obviously very excited about the right street earlier, didn’t even dare to say anything.

“Then let us go to the left shopping street.” Miao Miao pulled my hand (actually, I think she’d rather pull senior’s hand, but she didn’t dare to), and said to us.

And so, a group of people mightily started to move out.

I thought the so-called left shopping street would be really far away, since the school was so freaking huge, but in the end we only walked for a while… Roughly about ten minutes or so, I started to hear loud chaotic noise from not too far away.

It’s just that, the loud chaotic noise… was very weird.

Extremely weird!

“Left shopping street’s limited time special offer, Quillan’s Shop skull powder is only three Karl per hundred grams today. One free dried cat claw with the purchase of skull’s worth of powder, come and get it!”

An extremely loud voice suddenly came from above my head, almost causing me to be shaken until I started feeling dizzy.

The shopping street in front of me eyes left me stunned until I stopped walking.

This, this, this… This is simply just a larger version of the traditional market my mom goes to every morning!

The street was built from gray cement, there were also flowery plastic canopies hanging on top of the shops, and people were everywhere… From most of the people who were just walking around, there was now loud noises mixed among them.

Senior patted me on the shoulder and motioned to me to look up. It’s only then that I saw a big radio station at the office on second floor. There was a girl with bunny ears flipping through the data in her hands, and beside her seat were several microphones jumping around. All of a sudden, the wires formed a knot and they fell down together, the “bam, bam, bam” sounds, which were coming from the loudspeaker I couldn’t see, were echoing throughout the whole market.

“Left shopping street’s sale, Quillan will be releasing simple and convenient explosive charms, so you won’t need to trouble yourself with drawing at home. With one in your possession, the navigation will last forever: twelve pieces in a bundle, a dozen for only fifty Karl, and it comes with one free voodoo doll.”

What the hell was a voodoo doll!? My sight left the bunny girl who was broadcasting at second floor and I looked up at the sky. I understood, all of these aren’t real…

Then I froze, there was something that suddenly flew past my sight, I was very sure that something was definitely not a bird!

“Someone help me catch that flying chicken!” There was a scream coming from the crowds, and then I saw a person… The person was probably a human, but he has two heads, one on the left and the other on the right, screaming.

The thing that went past my sight escaped even further.

It looked like a… meatless chicken, with only its dark white skeleton left. I thought it was chicken, because when the two-headed person screamed, he called it a chicken, and the skeleton chicken disappeared without a trace.

The left shopping street was in a messy bustle, I could hear all sorts of sound of people bargaining.

With a bam, senior gave me one smack behind my head, “Everyone’s already gone and you’re still here, daydreaming.”

I didn’t know when Miao Miao and the others had disappeared, leaving me alone at the entrance of the market.

“Ah, if it’s like this, it would be better if I go back first.” I immediately turned around and walked away.

This market was not normal, at least in the traditional market there was still a pork shop, this market didn’t even have a pork shop.

As soon as I turned around, I saw a strange scene. A mutated alien, who didn’t look anything human, was holding onto a human bone while grinding it in his booth. He put the grounded powder into bags, followed by a bunch of people rushing to purchase them. On top of the alien’s booth was written “Quillan’s Shop”

Senior grabbed onto my collar, and dragged me away with a Godly and infinite strength, “Buy the crystals first, then go and look for something else.”

I absolutely didn’t want to go, ahhh!!!

But it was obvious senior was going to disregard the voice in my mind. He grabbed onto me directly and squeezed into the crowds.

“Boss, give me two bones!”

A “thud” sound attracted my attention.

I finally saw a pork shop, correction, it’s a cat meat shop. A meat shop selling giant cat meat.

I’ve had enough!!!!

* * *

I suspected senior could become a good assistant for a housewife who was making a killing in the market. Because while he was dragging me, he could still miraculously avoid crashing into people, and in a short period of time he dragged me into a more vacant street, “We’ve arrived, it’s here.”

Then I saw a shop, not too big nor too small, there were shining objects everywhere. Miao Miao and Chifuyu were already inside, but I didn’t see Ryan at all.

There were many crystals on the shelves. Below the crystals were price tags, and most of them were in some Karl (KR) currency I’ve never heard before.

“It is this world’s common currency.” Senior was picking up a pure red crystal that was faintly giving off highlights while inspecting it, “If it’s converted to your currency, it’s approximately one KR for about thirty USD.”

Then if it’s in New Taiwan dollars (NT), wouldn’t that be around one thousand NT!?

I finally understood why the bounties of the jobs were so high, it was because the consumption was also high, and so was the cost.

The object senior was still inspecting was worth ten KR, I was very afraid that it would suddenly slip and drop into pieces.

“Yang Yang, you want to choose one, too?” Miao Miao came over and asked me, on her hand was a small crystal tray. The tray was filled with five to six different colors of crystal balls that were about the size of half of a palm. There were also crystal cones, and each of them were of pure colours faintly giving off a beautiful light.

“No, no, I don’t need it.” I’m so sorry but I’m too poor.

“But in Mausoleum class, this is a necessary item.” Looking at me with surprise, Miao Miao said, “Teacher said everyone should at least have one crystal cone. In case we accidentally activate an ancient seal, we would still have the means of protecting ourselves.”

…I glanced at the crystal cone that was closest to me, with the price of five KR dollars. Five thousand NT dollars, my heart started to bleed.

“Yang Yang still doesn’t know how to use sealing incantations, so he doesn’t need to prepare it, right?” Chifuyu, who had unknowingly appeared beside us, said, “Even if it was prepared, he probably won’t be able to use it. Not to mention if something were to happen, there’s still something called a teacher who will be there, so just let him deal with it.” He pushed his glasses, and said naturally.

‘So the teachers are actually f—ed to death by you kids.’ This was the first thought that came to my mind.

Senior took the glass tray provided by the sales girl, looked at the items on the shelves, and picked a few items. I saw him taking a few tetrahedron crystals and threw them onto the tray. Those tetrahedron crystals looked really familiar… Weren’t those similar to the one that turned into powder during the time when I was using spiritual language in the Worm Planet!?

I covertly looked at the price tag… To be honest, I wanted to pretend I didn’t see it. Such a small and tiny tetrahedron crystal actually costs tens of thousands!

Mom! Was there a mistake!?

“The price of crystals for sacrificial incantations was basically a lot more expensive compared to the other crystals, because there were some unknown forces inside these crystals. The more pure-coloured and beautiful it is, the more expensive it is. The ones from this shop can only be considered ordinary.” Senior came over and told me that, “These crystals can’t be found in the human world, even if the appearance is the same, they couldn’t cultivate pure quality crystals with high magical power.”

Indeed, I noticed the crystals in this shop were all slightly glowing, which was rather different compared to those I normally saw in the past.

That light, I had no idea how to describe it. There was a unique faint light surrounding it, neither too much nor too little, extremely beautiful, rather like the crystal’s wings in general.

In the past, the crystals I had seen on the streets, how do I put this, it didn’t give off a different feeling similar to the crystals here.

“Crystals for sacrificial incantations are mostly cultivated by Elf or Fairy Clans, they are types of nature guardians.” Chifuyu stood at the other side, and picked up the cheapest one I saw earlier, “Just like this one, due to the heavier burden of the more expensive items, they have this type of lower quality products. This crystal is not something cultivated by an Elf, this should be a fake made by another race. Although it’s still usable, the effect is not as good as those Elf-made crystals.”

There are different types of crystals? For me, the crystals I was looking at, were sparkling and twinkling. I simply couldn’t determine which type was good and which type was not.

But I’m very certain senior’s crystals were all top-quality products, not because of my feeling, but because he was a very picky person. I guess he wouldn’t let himself be inconvenienced by buying lower quality products.

With a “bam” sound, senior gave me a slap behind me head, “Who are you calling picky!” So frightening.

“… My brain made a mistake.” What else could I say?

“You don’t have to buy for now.” Senior said, “Even if you want to activate the crystal for sacrificial incantation, it’s still not the time yet. You don’t know any incantations.” He put a red crystal cone on his tray again.

I guess that’s true, at most after buying it, I’ll just treat it as a decoration? Letting me use these beautiful things was really a waste of money.

* * *

As soon as we came out after finishing our shopping, we found Ryan, and he was talking to a person I’ve never met before.

The person was rather weird, wearing a grey cloak that covered his body, head and face. Other than his moving mouth, I couldn’t see his appearance.

Ryan was nodding and then frowning, when he noticed we had already came out, he greeted the person and quickly walked over, “I’ve heard it has been rather chaotic recently, seems like it’s the same even for the right shopping street.” He nodded his head at senior and said, “Seems like the “time” has finally arrived. There are already some illegal things that started to come in, wanting to spy on us.”

Time has finally arrived?

“Our school will hold it once every three years, a large-scale joint competition with all the other special ability schools.” Miao Miao smiled as she explained to me, “Seems like this year, it will officially start in winter. Around October, the selection of the schools which will qualify for the tournament will be held, only the first five would be chosen to participate in the joint event.”

Large-scale joint competition? Something similar to a sports competition? Wait a moment… She just said “all the other special ability schools”? So this meant this abnormal school was not a one of a kind, right!?

This sudden fact made me stunned, my mind was empty, not sure of what I was supposed to be thinking of.

“The previous top three schools respectively proposed similar huge treasures able to shock this world, as the reward for the top three schools. There will also be a very generous award, so even for the selection of qualified schools, one can already feel the competitive flames.” Chifuyu crossed his arms and explained, “In the last competition, our school was first. I heard the seniors who represented our school each had their share of the high-priced bounty. Also, the school got one of the treasures, and it seems like the treasure was later given to those seniors for some management matters and applications.”

It sounds pretty good doesn’t it? If there were awards, it sounded really good.

In the past few years I had also participated in the major sports competitions every time, and the classes that won will be awarded by the school. Some snacks and beverages will also be given out, I guess it’s probably that kind of event.

“But every time, on the eve of organizing this event, this kind of thing will happen.”

I turned around, and saw Ryan taking out his black illusionary weapon. In an instant, the dual knives fell on the floor issuing a heavy sound, “Just now, the person came here specially to tell us to be careful.”

The pedestrians all around us saw him taking out his dual knives. All of them were very experienced and moved backwards.

I saw a shadow on the ground, just like a big circle, and was nailed to the ground by Ryan as it twisted in pain.

…Twisting? The shadow was twisting!?

“Minor character.” Chifuyu and Miao Miao backed off to one side. Senior dragged me, who was currently in a daze, by the collar to one side where there’s no shadow to enjoy the cool air.

Ryan curved up a strange smile. In the next second, he tied up his hair into a ponytail, suddenly upgrading from a tramp to a sharp-eyed master once again.

“To the one who came here to spy, be ready to be dealt with.” Then, the shadow on the ground suddenly started screaming.

The whole market started to shake.

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Chapter 2 : Spy in Left Shopping District

Location: Atlantis
Time: 11:10am

I fearfully looked at the ground.

To be honest, I even accepted the fact that the picture will scream. However, this time even the shadow on the ground was screaming, and its scream was far worse than the screams of the pigs being slaughtered.

“Come on out, baby, I’ve been waiting, and now I’m feeling extremely impatient.” Twisting the black knife on the floor, Ryan said with complete fascination.

I eventually discovered one fact… When Ryan ties up his hair, he reveals his true personality. He actually becomes rather perverted!

In fact, the people who qualified as ‘robes’ were a little strange.

Then I was smacked behind my head, and I don’t think I need to mention who it was, “If you don’t want to change from a my brain made a mistake to my brain is damaged, then you’d better stop thinking nonsense.” Senior softly issued a warning.

I’d said it from a long time ago that no one wanted you to listen to it…

Ripples appeared on the shadow on the ground, as it constantly writhed, as thought it was struggling.

All around us, the pedestrians… pedestrians… pedestrians were actually not showing any shocked or frightened expressions!? Even the shopkeeper at one side didn’t seem to be afraid of his shop being affected by the fight as he stood outside with a spectator’s demeanor, while the middle of the road was cleared out, and at one side it was full of people.

They were treating this as a movie shooting, right?

“Young man, do your best!” The bunny broadcaster on second floor suddenly said vigorously through her microphone. Suddenly all around turned into an uproar, full of screams and cries of people cheering him on.

…I really shouldn’t have had any expectation of them having a normal human response.

Ryan did a Traditional Hand/Fist-Wrapping* towards the crowd, and then he suddenly removed his black dual knives from the ground. Just as the knives left the ground, the shadow on the ground suddenly rushed towards Ryan fluidly, just like water.

[T/N: Also known as Gong Shou, is a common traditional practice of greeting among the Chinese people. It’s a polite way to show respect.]

“Minor character.” Ryan also looked down on the black shadow. After giving his black knife a twist, he threw it. The black shadow that was supposed to crash into him, suddenly gave off another sharp cry. In the blink of an eye, it was pinned on the wall of a shop.

“Looks like it’s only a familiar.” Senior looked at the shadow pinned on the wall, and said, “This kind of level, should be something even you can handle.”

I lifted my head and looked at Senior. Me? I can handle it? Can it be that senior still haven’t had enough sleep!?

You’re asking calling me to go and get my ass handled by that blackish object, right!?

“Want to pass it to Yang Yang?” Ryan, who heard senior’s sentence, turned around and asked.

Please don’t pass it to me!

Red eyes glanced at me and then he smiled. I realised senior curved up a hard-to-describe and strange smile, “Pass it to him, it’s time he practiced doing the things we normally do.”

I took a step back, wanting to shout at the sky.

“Alright.” Ryan suddenly pulled out his knife, and the illusionary weapon disappeared in the next second. The shadow that was relieved from being pinned to the wall, issued a sharp cry as it fell off the wall onto the ground.

“Your turn.” Before I could turn around and escape, senior had already kicked me in the ass, causing me to almost fall on top of the shadow.

“Yang Yang, do your best!” Miao Miao waved while she shouted out loud, extremely happy while observing at one side.

Don’t cheer for me… I’d rather you come and save me.

The shadow started to move, and was currently circulating around my feet. This circulation made me feel like the hairs on my body were all standing up. I can feel the shadow was was extremely hostile.

“Yang Yang, use explosive charms.” Chifuyu, who was at the periphery, reminded me. It’s only then that I remembered I kept the things senior gave me with me at all times. But rather than using the explosive charms, I’d rather use the teleportation charm, this way, I’ll be able to escape in just one second.

The problem was, I didn’t have the guts to escape in front of senior. Thus, I could only bite the bullet, and while trembling with fear, I took out the explosive charm.

The first time it was the black forever brand big bomb, the second time was a household insecticide. I was currently thinking what in the world will appear on the third time.

“Chu.” I saw senior beckoning to me.

Was his conscience finally noticed I should be tagged out?

Senior just smiled coldly, “You better think carefully before using it, because if it’s the same as the previous two times…” He did a cut-throat and a “Kacha” gesture.

…I understand. This was really a serious threat.

Then, here comes the question. If it’s a shadow, what do I need to use to take care of it? A flashlight!?

No, that’s not right, I absolutely cannot use a flashlight. Regardless of whether it works or not, I can guarantee that the second a flashlight appears, there will be someone who would use his silver spear to directly pierce through my head.

Candle? Table lamp? I overthrew my own thoughts in just a second.

That’s right, I remember I seemed to have watched it before in some anime… that sentence… Nn… I think it was burn, little sun or something like that!?


One sound with such accuracy and ruthlessness directly deflected my head to one side. I saw a bunch of flowery white stuff shining brightly in front of my eyes.

“You’re not allowed to think of nonsense.” Senior’s voice resounded on top of my head.

* * *

I also didn’t have any chance to continue thinking nonsense.

“Whoa!!” The shadow leaped out from the ground and suddenly coiled around my leg, dragging me down.

I’m finished, finished, finished—am I going to die right here today!? Wait a moment, I’m being dragged down?

As soon as I saw my current situation, I almost fainted.

The shadow was coiled around my leg and dragging me down into the ground. If it continues to drag, maybe a shovel will be needed to dig me out later on.

“What do you want to do?” I heard senior’s voice. He stood quite some distance away from me, “The explosive charm is in your hand, what do you want to do?”

What do I want to do? I definitely want to settle the shadow and immediately run away!

“Look around you, this is a marketplace, not an empty space like the first two times, how do you want to go at it?” Senior just stared at me with his red eyes sharply observing.

That’s right, I’d almost forgotten this place was surrounded by people. So how am I going to go at it?

I suddenly remembered that Ryan seemed to have used a knife earlier to pin that damn thing on the wall. So logically speaking, I should be able to use normal items to deal with it.

A knife? Then let’s just use a knife! But it can’t be too big, because I don’t know how to use a big knife.

At the same time I was thinking that, the shadow stopped dragging me down. What I saw in my hands was a black small knife… a black… penknife…

Penknife… It’s almost as if I could feel senior’s murderous eyesight.

“Yang Yang!” Miao Miao suddenly let out a cry.

I saw the whole shadow flipping upwards, directly spreading out above me. Without thinking, I immediately used the penknife in my hand to stab the ground— No matter what kind of knife it was, as long as I can pin this damn thing down, it’ll be fine!

In front of my eyes was complete darkness, and then I heard the loud sound of people clamoring all around.

Then, it suddenly brightened up. I was sitting on the floor and what I saw was the shadow in front being pinned on the floor by the penknife, seems like it was struggling. As it kept twisting around, some smoke were coming out from around the penknife. In just a few seconds, cracks started to form on the shadow, with the penknife being the source.

If you insist of finding a way to describe it, it’s rather similar to a barbeque charcoal being shattered. I know my description was really badly, so please go and imagine it yourself.

Just as the shadow completely broke into pieces, I saw a small black insect jumping out, and then it quickly rushed towards the crowd.

“Don’t think of escaping.” Senior was one step faster. Using one foot to step on the insect, emitting a splat sound, “Don’t think I’ll allow you to bring back information.” He ground the bottom of his feet hard. The insect turned into complete mush, and was then no more.

That kind of feeling was just like stepping on a cockroach.

“Yang Yang.” Miao Miao and the others came over, and the three of them lent me a hand by pulling me up from the floor together, “That was great!” She smiled really happily, while helping me to pat off the dust.

“For a novice, that’s considered as really powerful.” Chifuyu pushed his glasses and concluded.

“You just need to practice a bit more. Next time, you can consider picking up a job by yourself.” Ryan said as he patted my shoulder.

Picking up a job by myself… I suddenly remembered the miserable case with the bomb and insecticide. It’s better to just forget it.

“This is just an ordinary familiar, so it probably came here to scout the situation of the school.” Senior scraped the thing off the bottom of his shoes before walking back to us. The surrounding audience saw there were no more show to watch and dispersed one after another, “There’s nothing special about it.”

Nothing special but you still trampled it to death?

Senior looked at me, “No one knows what information was collected by it, so of course we must first annihilate it.”

I understand…

“This time, your method of using the explosive charm was still acceptable. If you continue this way, you should be fine.” I immediately looked up and saw senior’s lips curving up to his usual cold smile, “At least it’s better compared to the other two things.”

Could it be that he was fine with the penknife? This is considered a great luckiness found in misfortune.

“What other two things?” Miao Miao looked at me with shining big eyes full of questions, “Yang Yang had used explosive charms to materialize other things as well?”

I took one step back, “This, this…”

“You did, right?” Ryan joined in as the second person in the interrogation team, “I’m so jealous, you learned how to use explosive charm so quickly. In the past, it took me almost a whole month before I could control an explosive charm.”

I definitely didn’t learn how to use it.

Basically, the explosive charm was still not under control, and one would know just by looking at the things that appeared every time. They were always so very enigmatic.

“Stop teasing him. Do you guys still have anything you want to buy?” Chifuyu interrupted the topic, and asked to the other two people, “We don’t know if there are any more of those familiars, so let’s continue our conversation in school.”

His words were immediately agreed upon by the other two people.

In that second, I suddenly felt Chifuyu was like an angel… Of course, not the same type as Andy.

“I still have work later, so you guys head on back first.” Senior said and then he handed me the paper bag full of crystals, “First, help me bring this back. I want to directly head to my work’s destination.” He put a key into the paper bag. It looked similar to mine, but there were some differences.

“Ah? Don’t you need to change your clothes before you go to work?” I remembered hearing that it was necessary for black robes to wear their robes during while they work, however, purple and white robes do not have this particular requirement.

“Once in a while wouldn’t matter, even if I’m caught. At most I’ll only be admonished, it’s nothing much.” Senior shrugged with a very I’m-used-to-it kind of look, “So that’s that, you guys can head back first.”

“See you, senior.” Miao Miao and the others quickly finished saying their goodbyes to senior.

Then, just as the second wave of crowd came over, senior was already not standing at his original spot.

“Let’s go back too.” Chifuyu patted my shoulder.


* * *

“I really envy the black robes.”

When we were back in school, we didn’t directly go back to the Black Dorm, instead we went to the student’s restaurant.

Because it was a holiday today, the restaurant’s kitchen wasn’t open for cooking, so they only provided some beverages and snacks. However, it still provided the students with seats for them to freely move about, chat, or whatnot, but there were very few students.

“Huh?” I looked at Ryan and issued an unknown semantic, “Shouldn’t it be that a robe level can be obtained through exams? One just has to keep taking the exam and they can become a black robe, right?” It should be rather similar to getting a credential, as one just needs to continue taking the exams for the next level and it should be fine, right?

Chifuyu laughed with a “pfft” sound.

“Yang Yang, in fact, it’s actually not that easy to acquire a robe level.” Miao Miao put down the beverage in her hands, and explained to me, “In Atlantis, there is at least approximately ten thousand people. Including the students from different grades; from primary to university, and the teachers, there are only fifteen black robes.”

Nn… that’s indeed really hard to pass.

But I always felt black robes were unlike any normal people. One would know just by looking at Andy and that weird soul sorcerer from the first day I had arrived at the dorm, so senior may be one of the more normal ones?

“In this world, robe level is set by the World Federation of Trade Unions. As far as I know, there are only about seventy-five black robes who are on active duty, in which, Atlantis is accounted for fifteen people. It is considered to be a very high concentration. Out of the fifteen people, the teachers and staff account for ten people, and students account for five people.” Chifuyu began his information analysis, “Within the robe level, black robe is of the highest level, so in every world, they are allowed to freely move around. They are also treated far better compared to the general workers.”

Only seventy-five people… So to say, the examination for black robe is at an extremely difficult level?

I was suddenly very full of admiration for senior, because normally, I wasn’t able to realize he was such a great person.

“Incidentally, for those who are still active for duty, there are three hundred and forty-one purple robes, and one thousand six hundred and fifty-four white robes. In our school, there are sixty-five purple robes accounted for, and two hundred and seven white robes, which is the largest amount in one fixed location.” Continuing to add on to his unfinished sentences, Chifuyu pushed his glasses, “So in all of the special ability schools, Atlantis had always been the top school.”

And somehow I mysteriously entered the top school, which was popular amongst the other abnormal schools?

“Hahaha…” I’m very doubtful over how they picked their students. Using darts?

“But I’ve heard that black robe’s death rate is also the highest.” At one side, Ryan who was lost in thought, suddenly joined in our conversation, “Last year there were eighty-nine black robes, but this year there are only seventy-five black robes who are in active duty, in which are four newly appointed black robes.”

That means in the span of one year, eighteen of them died? I suddenly felt rather creeped out.

If black robes were as Godly as they’d said, then the death rate being so high was really weird.

But Ryan turned his gaze away, obviously didn’t want to talk about this anymore. Chifuyu and Miao Miao were also the same, as they didn’t even mention one word. And of course, I was embarrassed to continue asking.

Change the topic, change the topic… the mood is a little too awkward…

“That’s right, just now you mentioned the sports competition, what’s that?” I suddenly remembered them mentioning that the shadow was the spy for the whatchamacallit sports competition of some kind. But does a sports competition really need to use something so serious such as a spy? I didn’t understand.

And also, for freshmen who had entered not too long ago, how was it that a sports competition came about? This was really mysterious.

“What you’ve asked about is the grand sports league for the all special ability schools, which will be held once every three years.” Miao Miao seriously said to me, “Every school will send high level experts to participate. Starting from now, counting backwards, until October the fifteenth will be the start of the first elimination selection competition, so many schools have already started to collect information on the opposing schools. That thing we ran into earlier is an example of this.”

“But everyone must already have a clue, since the representatives the school sends out every time are of robe levels, so one can kind of gauge their opponents.”

Robe level representatives?

“I guess senior’s name most definitely will appear in this year’s name list. Although senior is very young, in these past few years, with his overall strength, he should be the strongest representative within the students who are black robes.” Chifuyu drank a mouthful of his drink, and continued, “Really looking forward to this year’s competition, but it’s still not going to be our turn yet, nevertheless, let’s just wait for a good show.”

Honestly, I think being a spectator would be so much better.

“Although that’s rather disappointing, we can still look forward to the Annual School Games in the next semester.” Miao Miao was similarly in deep regret, “To be able to exchange blows with people within the school is also not a bad learning experience.”

I’m saying that… I really think just being a spectator is better, no matter which kind of competition.

“Yang Yang is very lucky. As soon as you entered school, you are able to chance upon the Union Sports Competition, at that time you’ll be able to witness the competitions of experts from a variety of special ability schools, and I’ll assure you that you’ll be shocked with what you’ll see.” Patting me hard on the shoulder, Miao Miao said, “Previously, I had to wait a long time before I got to see it.”

In truth, I don’t even need to see the experts from various schools, since I’m currently already experiencing three small shocks and one big scare every day. I’m already scared until my nerves are rather numb because of it.

“Teachers are not allowed to enter the sports competition, so all participants consists of only students, and it’s a team of two or more people. Ryan do you want to consider finding a black robe or purple robe to team up with? Maybe you could even enter this year.” Chifuyu looked at that someone, who was either in a trance or had already fallen asleep, and asked.

After a long time, only did Ryan twitched, “I also have the same thoughts, so I’ve already requested some people to help me ask some purple robes and black robes who had a higher chance, but my chances are probably still rather low.”

Their discussions had already reached a realm I totally didn’t understand. Sports competition, robe level, team-up, ideas and whatnot, which I can’t relate to, not even a little.

“You guys can continue on with your conversation, I still have something to do, so I’ll go back to the dorm first.”

Very awkward, but there’s no other way, because I still can’t really fit into this place.

* * *

It’s only after I’d hurriedly left the student’s restaurant that I finally heaved a sigh of relieve.

I knew from before that I’m different from the others, but while in a conversation with them, it was even easier to feel that huge gap. That kind of feeling was really hard to describe.

Oddly enough, when I’m together with senior or the five-coloured rooster head, I didn’t have this type of feeling.

“Yang!” Speaking of the devil.

Although it’s relatively easier to talk with him, it doesn’t mean I want to socialize with him, so I immediately turned around. But in less than a second, my collar was immediately grabbed by someone.

“You are always trying to run away every time you see me.” The five-coloured rooster head said while smiling.

Nonsense! Of course I want to run away, I don’t want to follow you to the library to court death again!

“Is there anything you need?” I turned around smiling outwardly. Although I had a lot of dissatisfaction towards him, I don’t dare to say it out loud, since I don’t want to be “kacha” killed off by an Assassin.

“Nothing, I just came back from the right shopping street, and I encountered something fun.” The five-coloured rooster head loosen his hand, and took out a transparent glass bottle from his pocket.

I opened my eyes wide, and enclosed inside the glass bottle was similar to the black insect that senior had grind to death, “Familiar?”

“You know about this?” This time, it was the five-coloured rooster head who was surprised, “That’s right, it’s a familiar, I caught it in passing.” He shook the bottle twice, the insect inside spun until it became dizzy.

Was it really just in passing? I suspect that his hand was itchy so he caught it and brought it back to play with it. This probability was probably as high as ninety percent.

“You bought a lot of good crystals.” Looking at the paper bag on my hand, the five-coloured rooster head suddenly stretched out his hand and took out a pure red crystal from inside, “Very beautiful, such a good selections.”

“Those are selected by senior, I’m just helping him bring it back.” I stretched out my hand to take back the crystal, but the five-coloured rooster head slightly swayed, just enough to make me unable to reach it.

“So it’s actually like that, I was wondering how you got the funds to buy these high grade items.” He snapped his fingers, and then the red crystal disappeared from his hand, and in the next second it appeared inside the paper bag, “A minimum of four to five hundred KR is needed to buy what’s inside that bag of yours.”

Isn’t that a few hundred thousand NT? My hands suddenly felt weak.

I knew it wasn’t be cheap, but in fact, as soon as I heard the approximate price, it caused my heart to skip a beat.

It’s too horrifying.

“Next time when we’re free, let’s go to the right shopping street. There are so many more things in the right shopping street.” The five-coloured rooster head put his hand on my shoulder, and proposed the devil’s temptation.

Honestly, I was indeed a little interested, only a little, but I’m not so stupid that I would go there together with the five-coloured rooster head. The library was a bloody and painful lesson, “Let’s discuss this when I’m free.” By that time I’ll keep saying I’m not free.

“Alright, then that’s settled.” The five-coloured rooster head removed his hand, and then he put the bottle, which contains the insect, into my paper bag, “Since you are more interested in this, I’ll give it to you, I’ll go and catch a few more.”

Please don’t catch anymore! Before I had a chance to say that, the five-coloured rooster head had already disappeared.

“…Ah…” Now should I follow senior’s example and put it under my foot and grind it?

So tired. I have probably aged today.

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Chapter 3 : The Crisis in Mausoleum Class

Location: Atlantis
Time: 10:30am

Senior didn’t come back until the morning of the Mausoleum Class.

The timing for the school’s courses were arranged in a really strange way, very different from my previous school. The first class in the morning was Theoretical Class, and then starting from ten thirty until two in the afternoon was the Mausoleum Class. Previously, because we only had to attend theoretical classes, the teacher ended the class around noon, and the afternoon became a free period.

However, I heard that today it will be a practical lesson on site, so it might not be so relaxed.

“Did you bring the explosive charms?” As soon as he stepped into the elective classroom, this was the first question senior asked me.

“Of course I did!”

I realized that as soon as senior entered the classroom, there were about a dozen students in the class who were desperately staring at him.

Mausoleum is originally an unpopular class, so the number of students wasn’t high, probably no one would have thought a black robe would select this basic course.

He sat directly at the empty seat beside me, and took off his black robe. He was wearing t-shirt and jeans inside, it was only then that I saw the enigmatic tear at the top part of the coat. It looked like it was torn by something sharp.

…I better not ask about it.

“I was with two other black robes, dealing with some problems with the Prison World’s barrier. I didn’t sleep for almost three days, confronting with things such as evil spirits.” Senior sneered as he told me in his own accord.

I really didn’t want to know…

“Prison World?” As soon as they heard this, Miao Miao and Chifuyu, who were originally doing their own things, but immediately came over. The few of us formed a little circle, “I’ve heard that lately the prison and the spirit world were rather chaotic.”

Senior smiled, but didn’t reply.

I felt that he didn’t really like to discuss work related things with others, and I’ve never heard him talk about it with others, except, he would occasionally take the initiative to mention it to me a little.

“Yang Yang, didn’t you see the spirit world before? The other time when you were with Ryan and Chifuyu.” Miao Miao turned around and smiled at me, “They had always been rather unlawful, and always loved to attack the things they desire.”

Spirit? That sounded really familiar. Then, I suddenly heard a “tch” sound coming from senior.

Oh right! It was the last time when I was mysteriously dragged to the damn rotten place with a scenic view and positive atmosphere.

“But the Prison World is even more vicious compared to the spirit world, no wonder senior had to be dispatch with two other black robes.” Miao Miao expressed a pair of love shaped eyes, and turned her gaze towards her beloved Senior.

n front of my eyes was a live performance of a “The falling flower is interested, but the running stream underneath is cruel” drama. It has the same as the Taiwan series my mom loves to watch, “Even if you love him so much, he’ll never be yours”, and in the end, the main male character got together with someone else.

“You’ve also met the underlings of the Prison World before.” Letting down his silver hair and retying it, senior casually said with a very low voice only the two of us could hear, “Ghost King Bishen.”

I remember now! The murderer who indirectly caused me to materialize the big black bomb! Wait a moment!

Now that I saw senior tying up his hair, I thought of something I had forgotten a very, very long time ago. So long that I, myself, thought it didn’t exist anymore, “Senior!”

“What’s the matter?” Maybe he didn’t think that I would suddenly shout out, senior was stunned for a second.

“This is for you!” I hurriedly took out a small black box I had forgotten for about half a month. Lying inside my backpack, beautifully packaged in dark blue, had been placed inside and its existence forgotten.

The necklace I bought with Miao Miao and Geng a while back.

Miao Miao, who was sitting at one side, widened her eyes as soon as she saw me taking out the box, “Are you for real, Yang Yang!? You only thought of this now!?”

Anyway, my memory is bad. Also, after entering school, I was frightened until I was exhausted, so I totally forgot about the thing.

“?” Senior narrowed his eyes, and a big question mark appeared on his face.

This made me puzzled, I thought Senior was always listening to my thoughts, so why was it that he is showing such a confused expression?

Then, he closed his red eyes, and opened them, “Necklace?”

Oh, so he was still eavesdropping.

“Yang Yang you’re giving a necklace to senior?” Chifuyu curiously came over to take a look.

Senior opened the box, inside was the silver dog collar necklace. There was a bunch of red flames that looked like it was going to burn at any moment. When I bought it, were the flames so red?

“This is something Yang Yang specially looked for as thanks for senior’s care.” Miao Miao chuckled, sounding just like the ringing of bells, “Both me and Geng saw him searching for this.”

Actually, I didn’t really look for it for that long a time, because I wasn’t someone who would buy this kind of stuff.

“As thanks?” I heard senior’s cold laugh.

Just as Miao Miao seemed to still have something she wanted to say, the class, which had originally been rather noisy, immediately quieted down.

The Mausoleum teacher had arrived.

* * *

My first impression on the Mausoleum teacher (should be called as Professor) was:

No impression.

He looked just like a normal old man. Sometimes when he was talking, he would even cough twice, very grizzly looking as though he would kick the bucket at any moment. But then it also didn’t seem like he would easily and simply kick the bucket.

Chifuyu said he is a purple robe.

When I attended the first class, I did see him wear a purple robe, it’s just that the weird thing was, for some reason when he was wearing it. It looked like a grave clothes, so I thought it was a good thing he was not a white robe, or else he would look like a zombie who came out of his coffin.

“Dear… students… let us set off now… We are almost at… the first learning course…”

See, the way he talks was just like a typical old man who looked like he was going to stop breathing.

With a “smack” sound, Senior gave me a slap behind my head.

“He is a good professor.” Seeing through people’s mind at once, senior said that in a simple and neat way.

It was definitely not easy to be praised by senior.

“That’s right senior, you didn’t come for the first two classes, how did you know what the teacher had taught?” Following at the end of the group, I suddenly thought of this. During the first two classes, senior didn’t attend the lecture, but for some reason he gave off a feeling he actually came and attended the lecture, since he looked very familiar to what was happening.

Red eyes glanced at me for a moment, “I was actually planning to choose this elective last year, so whenever I had free time during the summer vacation, I would go to the library and read up books regarding this course. But never expected it to clash with another class, so I could only select it this year.”

That means, you were already well prepared when you were at home?

I suddenly found out that senior was a very good student.

The road that the teacher led us through was very weird. From the basement of the elective classroom, going through a faintly glowing small tunnel, and kept on going straight.

“This seems to be a Passing Through tunnel.” Miao Miao, who was walking beside me said, “Similar to the teleportation charm, but this requires the people to walk, but it can also transport a lot of people at once.”

Nn… Here comes the question, where are we going to be sent to?

“Probably inside some tomb.” Senior, who was walking slightly in front, explained, “I’ve heard this teacher really loves survival games, so he will usually throw the students into a tomb… similar to a huge ancient mausoleum kind of place, and you are to apply what you’ve learned in class to escape on your own.”

I’ve never heard of this before!

I took a look at Miao Miao, who instigated me to fill in this course, and her face was full of astonishment. Very good, Miao Miao didn’t know about it either. And in the past two damn theoretical classes, I totally didn’t pay any attention at all.

“This is very good, we can do on-site training.” Chifuyu pushed his bright shining glasses and curved up a strange smile.

Only good for you, right!?

“Senior how did you know about this matter?” Miao Miao immediately asked.

“Because I saw it last year. When I was sleeping at the Health Care Center, there was a big group of people with skeletons and curse spirits stuck to their bodies, rushing there for help.”

…I don’t want to play anymore.

“Where are you going.” Senior grabbed onto my collar, my first attempt to escape has failed, “We’re here.”

The whole team stopped moving. It’s that light! In front of the team was a spot of light, and in front of the light was an old man!

“Dear student… we have arrived… the first practical site… Ghost King Tomb…”

What kind strange name is that!? Sounded like extremely bad news!

“This place is where a huge battle between the Prison World and the Elf Tribe occurred… It was said that in the past,… there were more than a hundred Elves who were killed… by Ghost King of Hell… and was then sealed all together… buried here.” The old man talked with halts in between his speech, just stopping short of him ceasing to breath, “The Elves made… a lot of seals… after successive entrance by the Ghost Tribe… and had also put up many traps… This is our homework for today… after reaching the center, take back… the school’s badge… to clear this lesson.”

Now, I thought if he wanted us to go somewhere similar to the pyramids in Egypt similar to the ones in the movie called “The Mummy,” it would have been considered a better heaven. At least I knew mummies used to be humans.

What’s a Ghost King of Hell! And what does he mean about being sealed together with Elves!?

Asking the students to go into a tomb and die in groups, eh?!

“The huge battle between Elves and Ghost Tribe?” Senior’s expression became rather weird, as if he was mumbling to himself, “Then isn’t that the tomb of Ghost King Yelu…?”

How is it that you know this!?

Senior suddenly looked at me, “In the past when I learned about the Elfin history, there was a record about the bygone history of more than a thousand years ago, which definitely contains some huge events. Ghost King Yelu went through the Prison World and reached this world, capturing and slaughtering a number of neighboring Elves. Even the souls became food and was swallowed, it was the biggest disaster that year.”

To put it simply, it means that even after death, their souls were shattered…? That’s really pitiful.

“In the end, the third prince of one of the Elfin tribes, Ice Fang Clan, allied together with nearby aristocratic Elves and attacked Ghost King Yelu. They managed to repressed him, hiding his remains at the coldest place beneath the ground; no longer able to come out under the sun.”

So to say, senior was clearly telling an extremely tragic story, but why was it the more I hear his tone, the more it felt like it was a ghost story? And he was also talking about the story of the damn place where we will entering shortly!!!

“But I’ve heard the corpses of the Ghost King’s tomb would haunt people.” Chifuyu came over, and started to follow up on the ghost story, “I’ve heard there are many Elfin treasures in the Ghost King’s tomb, so there were a lot of people who came for adventuring, but no one heard of anyone surviving.”

F—! And you still wanted us to come here! My first thought was to rush at the teacher and smash his head.

“Please my dear students… take care…” In the next second, the old man in front of the light disappeared into thin air just like that!

In my entire life, this was the first time I wanted to swear so badly.

* * *

“It’s time.”

The second senior finished his sentence, I suddenly felt the pressure from under my feet was gone. The black path had suddenly disappeared, and I was stepping on air.

“Whoa!!” We were all falling down from midair. I could only see darkness below me, and the light had already disappeared.

“Wing of ice, tool of water, gather silk tangles to form a cobweb at once! Senior, who was beside me, was obviously very calm. He took out a blue round bead in an instant, and chanted a long string of words.

In the darkness, I saw a transparent object with a little silver on it, coming out from senior’s hand, and spread out just like a net. Within a few seconds, I fell on top of an icy cold object, and all around was the sound of “thud, thud, thud”. Several students rolled into one group at the other side. Very soon, we realized all of us fell on top of a huge cobweb made of ice.

“Light up.” Miao Miao immediately climbed up, snapped her fingers. A cluster of fire appeared on her palms, and lights started to appear around us, “There’s something down there.” As she said that, she threw the small cluster of flame down, and the bottom of the cobweb immediately brightened up.

All the students, who fell on top of the web, gasped.

A few feet under the cobweb were mountains of sharp spikes, if we directly fell on these, there was a ninety percent we would have all turn into kebabs, and then it was the END. Bow and step down from the stage.

My legs trembled.

“Hmph, a piece of cake.” From the cluster of students, one of them snorted through his nose, spoke, and stood up, “I can move on my own without this thing.”

A pair of small silver wings appeared on his hand, and the person floated away.

“Ah, ah, people from Class A always think they are more superior.” Chifuyu stretched, and said coolly, “If it wasn’t for Senior’s quick action, they wouldn’t even be able to talk.”

I wanted to say, senior was also from Class A, but he is an oddity.

“Chu.” A cold hand was draped across my neck, and a ghost’s breath appeared beside my ear, “If you don’t want to be crushed and have your corpse abandoned here, you’d better stop thinking nonsense.”

“Ahhh!!” I bounced forward, and behind me was senior’s sinister and ghastly face.

Alright, alright, alright already!

As soon as they saw their own classmate leaving, a few students, who were similarly in Class A, left the ice web one by one, and then it was people from Class B. In the end, only a few people were left on the web.

“It’s almost time.” With only the few of us left here, Chifuyu suddenly exposed a demonic smile, it really was a demonic smile, making me remember the weird smile when Ryan’s inner personality appears. They really are worthy of being each other’s partner, “The others had already left, we can now start to plan our route.”

“Nn, nn.” Miao Miao quickly came over.

In that second, I saw a fox and a cat.

“Although I’m not good at fighting, don’t forget that I’m someone from the Yukino Clan.” Chifuyu said while glancing at senior, and then he smiled at me, “Yang Yang, you need to observe carefully.”

He snapped his fingers, and we were surrounded by a few groups of bluish white will-o-the-wisps, the entire space was illuminated. It’s only then that I could clearly see we were in a small room in the tomb. Surrounded by walls, there was a small door at the bottom, estimated that those people who left earlier should have gone through it.

“Call upon the Gods and formalize an mantra, Western Tiger, follow the path of the ghost.” With a swish, four white charms suddenly appeared in Chifuyu’s hand, and in a blink of an eye, white flames ignited. I felt like I was watching some parlor tricks.

After the flames burned out, it was strange that the ashes were not black but were actually silverish white. Then, it fell down from Chifuyu’s hand, floating in midair in front of his chest, “With the mantra, transmit preemptive divination unto me at once.”

The silverish white ashes immediately came together and then they split up, turning into something that looked a little like a simple and convenient map. And then a few small dots of light appearing on the map.

“This is Yukino’s tracking technique.” Senior’s curved up, looks like he was very interested, “It’s really good, but this trick is not simple.”

Chifuyu smiled, “It’s not only a tracking technique, it also can predict what’s going to happen to them, for example, the first group, which is the lights at the upper left corner, they’re going to be done in very soon.”

A few seconds after Chifuyu finished his sentence, somewhere on the silver map, a few of the lights suddenly broke into pieces. A scream from afar echoed back to our place, it was extremely shrill.

I felt my scalp tingling.

They were from Class A, right they are from Class A, right they are from Class A, right they are from Class A right…

What does the scream represent!?

“Next is the third group at the lower right corner.” After two seconds, the light broke into pieces, and the second scream echoed in the small space.

“And then the fifth group in the middle.” The same thing happened, lights were broken, and then there was a horrible scream.

After about thirty seconds, Chifuyu snapped his fingers, the will-o-the-wisps and silver ashes disappeared at the same time, “The traps in these three paths had already been activated, you can choose any one of them. For the first section, all of the roads lead to the same place, only the second section will be a maze.”

So you waited for the other groups to go to their deaths first, right…

“Don’t worry, the medical team should be on duty somewhere around here. They won’t die so easily.” Senior suddenly stood up, “Let’s go, it time to go down.”

Go down? I had a very bad feeling.

And then I felt my collar tightened, “Are you ready?” Senior revealed an extremely evil smile, “Let’s fly, kiddo.”


In less than half a second I immediately understood his words, because senior pulled my collar and jumped down directly towards the entrance.

“Whoahhhhh——” Will die, will die, will die, will die, this time I’ll really die!!! I saw a lot of spikes flying past my eyes, shining and glittering very clearly, and almost touching me.

But I couldn’t fly as far as the door!!!

Then I saw Miao Miao had also jumped down, stepped on my body using it as a leverage, and safely slid across. My whole body started to fall down, “Yang Yang! Grab my hands!” She stretched out her hands and gave my body a pull, causing my whole body to fall towards the entrance. This action made me feel like I was being thrown out with full points in judo, and then I became dizzy from the fall.

Was there no other gentler method!?

* * *

“Light up.”

Senior, who came down last, clapped his hands, and the surrounding was immediately illuminated. Unlike Miao Miao, there was no cluster of fire, but the lights were emitted directly from the walls. The whole stone walls and floor was sparkling.

“Yang Yang, are you still alive?” Chifuyu, who still had some conscience, came over and pulled me up from the ground, “Don’t lie down there and sleep, the tomb insects will come and eat you.”

I immediately jumped up from the floor.

There were several paths in front of us, probably about seven or eight, and all of them were stone paths. The ceiling was also made of stones giving off a kind of pressure. It felt like it was very unstable and would collapse at any time.

“The first, fourth, and seventh path can be taken.” Chifuyu, who was responsible for memorizing the map, said, “The sixth path hasn’t been taken by anyone yet, but there are also traps on that path.”

“Then let’s take the fourth path.” Senior took a look, and then pointed at the road in the middle, “There is a strong scent of blood at the other two paths, I’m afraid someone will vomit.”

I’m sorry, the one who will vomit is me!

“No problem.” Miao Miao and Chifuyu said in unison.

I have a very huge problem. The biggest problem was regarding my personal safety.

“Who cares about your personal safety, move quickly!” Senior raised his foot and kicked my butt, almost causing me to fall down in an embarrassing way. Luckily, I was very experienced, so I was able to balance myself!

I could only bite the bullet and continue walking forward. But, why was it that I’m the one at the front!?

“It’s said that Ghost King Yelu’s nature was very bloody, that year, the Elves were all brutally abused. When the huge army of Elves attacked this place, the whole place was covered in blood and flesh. There were also Elves who became so twisted that they didn’t even resemble their original selves anymore…” Senior, who was walking behind me, softly whispered beside my ear, “Just like… the thing you are about to step on.”

I froze, and instinctively looked down. Sometimes, people just love to find trouble for themselves. Looking down was a mistake.


There was a head rolling beside my feet, still fresh, and still spurting blood. The eyes turned white and kept staring at me. It’s one of the students who left earlier. All around was blood and pieces of meat. There were also broken blades surrounding us.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh——” I’ll have a nervous breakdown! I definitely will have a nervous breakdown!

During that extremely terrifying moment, I actually heard someone laughing! Someone was snickering! Issuing a fine sound, snickering at me! I turned my head, the one who was snickering was actually senior!!!

Senior was especially evil today.

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Chapter 4 : The Elves of the Past

Location: Atlantis
Time: 12:26pm

I absolutely don’t remember how I got out of that tunnel.

Since my legs turned into jelly, I think it was Chifuyu who forcefully dragged me all the way out. All the way to the exit, senior kept on snickering.

I suspected he would become evil due to sleep deprivation? Especially when I’d heard he hadn’t slept in the past three days.

“Next we need to go down.” Miao Miao was standing beside the hole leading to the underground, “I wonder how deep is the Ghost King’s tomb was when it was built, maybe we might need to walk for quite a long time.”

I suddenly remembered another matter. If we were to continue walking for a long time, then we won’t have to attend our afternoon classes?

“Don’t worry, if the practical class takes too long, the second class will be adjusted, so we won’t need to attend it.” Senior, who was squatting beside the hole, took out something that looked like a thin rope and made a knot with it. He then tied it to a pillar near the entrance of the hole, “I’ll go down first, then Chu, Mikayla, and lastly Chifuyu.” He let go of his hand, throwing the rest of the rope into the hole.


After he nodded his head, senior slid down the rope and went down the hole. In just a moment, he disappeared inside what appeared to be a dark bottomless crypt.

Will this thing break? I looked at the thin rope feeling rather nervous.

“Yang Yang, it’s your turn.” Miao Miao said while urged me on.

Forget it, don’t care about it. In any case, following them down would definitely be the right thing to do!

I took a deep breath, and with shivering hands, I pulled at the rope, bit the bullet and climbed down.

As soon as I reached the bottom of the crypt, maybe it was because senior was the first to reach the bottom, it had already been illuminated. I could clearly see that we climbed down from a hole in the ceiling of a hall. The bottom was wide open, and there were only some white unknown objects.

Senior was already standing on the ground some distance away.

The ceiling was really high, probably about two to three times the height of a typical house, I desperately clutched onto the rope and slowly climbed down bit by bit.

“Looks like someone had already been here.” Senior bent his body, and knocked on the floor twice, there were a few shoeprints on the dust that had collected after a long period of time, “But they didn’t inspect carefully.”

I jumped onto the floor, and then at the top, Miao Miao followed me down. The last one was Chifuyu.

“This seems to be the third hall, which was once used as an entertainment room by the Ghost King.” Chifuyu said while rubbing off the dust on the floor.

There were some patterns vaguely drawn on the floor.

“The year when the Elfin army stormed into the Ghost King’s city, which is this place, they sealed the Ghost King at the lowest point, and sunk the whole city underground to be buried together with him. These are the remains that were left here from that year.” Senior continued his storytelling of the history, and took out a white charm, “This is a charm made of wind element, Wind Eddy.” He let go of his hand, the second the white charm fell on the floor, something like a small typhoon appeared, and the dust on the floor was blown away.

This was even better than a universal vacuum cleaner! With a “smack” sound, Senior shot a tiger palm strike behind my head, “Vacuum, yourself!”

I knew it, I should have stayed further away from him. Holding onto my head, I shifted closer to Chifuyu.

In just a few seconds, the dust completely covering the floor, were all blown away, the floor was actually transparent. The walls were emitting light reflected by the surface of floor, causing it to be shining brightly looking like crystals.

“So beautiful.” Miao Miao was also stunned by this sight, under the transparent floor there seemed to to be water flowing, looking twisted and distorted.

“Water Flower, this is a high-grade magic crystal. I never thought the Ghost King would use this kind of thing as a floor.” Chifuyu looked at the floor and said, “There are words on top of it.”

I noticed them even if he didn’t mention it, there were some shallow marks on the floor. It looked like small worms wriggling here and there, I couldn’t read those things.

“This doesn’t seem to be the universal writing we are currently using now.” Miao Miao squatted on the floor, and inspected the floor. Those worm-like words were written on a wide range, filling up almost half of the floorings. And due to the water flow, we couldn’t clearly see the words.

Yeah? The universal writing we are currently using now? Why was it that I don’t know there was such a thing?

“After you’ve study here for a year, you’ll start learning it, since universal writing is a compulsory course.” Senior stood behind me, and said coolly, “The world is currently sharing one type of writing… which is mixed with other languages.”

Somewhat similar to English, Mandarin, or Japanese type of thing?

Then I’m so going to die, because I remembered my English was really terrible, so terrible that my teacher wanted to suicide. This means my language was not something that could be improved, and now there is another additional damn universal writing. This is terrible!

“Nn, this should be some kind of writing of some race?” Chifuyu also squatted and looked at the writings.

There was finally something Chifuyu didn’t know. To be honest, I’ve always felt he was like a mini library or an intelligence-gathering center, but seems like there were also things he didn’t know.

But since everyone was squatting, if I didn’t squat, it would feel rather strange, so I followed suit and squatted.

“I’ve heard that Water Flower Magic Crystal contains magical energy, perhaps the ghost king was using it to absorb energy, that’s why it’s such a huge piece.” Chifuyu glanced at me, and pushed his glasses, making this conclusion.

Basically, I totally couldn’t understand the whatchamacallit Crystal, regardless of whether it’s Slippery Floor or Water Flower*, I felt this place was very weird, and I didn’t want to continue staying here.

[T/N: These are a play on words in Chinese, which doesn’t makes sense when translated.]

“This is Elfin wording.” Senior stepped on the crawling worm words on the floor, completely without any sense of morality of cherishing the hard-won historical site, “Elfin common writing, so only those from the Elfin clan should know how to read this.”

Then why was do you know of it!?

Senior looked at me with an expression full of contempt.

Alright, I know it’s because you are senior, you are an almighty God, so just pretend I was overthinking this.

“Things related to the Ghost King are documented on top, you want to waste time listening over here?” Senior seemed to be very satisfied with my answer, curved up an icy smile and asked.

“I want to listen!” Miao Miao bounced up, raising her hand.

“If I may, I would like to know, too.” Chifuyu, the mini intelligence collecting center, pushed his glasses and stood up, issuing a glaring reflection.

I don’t really want to listen… I want to quickly reach the destination and then go back… But it was very obvious no one cared about my opinion.

I resentfully climbed up from the floor, because I felt that if I continue squatting, senior will use me as a footstool.

Senior walked a few steps, he narrowed his red eyes, and swept his sight across the words on floor.

He stopped walking and started his storytelling. “This occurred in fall, on the second year the Elfin king of the Abyss of the Wind succeeded the throne.”

* * *

It was the second year the Elfin king of the Abyss of the Wind succeeded the throne, during autumn when the golden maple shed its leaves, we received such shocking and terrifying news.

Ghost King Yelu appeared in the Western area, breaking the time’s ban and setting up a city in the West Hills. However, the neighbouring Elves had yet to escape from there. When everyone received the message, it was only the first of the bad news to come.

The West Hills’ songs were no more, only a few Elves sent to inform this matter were spared.

My dad, brothers, and I discussed our views, but the Ghost King’s forces were really huge, so they thought the Elfin clan didn’t have the power to go against such an evil force, and only passively resisted. But I thought we shouldn’t allow the situation to continue, First it’s West Hills, and when winter arrived, there were sad news gradually coming from the border of North Snow.

So when I had reached an agreement with many Elfin nobles, I brought elfin troops to the West Hills.

It’s fortunate that there were many Elfin clans who joined this great undertaking, and so when we reached the West Hills, the numbers of Elves had already overwhelmingly exceeded the congregation of the Ghost Tribe.

The army fought for two days at the outer perimeter, and finally broke into the first hall. Furthermore, they obtained the third hall on the fourth day, it was estimated it won’t be long until they would be triumphant against Ghost King Yelu.

Signing out at the third hall.

* * *

“This is the translation of everything that’s written.” Quickly translating the words for us, senior paused for a moment, “At the end there is no name written, but I think it should be written by the Third Prince of the Ice Fang Clan, who started this attack. Probably it’s for the secretary behind to record it.”

I don’t know why, I kept feeling senior had a very strange expression while translating this thing, as if… he was thinking about something?

Miao Miao made an action of clasping her hands in front of her chest and then slightly bent down. It looked like she was blessing or praying, that sort of thing.

“So this is actually just a record.” Chifuyu should have memorised it without missing a word, and then he nodded, “Looks like the other halls should have similar writings.”

“But we don’t have the time to look at them one by one.” As soon as she’d finished, Miao Miao shook her head, “The time is limited.”

“I know.” Chifuyu snorted, with a very regretful expression.

If there was no time limit, you planned to look for them one by one, right?

From the bottom of my heart, I thought Chifuyu should be the type of person who, after graduation, would explore graves daily.

“These are things recorded by the Elves, you should be able to find the items related to this in the new history. You can take a look in the library when you get back later.” Senior clapped his hands, and the surrounding became even brighter. All the water under the floor was emitting light, “If this is the third hall, then according to what was written, we should probably reach the place where the Ghost King was defeated, pretty soon.”

I suddenly felt like I was currently in a sightseeing tour; then please allow us to visit the crime scene where the Ghost King was annihilated that year, and the like.

Red eyes glanced at me, I unconsciously protected my head immediately, but I was not smacked at all, senior turned his sight away.

It’s a miracle!

But Miao Miao and Chifuyu didn’t look quite right, both of them were looking around. Something happened?

“Yang Yang, get down!”

Just as Chifuyu finished shouting, the whole ground started to shake, rumbling sounds could be heard from the hole we just came down from.

“Get down quickly!” Unknown to when senior had gotten behind me, he gave me a slap causing me to fall down on the floor.

He must have done that as revenge! You are taking revenge for your own personal affair!

I saw the water under the transparent floor swirling chaotically, and there was something that drifted up.

Cockroach? It was blackish, shining and black gold, with lots of legs, doing dog paddle.

“Someone activated a huge mechanism!” Miao Miao’s voice floated from above my head.

The black gold unknown body (suspected it was a cockroach) of something in the water below were getting more numerous, drifting. I kind of wanted to tell the three people who were currently looking up at the ceiling. I felt these thing were rather familiar, seemed like I’d seen them before, somewhere.

A lump of earth fell on the side of my face, it probably fell down due to the vibration. Then, I saw a terrifying thing.

One of the black gold objects suddenly stepped on one of its companion and bounced up, sticking on to the other side of the floor. Our line of sight crossed (should be correct, but due to the insect’s eye being too small, so I wasn’t so certain). And then the palm sized black gold insect suddenly shivered twice… exposed… shark-like… and saw-like teeth!!!

“Ahhhhhh—— !!” I remember now! It was similar to the scarab in The Mummy!

* * *

I suddenly felt my neck being tightened, I was being picked up from the ground.

“Just now, that mechanism released the tomb insects.” Chifuyu pulled me while moving back, but the whole floor under the water was already fully covered by the black gold insects. They revealed their strange teeth, and started to gnaw at the bottom of the floor.

“Hurry, run!” Miao Miao promptly pushed us while running outwards, “Tomb insects have very sharp teeth, the floor will soon be worn out.”

I suddenly remembered the story in that movie. These insects love to drill into human’s skin, and then treat the human as a food reserve that can last for three thousand years; the oiled mummy, was the best example.

But Miao Miao only took two steps and then she moved back.

The only exit of the hall was already crawling with small black insects.

“Don’t ever let me find out who was the idiot who started that mechanism.” Chifuyu flared up, and was fully surrounded by cursed will-o-the-wisp.

Hissing sounds were coming from under the floor.

“Wind Eddy, materialize.”

Senior took out a white charm printed with similar totems with the one from earlier, then I felt a wind blowing past. A rather transparent spear appeared on his hands, and there were silver totems on the spear, “Can’t use explosive charm in this place, the floor will be broken.” He used the bottom of the spear to knock on the magic crystal floor, and passed one white charm to me, “The method of using the wind charm is similar to the explosive charm, but you better not think of a hair dryer or that sort of things.”

Ah, I didn’t think of a hair dryer, my first thought just now was actually an electrical fan.

“That’s also not allowed!” Senior issued an utmost warning.

I understand.

“Creature who formed a contract with me, allow the besieger to witness your form.” Miao Miao took out the yellow-green illusionary bean. I saw something that looked like the light given off by a magical girl when she transforms. The light from the bean, it suddenly stretched out and then coiled around her hand, and expanded outward, “Evening Flying Claw!”

When the light dispersed, I saw a steel looking claw on Miao Miao’s right hand, the claw was bronze in color with green totem on top. It looked really beautiful.

“Wind Eddy, materialize.” Chifuyu took out a white charm that looked similar to senior’s. What I saw in his hand was a knife similar to Ryan’s. However, his was a single knife while Ryan’s always came in a pair.

“To deal with these insects, we need to be quick.” After saying this, in the next second, I saw senior was already standing at the doorway. All around him was like a gale, rolling up a huge amount of black gold insects. All the insects were cut into half, fell on the floor, and was covered up by a new batch of insects.

He was definitely very quick… So quick that he was like a ghost chasing, chasing and chasing, materializing in a second.

Miao Miao quickly caught up, but her target was the bottom of the opening on the floor. I saw green lines appearing at the place where the claw passed through, and the insects that fell on the floor was coiled up by a green vine-like object.

Chifuyu, who was said to be not really good in fighting, was already beside senior assisting him. The huge number of insects at the doorway became less in just a moment, gradually being driven back.

I felt I was the only one who couldn’t do anything. Looking at the white charm in my hands, in this third hall, I was the only one who did nothing.

The walls around us suddenly became brighter, I didn’t know if it’s an illusion, I vaguely seemed to have seen the bottom of the water glowing, there seemed to be something beneath all those insects. Bit by bit issuing a bright light, there was like a layer of silver powder slowly drifting up.

‘What are those things?’ Just as I wanted to ask that question, I saw the bottom of the water vibrating. Then, the white charm in my hand broke into pieces.

* * *

All around white wind started to roll up. I didn’t know why it was white, maybe there were some fog.

The wind rolled up beside me, my eyesight was covered, I couldn’t see the others, and could only see that everywhere was white. Was this the legendary: “confused by a ghost”!?

In the white wind, I seemed to have saw a figure moving about, or maybe not. Don’t tell me I really was confused by a ghost? I was only thinking nonsense.

Suddenly a figure of a person appeared in front of me.

“Whoa!!” It was a rather transparent person, and for some reason he was smiling at me. Since I felt no malice from it, I took two steps back and calmed down.

This person gave off the same feeling as Restua, but seemed to be different too, very bright and slightly glowing.

The person kept smiling, smiling until I felt he might have had a facial disorder and cramped expression. So to say, sometimes Restua was the same as well. Thus, I started to suspect the person in front of my eyes was likely an Elf.

What’s this year’s problem, Elves having a stroll all around the world?

The person, who was suspected to be an Elf, looked down. I followed suit and looked down, below the floor, was covered with the black gold insects chaotically gnawing, and beneath the insects there was a layer of shining silver powder.

Then he stretched out his hands, and there were a lot of fragments on his hand. I noticed that those were fragments of the white charm.

I don’t know why, I naturally stretched out both my hands, as if I wanted to hold something. The person was still smiling (maybe he has no other expressions), and then slowly, he placed those fragments floating in midair into my hands.

He held on to my hands and put them together, and then he pulled it towards the floor, and using force to press on it.

At that moment, the white wind around me had suddenly disappeared, and at the same time I felt a huge shock from the entire floor. I felt completely dizzy and numbed after the shock.

It was only after a few seconds that my eyesight slowly focused itself.

As soon as I snapped out of my trance, I noticed that the other three people were standing at one place each, with an astonished expression, as though they got hit-by-a-ghost, to look at me.

“Uhh? What is it?” Shaking my head twice, I got up from the floor.

“Yang Yang, how did you do it?” Miao Miao asked.

Do it?

“Look around you.” Chifuyu was the second one who spoke.

Following his words, I looked left and right, suddenly realized the black insects that were chaotically moving around had already turned into mashed fragments of insects, unmoving in several piles all around us.

Shocked, I quickly looked down. The water beneath was also filled with fragments of insects, and was washed away by the water, leaving nothing left.

Senior came over, the spear in his hands had already disappeared. I subconsciously took a step back.

“There was a few seconds just now, when I suddenly couldn’t detect your existence.” He explained, “And then when the wind broke, you reappeared again.”

Couldn’t detect my existence? It can’t be that I was dragged away by an alien and brainwashed! You must be joking!

But senior’s expression didn’t look like he was joking, “Uhh, just now there seemed to be something in the water beneath.” I pointed down there, luckily there was still some silver powder that had yet to disperse, otherwise they might think something was wrong with my eyesight.

“This is no ordinary water.” Chifuyu was the first to speak, “This is…” He didn’t continue, but I was sure he knew the answer.

Looking at the water underneath, senior crouched down, and placed his hand on the floor. He chanted a few words I couldn’t understand, and the silver object in the water suddenly dispersed.

So it was actually not a thin layer of silver, but a very thick layer of silver. After the silver object dispersed, all of us let out a gasp.

In the deepest part of the water below, it was filled with many coffins, they’re all transparent, crystal-like coffins. The coffins were all filled with something, but they were covered up, so I couldn’t tell what was inside. However, I could vaguely make out the figure of a person.

It was only after the silver had dispersed that we found out there were also words on the floor at the bottom. However, due to the refraction, we didn’t notice it before.

“We will bury our dead companions in this place… to guard, to rest, until the Lord beckons to his children to return to his side… and I will be here, forever protecting these souls, who are deep in sleep, from being disturbed by filth.” Senior looked at those words, there were only very few words, so finished reading them really quickly, “Elfin Warrior of the Firefly Forest, Sinya, beloved Hawk of the Light.”

Under the writings was a coffin. The coffin was not covered up, and a man was lying inside. He was not longer glowing, and he looked like he was in deep sleep. Dressed in armor, holding on to a long knife, with a very serene facial expression.

I was stunned. The person was the one whom I suspected was Elf whom from moments ago. He already doesn’t exist anymore, but then still exists.

We were quiet for a long time, until senior turned around and clapped. Small winds started to appear around us, and then a thick layer of earth and dust completely covered up the floor until the transparent floor could not be seen anymore.

“Let’s move on.”

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Chapter 5 : Evil Ghost King

Location: Atlantis
Time: 1:30pm

“Anyone feeling hungry?” After we walked a long distance away from the hall, someone suddenly asked this question.

After we walked a long distance away from the hall, someone suddenly asked the question.
“I prepared lunch.” The only girl in the group, Miao Miao said such thoughtful sentence.

Everyone looked at her.

Miao Miao spontaneously took out a perfectly wrapped lunch box from her backpack, and it was also four layered, “Before departing, I went to the restaurant to buy some simple meal.”

She was probably the only one amongst us, who thought of this matter.

Surrounded by stone walls, we were already deep inside the path. Senior roughly took a look around, “You can all take a break first.”

I remembered Senior saying that he doesn’t eat during work. I wondered if he is currently considered as working now?

“You can go ahead and eat, I’m not hungry.” Red eyes glanced at me. I think I guessed correctly.

“In here, it’s safer in here.” Chifuyu found a place that looked like a small room. Inside, was empty except for something that looked somewhat like a stone table. Due to his accurate foreknowledge, everyone went inside the small room without any questions.

Senior didn’t follow us in, and was wandering around outside.

“I wonder how much longer it’ll take before we reach the place with the badges teacher had mentioned.” Looking at Miao Miao who was opening the lunch box layer by layer, inside was several simple triangular rice balls, with a variety of colours, causing me to think of Ryan’s beloved.

“If we continue onwards with the same speed, and don’t encounter anything along the way, we should be able to reach it in about twenty minutes.” Chifuyu pressed his hand on the table, and silver thin lines came from under his palm forming a small square simple map, “We’re already in a very low altitude, if we continue onwards, we won’t be in the building anymore. It’ll be a tunnel that was dug after the war, so we’ll just need to head downwards and we’ll reach soon enough.”

I saw some glowing dots moving around on the silver map.

“Looks like there are still two groups of students who have yet to be killed.” Chifuyu said with a cold smile.

To be truthful, along the way, it was thanks to the Chifuyu Radar, that we didn’t encounter any traps, wraiths or the like, and our journey went on very smoothly.

“Looks like the people from Class A aren’t too bad.” Miao Miao took out small paper cups from the corner of the lunchbox and started making tea, and then she put them on the table, passing them to us, “And I thought their skills only included talking through their nose and nothing else.”

I noticed the relationship between different classes was rather unpleasant, “Isn’t Class A the so-called class for the gifted students?”

Chifuyu, who was about to bite into his rice ball, turned around to face me, “That’s true, but the criteria they used for the class placement, is not according to our results and the like.”

Not according to our results?

“The criteria of the class placement is in based on our abilities, unity and group formation.” Chifuyu put down the food on his hands, and sat upright while explaining, “The school selects the people according to their level and relationship coupled with their family background, etcetera. For the class placement, Class A is the class that has the best unity and the highest combined abilities of the grade, so you can see that all the people of Class A would use their nose to look at people.”

Which means they are a very united group of people?

“And Class B are relatively a little inferior, as their combined abilities are not as good as Class A, and the last, Class C… you should be able to notice it, right.” He gave two short laughs, “In Class A it should be rather difficult to find people who have feuds or come from conflicting sects, because these people are all thrown inside Class C, Class C is the class which has the worse integration in the whole grade, the most divided, and it’s even possible to have internal conflict with addition to having gang wars in the class.”

I understand…

I knew just by looking at the five-coloured rooster head and Chifuyu; the two of them are the best representative of an internal conflict.

“If we only compare our solo abilities, Class C will not necessarily lose to Class A, as you can see, Ryan is a White Robe already, and Miao Miao is also from the medical team.”

That’s true, Ryan is indeed very powerful. I should amend my previous thoughts. Seems like I’m currently studying in the chaotic class and not the last class.

“Quickly finish your food, Senior is still waiting outside.” Miao Miao, who upgraded from medical team to supply team, urged the two of us.

After she said that, the both of us remembered that there was still one more person strolling outside.

I glanced at the doorway, and I just so happen to see Senior walking past. Silver hair floating in the wind with a rather faint glow, probably the light from the wall was reflected off his hair.

“Why is it that Senior doesn’t eat every time during work?” I was very curious, and then I took a bite of a black rice ball.

Spoot! It’s sweet, this is actually a bean paste wrapped in purple glutinous rice.

“I’ve heard that for some high level spells, before using them, one needs to cleanse the body and fast. For example, to request for the God to descend and the like, perhaps Senior was afraid there would be a day where he would need to use it during work, so he avoids eating during work to keep himself in tip-top condition?” Miao Miao looked across following my sight with glittering and shining green eyes.

So that’s the reason. Senior really works hard.

* * *

We finished our food about ten minutes later. Not really sure if it was already calculated, but Senior also came in just at that same moment, “If you guys are ready then we’ll continue moving.” He glanced at us and then he went out again.

Miao Miao quickly tidied up the lunch boxes, which was, throwing everything back into her backpack.

“Next will be a that dug up tunneled path, be careful not to slip.” Chifuyu, who was responsible for leading the way, said to us, and then he took the lead and headed to an unobtrusive path at one side.

To say that it was a path, but I felt it was more like a forest trail. It’s just a long tunnel dug underground. I felt like we were walking through a path made by rats or ants.

“A few days were used to dig up this place during the period where the Elves were trying to bury the Evil Ghost King’s corpse in the coldest depth. There used to be a ladder of sort, but was later completely destroyed. I think this was later dug up again by some tomb raiders.” Senior was walking in front of me while explaining. Due to the tunnel being rather small, he had to walk with his body bent. Even Chifuyu, who was further in front, had to do the same. Fortunately this path was heading down, thus the journey was not too tiring and was rather smooth instead.

The lower we went, the colder it felt, and I heard sounds of water dripping.

“There are water veins below, so it might be extremely cold.” Miao Miao shivered, walking closely beside me. It was obvious she was also feeling the chill.

Now I slightly regretted not bringing a jacket before coming. Other than senior, the rest of us were wearing short sleeved uniforms.

Senior suddenly stopped, and I almost crashed into him from behind, but luckily I stopped in time.

“Take it.” He threw something at me, and I quickly grabbed at it, but only to find out it was a small red bead. The red lines inside the beads seemed to be moving, and my hands started to feel rather warm. “I sealed some flames in the crystal. It can keep you warm, and you can use fire spells without consuming any energy. You guys can take turns to hold onto it for a while.”

So this is a handy heat bag?

After rubbing it for a while, I passed it to Miao Miao, she seemed to be more afraid of the cold compared to me.

“You don’t need to pass it to me, I’m not afraid of the cold.” This sentence came from Chifuyu who was in front.

Then we continued onwards.

As we went lower down the path, white frost started appearing on the rocky walls around us. There was a moment where I was careless and I put my hand on the wall. My hand almost ended up being stuck to it. I currently feel that the next time I attend this class, other than bringing a jacket, I also need to bring a pair of gloves…

“We’re almost there.”

Just as the coldness in the tunnel reached a certain extreme extent, Chifuyu’s voice wonderfully resounded in front.

The path had widened a little, we came out of the tunnel, and arrived at a… It seemed to be a natural underground cave. It was extremely spacious, and was sparkling, and it wasn’t because of senior. It seemed like it was originally like this; each and every stone was glittering, reflecting a very cold type of strange silver light.

The underground was really huge, and it felt like it lead to another place, and there were sounds of water a short distance away. It should be an underground river.

About a few meters away, there was a stone table, which was similar to the one where we ate our food, but this was a little bigger, and there was something emitting light on top of it.

“Found it.” Miao Miao quickly ran over, doing a flip, she jumped on top of the stone table, “The badges.” She smiled as she picked up a shiny object, which was indeed the school’s badge. There were several badges placed on top.

“Should take the badges according to the number of people?” She glanced at them, and swept four of them away.

“Now we need to head back the same way?” I looked at senior, but he wasn’t looking at the badges. He had been staring at the river on the other side, “Senior?” For some reason, he seemed to be acting strangely since we entered the tomb. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking about.

Only then did he turned around, “There’s no need for that, this place seemed to have been set with the school’s connection point. We just need to use the teleportation charm to leave.” He paused for a moment, and the red eyes stared at me for a while, “Just now due to the Elves’ barriers in the tomb, we weren’t able to use that type of thing, so I didn’t ask you to use it.”

He already finished answering the question I wanted to ask.

I actually wanted to ask: if the teleportation charm is so convenient, we should have used it from the start when we entered the tomb.

“Then we can go back now.” Chifuyu took out a light yellow charm from his pocket, it was rather different from the one senior gave me, but by looking at it, it should be considered as a type of teleportation charm, right?

“You can all go back first, I want to ascertain something here.”

The eyes of the other two people immediately brightened up.

“There’s something in here?” Miao Miao curiously asked, “That’s right, where is the place the Ghost King was buried? Can we go and take a look?” Not too long ago she was so cold that she kept shivering, but now she’s completely spirited.

To be truthful, I also wanted to take a look, because curiosity is in the human nature. But I heard curiosity killed the cat.

Senior turned around and glanced at us, “Nothing good can come out of looking at that kind of thing.”

“But it can be thought of as an experience, right?” Chifuyu stared at Senior, too. It was obvious he also belongs to the group of people who really wanted to have a look.

Senior seemed to be rather reluctant to let us have a look, but in the end he helplessly heaved a sigh, “Come on then.” And then he walked towards the river that held his attention just now.

For some reason I felt something was rather strange, but I couldn’t tell what it was. The closer we got to the river, the colder it got, and when we saw the river, all of us were stunned for a moment.

If I really have to say it, this looked more like a glacier. Ice was floating across the flowing water, piece by piece, and the stone bank was completely covered with ice, making it very slippery.

No wonder the bottom was so cold! There’s a natural air-conditioner.

“The corpse of the Ghost King Yelu is buried underneath.” Pointing at the glacier, Senior explained.

* * *

To be truthful, this place… there was… Nothing that could be seen! In front of my eyes, other than water and ice, it was still water and ice.

“A seal is placed here, how could it be possible for you to simply just see it.” Senior gave me a slap behind my head.

I slipped, and then I immediately grabbed onto Chifuyu. Because everything under my feet were ice, it was really slippery.

It was only then that I noticed. Other than me slipping, Chifuyu was also nearly dragged into rolling down together with me. Miao Miao wasn’t too close to the riverbank, she maintained an optimum distance.

The only one who was standing on the ice and was completely stable and indifferent, was the damn Great God senior!

“This seal is created by the Ice Elves, of course it would only consist of water and ice.” Senior glanced at me, and sneered, “Since you’ve already seen it, go back now.”

He was driving us away, he really was driving us away! My first instinct was there was something senior didn’t want us to see.

“I want to try and see if I’m able to disperse these ice, we’ve already come so far, it’s not worthwhile just looking at these water and ice.” Chifuyu issued a rebellious and refusive declaration.

“This is an absolute seal, you cannot simply touch it.” Senior’s attitude was also very persistent.

And then they no longer continued their conversation, because there were some noises coming from the tunnel, and then a few people ran out.

Oh, oh, it’s the schoolmate, who was talking with his nose just now, from Class A, looking rather ashen, and his clothes were rather torn.

“Hmph, and I was wondering who was here, and it turns out to be a few Class C students barking.” Probably the leader, he continued using his nose to talk, I realised he was the first one who jumped out of the ice web from awhile back. Seems like he didn’t recognise senior was a black robe, and had grouped him together with us, “What’s the problem, don’t know how to go back to the school?”

This person looked a bit strange, a whole lot shorter than me, probably not even reaching up to a hundred and sixty centimeters? Looking rather robust with curly hair and also had pointed ears, looks like he’s probably not a human.

The two people following beside him looked like people who would oppress others… that was a slip of the tongue, it’s the follower type of yes-man. One was fat while the other was thin, causing it to be rather balanced. They looked more or less rather similar to him.

Senior didn’t utter any sound, and only continued to smile coldly. I think he was too lazy to correct them.

“We are not like some slowpoke, who are late and don’t know how to return to the school. Not only are you ignorant but you are ashamed to ask us who are from Class C, and also wanted to probe us for the answer.” Chifuyu, who literally twisted the topic, learned their way of talking with his nose, and also lifted his chin 45 degree up, to fully show his disdain.

[T/N: This is a Chinese idiom which means: Never feel ashamed to ask and learn from those who are inferior to you.]

I found out that in quarreling, Chifuyu had the qualifications of women who are good at gossiping.

“What did you say!”

Following the convention of a light novel, the person from Class A would become mad.

“I’ve heard that Class A is very strong, can you guys see the object is under the glacier?” Convention number two, Chifuyu started instigating with additional sarcasm, “But I guess you guys won’t be able to do it.”

“That’s enough!” Senior opened his mouth to stop him.

But normally, when a gifted student became mad due to being criticized, he won’t care if there was anyone trying to stop him, “Of course I can see it! You guys from Class C with lousy skills had better move further away.” While saying that, I suddenly saw a layer of gold powder appearing in the Class A’s leader’s hand, and then it became a whole piece and shot into the glacier, “Disperse, reveal to me the object.”

His movement was very quick, before Senior could take any action to stop him, the gold dusts had already been scattered around inside the glacier.

The whole glacier violently shook for a moment. Then the ice above the water dispersed. The white mist which was originally floating on top also seemed to have been quickly blown away by the wind, and I saw the clear river water.

“You are from the fairy clan, right.” Senior looked towards the person, who just sprinkled the gold dust, from Class A, “Fairy messenger of the Black Helm Mountain uses the powder made from the golden flowers.”

Fairies look like this!? The glamorous figure of a fairy in my mind completely shattered. Earlier, I thought that they were some whatchamacallit little Blue Elves or Mushroom people.

“Hmph, Class C actually had someone who is well informed.” The fairy of Class A continued using his nose to talk, “This type of pollen could only be used by aristocrats, scared now!”

The two attendants beside followed and laughed. They were really a very united group, one would know by just looking at this.

Senior sneered, didn’t continue to say anything.

After the glacier vibrated for a while, the water completely became transparent, and then inside the water was the thing we saw earlier at the place where Elf coffins in the hall were; a thick layer of silver thing.

“I’ve heard that Elfin blood will glow, on top was also… that war during that period, how many people died…” I heard Chifuyu’s almost inaudible voice, as if he was mumbling to himself.

So to say, this layer of silver stuff is Elfin blood? Elfin blood was actually silver?

“The color of an Elfin blood differ from each Elf, it’s because the flow of time here had been too long, the colour had all been washed away, leaving only the glowing matter.” Senior looked at the thing inside the river and said.

This reminded me of something. So after Elfin blood has expired it will actually turn into mercury?

With a “bam” sound, Senior smacked my head.

“Hmph, what’s so difficult about this.” The fairy of Class A sprinkled more golden powder, and then the silver thing inside the water slowly dispersed.

I saw a person. A man.

A very tall and huge man. His corpse was completely set at the lowest part of the river, scattered all around were signs of rotting, several places had already turned into white bones, constantly being scoured by the water.

Giant? I estimate that this person was probably about three times my height.

His face looked rather scary, completely twisted and deformed, and below his left eye, there was a row of five to six horizontal slits. It looked somewhat like eyelids. There were horns on his forehead, three black horns, where two of them were already broken and one of them had cracks on it.

Should be a dead giant, but for some reason it made my scalp tingle. I noticed Chifuyu and Miao Miao’s face had completely turn pale, and was repeatedly moving back.

The three students of Class A was the same, unable to even utter one word.

The man in the water below had purple skin, looking rather like expired rotten meat, completely swollen, and the blood vessels, tendons, and whatnot, felt like they were constantly floating along with the water.

I felt like vomiting. A very disgusting corpse!

“This is Ghost King Yelu’s corpse.” Senior calmly opened his mouth, his voice suddenly became very clear, “Didn’t you guys wanted to look at it? Look as much as you want.”

I vaguely felt that senior was angry, and it’s the “extremely bad mood” kind.

“Urk—!” Miao Miao couldn’t take it anymore. Kneeling at one side, she threw up.

In fact the corpse wasn’t so horrifying to the extent that will make one throw up, but for some reason, that corpse gave off a very heavy pressure, the type of pressure which felt like it could crush my internal organs or brain. My whole body completely felt powerless and nauseated.

So this was a ghost king?

Chifuyu helped Miao Miao to move away, not willing to stay here for even one more second.

I directly stared at the ghost king’s corpse. For some reason, I felt horrified with the thought that came to my mind.

Because I felt that, he could be resurrected.

* * *

“Chu! You can’t!” Senior suddenly yelled out loud, and I didn’t have the time to realize what had happened.

I saw a blackish gold light, and then my eyesight came in contact with a pair of eyes where half of it was depressed.

What happened? Why was the floor shaking? Why was the glacier suddenly writhing?

I couldn’t feel my own body, but I heard many people screaming.

Just as I snapped out of my trance and gained consciousness, I was being dragged away by a huge force, and my whole body fell on the stone floor, completely aching all around. Then someone pulled me up and started running to the other side.

When my focus returned, I saw a giant hand on the riverbank where I was standing on just a moment ago. The fingers on the hand were completely rotten, everywhere was white bones, and was followed by an extremely disgusting odor.

The one who dragged me and ran away was senior, he threw me at the other side of the stone table where the school badges lay. “Chifuyu, Eutica, quickly head back to the school using the teleportation charm!” It was only then that I realized the unfamiliar name belongs to the fairy of Class A, who was so scared that his face was miserably white. Both his companions legs weakened and fell down into a sitting position at one side. But our side wasn’t any better, Miao Miao kept screaming, so frightened that she completely clung onto me, as she was in a huge shock.

Just as the second hand stretched out and grabbed the floor, and next it was a pair of eyes being exposed, blackish gold eyes where half of it was missing. All of the horizontal slits below his left eyes had opened, revealing several muddy yellow eyes, where most of them were depressed and rotten.

I finally realized, the ghost king had come to life for some reason. Exactly the same as the thing that came to my mind moments ago.

“Yang Yang, don’t simply move around!” Chifuyu was shivering as he dragged both me and Miao Miao together, and then he went to the other three, dragging and pulling them. “Senior!” He took out his teleportation charm but he saw senior had already rushed towards the Ghost King.

The Ghost King who required a whole army of Elves to handle…

My hands were shaking, my body was completely frozen, and kept exuding cold sweat.

“Creature who formed a contract with me, allow the tresspassing outsider to witness your killing.” A silverish transparent spear appeared in Senior’s palm, “You guys head back first, hurry!” And then his spearhead swept at the horizontal row of the Ghost King’s eyes.

This was the first time I saw senior’s silver spear missing its target. The rotten boney hand was held up in the middle, and the spear was abruptly stopped.

The Ghost King looked at the spear beside his hand. His teeth and mouth, which were rotten until there were only the bones left, suddenly started laughing, “…”

I was certain he had said something, because senior’s expression changed, but I couldn’t hear what the rotten skeleton had said. His voice was very soft, but it also felt like it was screaming, because my ears were buzzing in pain.

That row of muddy yellow eyes suddenly turned around, his eyesight was focused on me.

What he said next, I couldn’t have heard any clearer.

“The Dark Cult who helped me resurrect… where is he!?”

I suddenly remembered, a long time ago… In fact it wasn’t that long ago, the Ghost who chased me also mentioned a similar sentence.

“Dark Cult.” What’s that?

“Chifuyu!” Issuing a huge roar, Senior then clasped his hands together, and when he opened his hands, golden powder appeared, forming into a huge net covering the Ghost King, who probably didn’t expect this attack, and the Ghost King fell back into the water.

I recalled the person from Class A said that only fairy aristocrats are able to use this powder, right?

Chifuyu’s body was trembling, and then he took out his teleportation charm and placed it on the floor.

Just as the array was about to form, I saw something shooting through Chifuyu’s hand, and then bright red blood sprayed on my face.

“No one… is allowed to leave…” The Ghost King who climbed back up said using his strange voice. The entire underground natural cave was echoing with his voice. My eardrums almost burst due to the vibration.

Chifuyu held on to his right hand, which was completely covered with blood, and his teleportation charm was completely broken into pieces.

Something blue grazed past my face.

“Stop the bleeding.” A very familiar voice. I saw a blue shadow suddenly appearing between us, and then he pulled Chifuyu’s hand and pressed on it, and the bleeding immediately stopped, “You guys, immediately head back to school. We will deal with the things over here.” Different from the usual, the assistant was wearing a big blue robe and wasn’t laughing and fooling around like usual, he passed another charm to Chifuyu.

Several people wearing dark blue clothes appeared all around us.

I guess these people were the medical team senior mentioned that were in hiding, because their color was different from senior and the other coloured robes. There were also several people wearing black robes and purple robes mixed inside.

Senior moved back some distance, and then I saw someone who was wearing a purple robe giving senior a pat on his shoulder. That person was wearing a white mask on his face, and there was a red heart totem on the forehead of the mask.

“Older brother!?” I heard Chifuyu’s surprised shout.

“Don’t delay anymore, you guys will only become a burden. Go quickly!” The assistant forcefully held onto Chifuyu’s shoulder and then he moved out of the teleportation charm’s array.

We were immediately surrounded by white light, and I lost consciousness the next second.

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Chapter 6 : Night Rest

Location: ?
Time: ?

I knew I had slept for a long time.

I knew this because as I slept, I felt people walking around and it was also rather noisy. I could hear them constantly talking, but I couldn’t make out even the tiniest bit of what was being said.

And then it quieted down.

When I woke up again, I was lying inside a room that felt rather similar to my room, but it was not my room.

I heard the sound of someone talking, just beside my bed.

That person sent a message to you, he was very concerned about the matter regarding the Ghost King tomb.”

A voice I’ve never heard before said very softly, “Fortunately the Ghost King scarcely revived and didn’t have much power, otherwise it wouldn’t have been something a few of us could handle.”

“I know, nn… he’s awake.”

I opened my sore eyes, however, there was no light inside the room, instead there was an indescribable natural light, glowing in silver.

There were three people inside the room, one was Senior, Restua, and the last one was someone I didn’t know. He was wearing a purple robe and a white mask. On the mask’s forehead, there was a red exotic totem that looked like it was going to start burning at any moment, and I remembered I seemed to have seen this mask before.

“Young student, do you still feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Restua sat at the bedside, and then he stretched out his hands to help me sit up on the bed, leaning on the pillow.

It was only then that I got a good look of the room.

There was nothing inside the room, there was only one bed, one table, a few chairs, a wooden cupboard embedded in the wall, and lastly, the floor curtain rolling around while being blown by the wind and the empty balcony outside.

An extremely barren room.

“I’m so sorry that my room is very barren.” Senior came over from the side of the window, narrowing his eyes, and smiled coldly, “You must really have felt really aggrieved.”

Senior’s room!?

I completely came awake in a second, “No, no, your room is really huge.” Completely different from my cluttered-with-rubbish room, “By the way, why am I here?” The last thing I remember was being inside the teleportation charm, which should have sent me to the school.

“Just as you guys were leaving, the Ghost King let out a huge amount of poisonous gas. You inhaled some of it, and had fainted for a few hours, but Tyre already came to dispel the poison.” Senior grabbed one chair and sat down, “Don’t worry, there won’t be any side effects.”

He listened to my mind’s voice again.

I noticed that outside the balcony, the sky was completely black, it should already be night-time.

“Looks like he is almost fully recovered, then I’ll head back first to settle the report regarding this matter.” The man wearing the mask leaned closer to senior said, and he headed towards the windowsill. In the next second, the purple figure disappeared outside.

So there was another method of leaving and entering by jumping out of the window!? I had to rush up and down the haunted house daily, while there was actually this type of short-cut that I’ve never thought of before.

“That’s because he is a purple robe so he can move around this way, if you were to jump out from the balcony, it’s estimated that before you are halfway through, you would have been cut into half by the “…” around the house.”

What was that “…”!?

Sometimes I felt the things senior didn’t want to mention were scarier compared to the things he mentioned.

“Do drink this first.” Restua, who was sitting beside my bed, took out a mug, and inside was some unidentified silverish liquid with a hint of fragrance, “This is an Elfin drink, it’s very effective in the recovery of one’s spirit.”

I took the cup and finished it within a few gulps. To be truthful, it tasted like milk, but when I drank it, there was a very strong fragrance similar to some kind of maple syrup, doesn’t feel very thick but felt very refreshing instead. After drinking it, my whole throat was filled with the savory taste, making me feel much more comfortable.

“Very nice to drink…”

“That’s great.” Restua curved up a gentle smile, “I brought a lot of it with me, if you still want to drink more, you can slowly drink that.” I followed his sight and looked across, I wasn’t sure when a silver container that looked like a kettle appeared on top of the only table inside the room, shining and glittering, and at the side of the kettle was carvings of some patterns, it takes one glance to know it was a high-grade product.

Then I saw the faintly glowing Elf standing up and walking towards senior. Both of them were talking about something, and I couldn’t understand what they were saying; very soft voices, sounded rather like singing, but they were actually talking.

After they finished their conversation, Restua slightly nodded at me and then he left the room.

Maybe he was the same as the purple person from just now, coming here to take note of my condition? But I don’t understand, why?

* * *

Senior pulled his chair over and sat down, crossing his legs.

He didn’t utter a word, so I was constantly stared at by a pair of red eyes, until I started to feel my scalp tingling.

“Uhh… where are Chifuyu and Miao Miao?” I think it would be better to break the silence.

“Chifuyu was wounded by Ghost King Yelu, and is currently recuperating with the medical team. Miao Miao is a member of the medical team so she is there on standby. Since after dealing with the Ghost King, regardless of whether it was the black robes or purple robes, there would still be injuries, so the medical team is required as support.” Senior finished his words at one go.

“Oh, so it was like that.” Feeling embarrassed, I can’t think of what to say next.

In fact, I wanted to ask about the reason the why Ghost King suddenly resurrected and the like. But then I also felt like I wasn’t not supposed to ask.

I saw that senior wasn’t wearing his black robe, and so I could see under his short sleeves that his left wrist was wrapped with bandages — looks like he was also injured.

Noticing my eyesight, senior lifted his left hand, “All the muscles on my hand were torn, same for the bones, but it should probably be fully recovered by tomorrow. Injuries from Ghost King’s direct attacks are poisonous so it takes longer to recover.”

Sounds really painful.

“Looks like it was necessary for the Elves of the past to create a seal there, the thing called as a Ghost King has always been really hard to die off. After we had defeated him, we recreated the seal, and now the Ghost King tomb has been included into the fifth level of the prohibited areas.”

“Fifth level?”

“From first to tenth, the lower the number, the more dangerous the area.”

“Oh.” Such a simple and straightforward way to differentiate them.

The room was extremely quiet.

Based on my past suspicion, I glanced around for a bit, but I couldn’t see any kind of strange model in senior’s room either. Could it be that in the whole dorm, only my bathroom have that kind of thing?

This can’t be, right!?

“That’s right, who was the person wearing purple earlier?” I saw that he seemed to be rather familiar with senior, but I’ve never seen the person before.

“He’s my partner.” Senior really is good at picking the questions that he wanted to answer, “Yakushiji of the purple robe, currently also a second-year student.”


A very familiar name. Ah, that’s right, I’ve seen it in a Japanese manga before, “He is Chifuyu’s older brother.” I’ve always thought Chifuyu was an only child because he never mentioned about having a brother in his family, he only mentioned about his family’s elders and whatnot. Instead I felt Ryan was relatively more like his brother, “Ah… seems like it’s not, their surnames are different…” Chifuyu’s surname was Yukino.

But bringing the topic back, why was it that I heard him suspiciously saying the word “older brother”?

Or maybe he had in fact uttered another word, and then the space distorted causing pronunciation to be distorted as well, so I might have heard wrongly.

“Yakushiji Gasai, he is indeed Chifuyu’s older brother. You can ask Chifuyu for the rest of the story yourself.” It’s very obvious senior didn’t want to clarify the matters regarding someone else’s family.

“Oh.” I gently touched my nose, and as I understand my own position, I didn’t continue asking.

After asking one a round of questions, I only have one last question. Why did the Ghost King suddenly come alive and appeared in front of us?

Senior glanced at me again.

I felt like he would prefer to explain the matter regarding Chifuyu’s family compared to explaining the matter regarding the sudden resurrection of the corpse of the Ghost King. It was clearly written on his expression.

It was very embarrassing.

“Oh, that’s right, the other day the five-colored… No, I mean Ziray caught a black insect and gave it to me, I think it should also be similar to the small black insect collecting information.” I continued to change the topic, because if it becomes too embarrassing, I’ll feel out of sorts.

“Trample it to death, or else clean it.” Senior said straightforwardly.


I still understand trample it to death, but what does it mean by clean it? Pick up the insect and wash it? And also help to rinse it at the same time? Don’t joke round!

“Can you stand up?” Senior suddenly stood up, “Bring it here, I’ll clean it for you to see.”

Very good, he’d rather clean the insect than explain why the Ghost King resurrected. But I still obediently climbed out of bed and got ready to run back to my room to get the insect. After all, the evil forces were still more terrible compared to my curiosity.

* * *

When I’d brought back the glass bottle with the insect from my room to senior’s room, senior was already sitting on the chair in the living room, holding onto something that looked like a notebook while writing. As soon as he saw me, he closed the notebook.

“This is also a familiar.” Taking the glass bottle, senior shook it twice, “This insect is generally used to gather intelligence. In our school, there are many people who know how to use this thing, but due to it being too ugly, it’s currently out of fashion.”

I looked at the black insect, and was speechless.

“The more information it collected, the darker it becomes, and to make it throw out the information, you’ll need to do this.” Senior removed the cover of the glass bottle, took out the insect, he then held and pressed the insect on top of a white piece of paper torn from the notebook.

I followed suit by opening my eyes wide.

The insect pressed on the paper, twitched twice, and then some blackish thing started flowing out from its stomach.

It couldn’t be that senior held it too tightly, causing its intestines to squirt out, right…

Just when I was thinking the insect was very pitiful, the blackish thing that was squirted out started to move, and then I saw the blackish thing spreading out on the piece of paper, turning into words I couldn’t read one by one word, arranged very neatly, and can almost be compared to a typewriter.

Senior picked up the insect, and coincidentally the piece of paper was completely filled with words. However, I don’t know if I was mistaken, the color of the insect seemed to have faded, and wasn’t as dark as it was before, but it still continued struggling.

“This is an intelligence familiar, it really collected a lot of things.” Senior clicked his tongue twice, and then he picked up the insect and headed towards the bathroom, “But most of it is rubbish, such a waste of paper.”

Honestly I couldn’t read the words, thus I don’t know how it was wasting paper. I could only follow senior into the bathroom while helping to pray for the unfortunate insect.

And then, I was dumbfounded. The legendary process of “clean the insect”… really meant cleaning the insect…

Senior threw the insect into the sink filled with water, squeezed some detergent in, and started scrubbing.

He really was cleaning the insect…

“The insect type of familiar would keep the collected information in its stomach and convert it to ink, as I showed you earlier. If you don’t want it, you just have to rub it and wash off the ink.” Senior opened the tap and cleanly washed the thing inside, took it out and gave it to me.

The black insect turned into a white insect.

…The hell! What kind of rotten and disgusting thing is this!

“This type of old insect familiar is very rotten. Even if you threw it on the roadside now, there probably won’t be anyone who would want it, so trampling it to death would be even more convenient.” Senior threw the now white insect back into the glass bottle and returned it to me, “After cleaning it, you just have to put it in your room for three days. It would defect and become yours.”

And it would even defect…

I probably understand why no one wanted it, because the cost is high, and if it wasn’t trampled to death, it would be taken by someone else to be used, thus wasting their own money.

“But it also allows us to know that the people who released these insects to gather information are probably from some rotten school. Only the school in the countryside would use these country-like things.” Senior curved up a strange sneer, and then he took a towel to rub his hands. More than half of his bandage was soaked, but it only took a while for it to dry.

Honestly, I used to think this school was a super cheap country school. Red eyes glared at me for a moment and then turned away.

“Then what’s the current popular familiar?” I looked at the white insect in the glass bottle, when it was black it still looked alright. But why was it that after washing it white, it became rather disgusting…

“The current trend is to do it yourself.” Senior told me simply.

Oh… DIY, I understand, everyone is currently doing the same thing. I didn’t think it was the same over here as well.

After walking out of the living room, I realized the sky outside was still dark, I wonder what the time was now.

“It’s past two in the morning.” Senior quickly gave me an answer, “If you still want to sleep, it’s your choice to go back to your room and sleep or continue to sleep here.” Looks like he had no intention of going to bed.

In fact I really wanted to sleep over here. Because of the situation with the Ghost King today and whatnot, now that I think of it, I still felt rather scared.

Especially the row of muddy yellow eyeballs under the half-rotten black gold eye — it made me remember the park’s toilet ghost from the past, covering my whole body with goosebumps.

The Ghost King… Makes me feel very uncomfortable.

* * *

“No one would feel comfortable with a Ghost King.”

Senior was sitting on the window sill in the living room. Outside was completely dark without a single light. I suddenly felt this was the first time I was awake in the middle of the night since I entered the Black Dorm.

Because last time, I kept hearing weird sounds of something walking on the walls, so when it was still early, I held my blanket over my head and went to bed while pretending not to know anything.

“A ghost is something distorted, and Evil Ghost Kings are even more so. Their bodies are full of twisted evil and poisonous gas an ordinary person wouldn’t even be able to get close to.” He just looked outside the balcony, as if he was talking to himself, but it was also for me to listen, “Let’s use humans as an example. After a human dies, he would turn into a soul, and will be cast off as a spirit. But those who still have desires will be subjected to becoming a ghost, even if it was only a tiny bit.”

“And then they will become some type of Ghost King?”

I don’t quite understand, after humans die, they should turn into the same thing, but the way senior put it felt more accurate. When most of the people talked about the soul and ghost of a person, they would indeed be separated as two different things, but it wasn’t really clear.

“That is the most extreme of the many other examples, just like what I’ve told you before, the ghost in every region has such a leader.” Senior turned his sights back towards me, “Sometimes the ghosts did not willingly become a ghost. A living thing or an external force could turn a spirit into a ghost, to put it simply… For example, everyday you would pray and ask for a fortune and the like from your ancestor rather than working hard for it, and it becomes worse when your ancestor’s spirit actually responds to you, allowing you to get your big fortune, meaning he has already turned into a ghost.”

Uhh… this argument is somewhat abstract.

“The souls that had already departed should be resting in peace and should not come back to this place.” Speaking very softly, senior’s face was expressionless, and I couldn’t describe his mood, “Ghost King Yelu was originally one of the Gods, he was a small God of Blessing in some area. Originally he just had to attend to his small piece of land, but due to his desire for even more tributes, more impure music, more followers, a type of dark hand covered his sight. He wasn’t able to see the things he was supposed to do. He caused the fate of many people to be twisted, and in the end he caused himself to become twisted. Ultimately, he could no longer be satisfied with his small piece of land, and so he left the worshipping shrine, picked up the sacrificial knife, and became the king of Evil Ghosts. What happened afterwards was as I’d mentioned before.”

I felt senior was talking about some kind of folk-tales that could be found all around the world, because the similar stories about God revolting was everywhere, not limited to a certain place.

“Why did Ghost King Yelu resurrect? Because he responded. After the Elfin barrier was weakened he thought he should respond, and he resurrected, it’s just that it’s not the kind of world he once had.”

I don’t understand, if he responded, what on earth was the Evil Ghost King responding to?

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Chapter 7 : Conflict Outside School

Location: Atlantis
Time: 2:45pm

For a whole day, I had yet to see the others.

I heard Chifuyu was still recuperating, Miao Miao still hasn’t shown up, and even Ryan who was normally floating around was nowhere to be seen.

In the afternoon there was only the bore-people-to-death genetic class, and I couldn’t understand it at all. I felt that today suddenly became really quiet and boring. I should go back to the dorm earlier to play online games.


There was a hellish shout coming from from behind me.

Do I run? Or do I not run?

“Don’t always think of running away every time you see me.” The five-colored rooster head placed his hand on my shoulder from behind.

I’ve said it before, since you already know I wanted to run away, you really shouldn’t keep calling me!

“I’m not planning to go to the library today.” I said with resolution the moment I got a chance, “So, let’s meet up again when I’m free.” It would be best if we don’t meet up at all.

I was obviously the five-colored rooster head’s target, because he held on to me really tightly, with no way of getting loose, “Well, it looks like you have nothing on, so let us go to the left shopping street. I happen to I lack crystals and wanted to buy some.”

“Left shopping street?” The five-colored rooster head would actually go to such an ordinary place!?

“It’s fine even if you want to go to the right shopping mall, but the crystals I bought a few days ago exploded in the class. I wanted to go and find some ordinary ones, or else sooner or later I’ll get into trouble.” He sounded really sad, but for some reason I actually saw a very triumphant smile on his face.

Your crystal exploded in the classroom and you felt really good, right?

“I’ve heard of the matter regarding the Ghost King yesterday.” The five-colored rooster head draped his arm over my shoulder and headed towards the school’s exit. While walking, he said, “Tsk tsk, such an interesting thing happened and you didn’t even let me know. I would have immediately skipped school to look for you guys.”

If this was the case, next time something similar happened in the future, I better not let you know. Because if I knew you would come, things will only get worse, and in the end, not only will the Ghost King revive, it’s possible that an extradimensional Ghost King or the like would appear.

“Both of you.” There was a very gentle voice calling out to us. Looking back, it was a very familiar face, but I had not seen it in a while.

“You guys are planning to go to which shopping street?” Senior Geng, whom we met while we were on our way out, smiled and came over, “Coincidentally I also want to go and get some stuff, too. Is it alright if I came along?”

“It’s no…”

“Of course it’s alright!” Covering the five-colored rooster head’s mouth, I immediately smiled while I replied to Geng. Going along with Geng would most definitely be better than going shopping alone with the five-colored rooster head. There was the words called “lesson-learned” I had kept in mind.

“Then I’ll be bothering you guys.” Geng ignored the five-colored rooster head’s struggle to protest, and smiled at him. The five-colored rooster head could only give up on his protest.

In fact I was rather lucky, thank God we were going to the left shopping street today. If the five-colored rooster head insisted on going to the right shopping street, I might just knock him out and then head back to the dorm by myself.

But that, of course, was just my thoughts. I probably would have been killed by him before I could even hit him.

“Miao Miao is still with the medical team, but she would most probably come back to class tomorrow or the day after. She will be troubling Yang Yang to help her to ask for leave from the teacher.” Geng was walking just beside me, her soft voice was just like the wind blowing.

“Oh, okay.”

In fact, even if I didn’t say anything, during class today, I felt the teachers had already received the news. Miao Miao and Chifuyu were absent but the teacher didn’t say anything, and after taking the attendance, the class commenced as normal.

“Senior Geng, have you seen senior today?” I casually asked because when I woke up earlier in the day, senior had already gone out. I guess it probably had something to do with his work. His left hand is broken, and yet he still wanted to work? I really didn’t understand.

Geng nodded her head, “I did, I saw him when I went to visit Miao Miao in the medical team facility. It seems like he was taking off the bandage. The medical team’s technology is very good. Looks like he has already recovered without leaving any traces.” She said, but she was slightly frowning, “In fact, if you are injured in school, you can recover immediately, it’s just that the Ghost King tomb you guys went to wasn’t considered as school grounds, so the injuries took time to recover. The luck in this misfortune was that no one died.”

That’s right. I remembered senior mentioning it before that even if someone was to die in the school, he can be resurrected, but if it was outside then it was not possible to revive them.

No wonder they were so anxious to getting us back to school yesterday, and it was no wonder senior said his hand injury would recover relatively slower.

“Also, Chifuyu asked me to pass a message to you.” Geng leaned close to my ears and said very softly, as though it was something the five-colored rooster head wasn’t supposed to hear, “Even if I’m injured now, don’t get too close to that delinquent.”

Unfortunately, the delinquent was currently right next to me.

* * *

The left shopping street was still as busy, the bunny broadcaster was still sitting at her usual place while broadcasting the shops with special offers for the day. But for some reason, there seemed to be even more people.

“Oh right, it’s almost time for the competition selection, and there’ll currently be many foreigners mixed in here.” Draping his arm over my shoulder, the five-colored rooster head started looking around.

Suddenly, I remembered it has almost a full month since I entered the school, and according to the time given by Miao Miao, after about one week or so, the preliminary selection for the sports competition will begin.

It has already been almost one month… Time flies so quickly… My youth just disappeared while I was screaming.

“Found it. This one.” The five-colored rooster head pointed at a black looking small shop, different from the crystal shop Miao Miao and the others had brought me to.

“Ah? This one?”

The five-colored rooster head nodded his head, “I want to buy ominous crystals to use for curses, of course I’ll need to purchase it here.”

Are there any difference between these kinds of things?

And also what do you mean by to use for curses! What kind of courses did you select!?

“They also sell some paper charms; Yang Yang can go and take a look. Blank paper charms can be used to draw the arrays you need, and you can learn how to draw it on your own.” Geng didn’t seem to have much of an objection towards this shop, for she just smiled and said to me, “Empty charms for general beginners are rather cheap, you can buy more in one go, so that even if you drew wrongly, you won’t feel heartbroken.”

There are different types of charms?

I thought they were the same as the kind senior and the others were using, and only the colors were different.

“I still don’t know how to use charms.” Because I yet to learn it. The only impression I had was the other time when Chifuyu helped me to look for senior’s teleportation array, and it was difficult to draw. Drawing thirty pieces as punishment almost caused me to cry.

“Don’t worry.” The five-colored rooster head rested his arm on my shoulder, “Whichever part you are having difficulties with, this big brother can teach you.”

I don’t need you to teach me! You only know how to draw weird things! And also… “You are the same age as me!”

“Ahaha, don’t worry about such small matters.” The five-colored rooster head patted me on my shoulder hard, and opened the glass door of the black shop, and a weird smell immediately drifted out from inside.

A sweet taste, but there was also the feeling of some bitter taste, rolling inside my throat making me feel rather uncomfortable.

“This is the taste of silver autumn.” Geng walked past my side, and went in the shop first, “Not harmful towards humans, and is used to expel the various familiars. It’s currently a very sensitive period, so many shops uses this.”

To simply put it, it was nothing but an insect repellant.

I followed her in, and only then did the five-colored rooster head made his way inside the shop.

As soon as I entered, I realized the whole building inside was very dark. Thanks to the crystals displayed on the shelves and on top of it, there were tiny lights, it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t see where I was going.


Its here! In the movies, the most essential old witch in the underground shop, I mean, it’s the type of strange old person’s voice coming from the counter… if it’s called a counter; a big marble table, and the voice was coming from behind it.

“Hello Old Man Zhang!” The five-colored rooster head immediately walked towards the counter.

Wait a moment, he’s called what? Old Man Zhang!? What’s with the common and easy to understand name!?

Someone stuck his head out from behind the counter. The strange thing was, he was not an old man, but was a… rather cute looking little child, probably about eleven or twelve years old.

“It’s you again!” From the child’s mouth came the voice of an old man, it was rather strange listening to it.

“I came here to buy crystals to use for class, Curse Class. Find the suitable ones for me.” Not knowing what being polite meant, the five-colored rooster head sat on top of the marble and ordered the child.

The child went back below the marble table, and when he came back up, there was an additional box in his hands, “This is a new product.” He opened the box, inside were dark green crystals, but the strange thing was, they felt different from the type senior and the others bought. This green crystal was rather strange, as if it was emitting black light.

“Then I’ll get this one.” The five-colored rooster head took out a card and passed it to the child.

I recognize that card, it was this world’s savings card. The last time I saw it was when senior helped me to move into the dorm, and he helped me to get one, too.

So it could actually also be used as a credit card?

“Yang Yang, this are blank paper charms.” Geng, who had been searching for something on the shelves for a period of time, took down a box of something.

I looked carefully, it’s a white box, and was sealed.

“That’s two carl per box. There are a hundred pieces inside, for beginners to use. It’s a lower grade product made by the fairy clan.” The child immediately said when he saw the both of us looking at the box, “It’s the best paper to use as practice for the school’s Mantra class. For the convenience of students who drew wrongly, crumpled the charm, and when in a bad mood especially when he couldn’t take out the next piece of charm, our shop had altered them into having a removable lid. Now with one pull, it immediately comes out, it’s very convenient.”

It even has a removable lid! What the hell!

But I could understand the feeling of drawing wrongly, crumpling the charm, wanting to redraw, and was unable to take out another piece of paper, because the last time I was punished to draw the teleportation array, I had this kind of feeling. At least a few dozen of white sheets were torn.

“Then I’ll get this one.” Since Geng strongly recommended this, I was too embarrassed to put it back, and so I took the box and moved towards the front of the marble table and copied the five-colored rooster head by giving my card to the child.

On top of the marble table was a triangular object, and on top was a slit. The child took the card and swiped it across the slit, and then he gave it back to me.

So that was actually a credit card machine?

“Dear customer is a new student, right? My store gives a twenty percent discount for new students, please come back again next time.” The child said, and then from his pocket, he took out a small ball wrapped in paper and gave it to me, “This is sweet plum ball, for you to eat.”

“Hey! Wait a moment!” The five-colored rooster head stamped his feet on the marble table, “I came here to buy things, and I bought until I drop dead, but I’ve never gotten any discount before! Don’t immediately give away discounts as soon as you see a young one.”

I’ll repeat this: in fact, I’m actually the same age as the five-colored rooster head.

The child covered his mouth with his hand, and with slanted eyes, he said “I like cute kids, and don’t like old ones.”

I’ll repeat again: I really am the same age as the five-colored rooster head.

“F—! I’m also pretty cute you know.”

“Vomits—” The child’s response was very direct, extremely direct.

“I’m sorry, I want to buy this.” The one who interrupted the unhealthy dialogue between the two people was Geng. She was holding onto a green packaged box and put it on the table, handling the card to the child.

The child took the card, with slanted eyes, as though he was laughing, “Dear customer is a beauty. My store gives a twenty percent discount for beauties, too. Please do come again.”

“I’m so going to kill you, you old perverted ghost!” The five-colored rooster head roared.

“Don’t argue with an old man.” The child immediately replied, “Young man, you should know how to respect the wise and venerate the worthy.” After he returned the card to Geng, he sat on the table, took out a pipe, stuffed some tobacco in, and then began to smoke.

“Old man should get into your coffin.” The five-colored rooster head started to sharpen his claws.

“Imp should go back into your mother’s womb.” Following to the flow, the child puffed out a mouthful of circular smoke.

Why was it that I felt the words between them should have been reversed?

“Don’t worry about them.” Geng pulled my hand and headed towards the exit, “Old Man Zhang and Ziray are very familiar with each other, so don’t worry about them starting a fight.” She pulled me out of the shop, and the air suddenly became very fresh.

“That child… Old Man Zhang, what’s his age?” I felt puzzled with the child’s old voice.

Geng counted with her fingers, “If I’m not mistaken, it should be around four or five hundred years old. I’ve heard he is a turtle spirit that drifted over here from China.”

Turtle spirit? What the hell is that?

“Old Man Zhang have already been here for a long time, it’s also written on the store number.”

Geng raised her finger and pointed at the signboard, I followed suit and looked up. I didn’t notice it earlier, but there was a few big words were written on the black signboard—

“Hundred Year Old Store”.

… You must be joking!

* * *

We waited outside the shop for about a few minutes for the five-colored rooster head came out.

“Dead old man!” After he came out, he kicked the door, causing the glass door to emit a very loud sound.

I think in the end, he must have failed to get any discount.

“Can we go back since we’re done with our shopping?” I looked at the five-colored rooster head, who still wanted to spit, and asked. Since we have already bought the paper charms and his whatchamacallit curse crystals. I also didn’t want to continue roaming around here.


Before the five-colored rooster head could finish his sentence, we heard a loud sound of something banging and clattering.

A goddess statue flew out from the opposite shop, and then it fell on the ground, completely smashed into pieces.

All the people who were originally walking to and fro on the shopping street, stopped and stared at the shop.

It was a store selling ceramic products, arranged orderly, with lots of beautiful ceramic arts I have never seen before.

The person who smashed the item was a young man, he didn’t look very old, so should be around the same age as senior Geng, and then beside him was another person who most probably came together with him. The both of them were roaring at the boss who was behind the counter.

“They are not from our school.” Geng narrowed her eyes.

That’s too Godly, she knew they were students just by looking at them!?

I noticed the expression of the two people were very ferocious, they looked even more of a delinquent compared to the five-colored rooster head — the type of delinquent who wouldn’t even put in coins into the vending machine but would directly kick it to get the drinks to fall out.

They were dressed in casual clothing, and on their clothes there was picture that looked similar to a big skull.

Was it the current trend for delinquents to wear couple’s shirts?

“People from another school actually dares to stir up trouble in the shopping street specially used by our school?” The five-colored rooster head narrowed his eyes, and then they exposed a fierce light, “Good, very good, extremely good.”

You are implying that only people from our school can stir up trouble here, right? I broke out in a cold sweat…

The five-colored rooster head draped his hand over my shoulder and walked towards the shop without uttering another word.

Based on the data I’ve seen before, I knew what he wanted to do: he wanted to walk over there and start to argue with the foreign students. But why did I have to go together with you!?

“I’ve already said we don’t sell the kind of thing you asked for in this shop.” The boss of the shop with the smashed product was unusually calm; he was a white bearded old man, “All the things you’ve smashed here will be billed to your respective school.”

“You old man…!”

The youth, who smashed the God statue, had a face full of evil and ruthlessness. It felt like he would take out a knife and stab someone at any moment.

“What are you guys looking for?” The five-colored rooster head, who draped his hand over my shoulder, directly went into the shop, coolly interrupting the argument between the shop owner and the evil customer.

I saw the crowd gathering around us again, just like the last time. Watching a good show was the same everywhere regardless of the national boundaries…

“They are looking for Zoroastrianism God statues, the left shopping street does not sell these type of evil products. I told them that they should go and find it elsewhere.” The old man said calmly.

“Why are you buying those kind of outdated items?” The five-colored rooster head used a very frivolous… even I felt like beating him up, type of expression and continued, “Now, it’s popular to just rear a live one to be used as a sacrifice in a curse. Looks like you guys aren’t all that remarkable, and you still had the courage to stir up trouble right next to someone else’s school.”

The expressions of the two people who smashed the statue in the shop became fiercer. The expression in their eyes became abnormal.

I really wanted to escape to the side and join the spectator team, but the five-colored rooster head draped his hand over my shoulder really tightly, so I couldn’t escape.

Waa, waa… Dying by himself was not enough, so he wanted someone else to die with him…

“Who are you?” Lover shirt number one opened his mouth and asked.

“The person who came to beat you up.” The five-colored rooster head answered very straightforwardly.

At that second, I was suddenly pushed to one side, almost falling down in an embarrassing way. Fortunately, the old man quickly supported me.

The five-colored rooster head started fighting with the other two people.

Hey, hey! What are you going to do about smashing other people’s shop!

“Really now… the children nowadays don’t even bother picking the right place to fight.” The old man sighed. I saw him taking out a handful of rather shining green powder from his pocket, opened his hand, and the powder drifted all around.

Just as the five-colored rooster head grabbed hold of one of their head and smashed it towards the shelves, I saw a very amazing thing.

The shelves and artworks that were supposed to be going clash, clash, getting smashed, emitted a very grand “thud” sound instead, and none of them were broken. The foreign student seemed to have hit a wall and directly fell on the floor, holding onto his head while he wailed.

“Do you know who I am?” The person, who smashed the God statue earlier, was still standing at the same spot. I saw him curving up his lips in an extremely evil smile as he took out a knife from the side of his leg.

“Is your brain damaged!? You don’t even know who you are, and even had to ask me!?” The five-colored rooster head’s arm started twisting, and then that huge beast claw appeared beside him.

“I’m the purple robe who is going to be the representative from Alis Academy for the sports competition.” The person’s way of speaking also had one type of characteristic, using his nose to talk, “Second grade in high school, today I’m going to teach you little brat, who doesn’t know the difference between heaven and earth, a lesson!”

Purple robe? This person was a purple robe? But his companion’s strength seemed to be rather weak.

Speaking of purple robe, I would think of the person who was wearing a white mask, also senior’s partner. I actually wanted to ask Chifuyu about this.

“What’s so great about being a purple robe, I just didn’t bother to take the test.”

And then both of their eyes became really sharp, even though I’m at one side I had this strange feeling.

* * *

“Little kid, quickly avoid it!”

The old man suddenly pulled me and headed towards the bottom of the counter.

I heard a very loud explosion, and the artworks surrounding us were broken due to the vibration. When I lifted my head, the shelves were still being sealed and protected, but there were still several sculptures which had already turned into powder.

Lacerations appeared on the five-colored rooster head’s beast claw, but he looked like he didn’t care about it — red blood dripping all over the floor, it looked really painful.

“Your explosive charm ain’t that great.” He licked off a bead of blood from one of his claws, and continued saying, “I allowed you to have the first move, lest there will be people saying it’s a shame for me to beat a purple robe.”

“Wha…” That person’s reaction was too slow. To be honest, even my reaction couldn’t keep up.

All I saw was the five-colored rooster head suddenly disappearing, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared behind the person. He really looked like a ninja. Then I remembered hearing that the five-colored rooster head does assassinations.

A cut appeared on the person’s neck, but his movement wasn’t slow either, suddenly moving a few steps away from the five-colored rooster head.

“You are from the Rogeria clan!” He said with extreme confirmation.

“That’s right. It can’t be that you have a crush on our clan, right? Recognizing me so quickly.” The five-colored rooster head continued his messed-up provocation.

“Die!” The youth took out several daggers, all of them were black; they’re explosive charms. I suddenly knew how the explosion from before came about: because he threw the daggers. However this time, there was no explosion.

The five-colored rooster head was even faster, his beast claw swept past the whole row of daggers and caught them, “Don’t wanna.”

I suspected his way of talking was trained by Old Man Zhang.

Then he tightened his beast claw. The daggers emitted several twittering sounds, and I saw black fragments falling out from the opening of his claws.

In just a few moments, even me, who was a layman in the area, could see the five-colored rooster head was overwhelmingly stronger than his opponent.

Wait a moment… since he was so strong… then the things that happened in the library, he was practically toying with me!

“Ziray! That’s enough, stop the fight.” Geng, who was originally watching at one side, suddenly shouted.

The five-colored rooster head was stunned for a moment, and then he flashed sideways towards the right. The foreign student suddenly took a knife and slashed downwards.

“Looks like he’s the one who still wants to fight.” The five-colored rooster head replied, flipped his body behind the person, and moved his beast claw. I suddenly saw three deep and heavy cuts appearing on the foreign student’s back.

The five-colored rooster head’s eyes were red.

I don’t know how to explain this, but I got a feeling that the second he clawed the person’s back, his eyes turned murderously red, and his breathing became very quick and rapid.

Rather different compared to the usual idiotic five-colored rooster head. He was rather terrifying. He seems as if he really wanted to kill that person.

With heavy claw wounds on his back, the person cried out and fell on the floor twitching. Blood kept flowing out, and from my position, I could see what was beneath the blood: the muscles and blood veins were contracting, and in the deepest part, I could vaguely make out the bones.

The five-colored rooster head suddenly stepped on the person’s back and then he revealed a smile: the type of expressionless cold smile. It was extremely cold.

I saw him raising his beast claw high, aiming at the person’s neck.

“Don’t do this!” I was really scared the the five-colored rooster head would kill off a foreign student in the middle of the street.

When I snapped out of my trance, I had already rushed towards him and grabbed onto his beast claws. The sharp claws piercing my palms causing blood to flow.

Pain, pain, pain, painful—

He didn’t look at me, and his claw was still raised up high. However, his movements stopped. To say it correctly, someone stopped him.

There was a black multi knotted snake-looking iron whip wrapped around the five-colored rooster head’s beast claw,and on the knots of the whip, there were beautiful golden lines.

“Stop it.”

Then, I saw Senior and his purple robe partner.

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Chapter 8 : Opponent in the Competition

Location: Atlantis
Time: 3:20pm

It was obvious senior and his partner had rushed here, since the huge array magic was still visible under their feet. It looked rather similar to a teleportation array, but it doesn’t seem to be one.

The black iron whip came from the purple robe’s hand.

“Chu, you can let go now.” Senior said, I immediately pulled my hands away. They were in extreme pain, and were completely covered with blood

After the purple robe wearing the white mask recovered his whip, the five-colored rooster head also put down his hands. His muscle twisted and turned back into the usual humanoid hand, but the laceration on his hand was still bleeding.

As soon as the surrounding people saw the appearance of a black robe, they immediately dispersed, not daring to stay and watch.

“That…” Geng walked towards us, as though she wanted to say something, but after senior shook his head she didn’t continue on.

“I know it was the foreign students who started the provocation, but seriously wounding them would be quite troublesome. Bring them to Tyre for treatment first before we continue discussing this.” Senior nodded towards the purple robe, and the latter dragged the other two foreign students who were lying down on the floor into the still-present array, and the three of them disappeared before our eyes.

“It hurts.” I frowned. The place that was pierced by the beast claw felt like it was burning up, thoroughly in pain.

“Yang~ sorry.” After the horrifying feeling had completely disappeared, the five-colored rooster head sauntered over, draped his arms around me, and said, “I didn’t know you would suddenly rush in.”

I also didn’t know you would suddenly freak out!

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I felt like a real moron, always rushing into the middle of other people’s fights. Last time, it was Chifuyu and the five-colored rooster head, and this time it’s even better, it was someone whom I didn’t even know.

Wait a moment! Why is it always that five-colored rooster head! Did I owe him a debt in my previous life!?

“Third King Taifu, I apologise for fighting in your shop.” Senior didn’t care even if the two of us were bleeding to our deaths, as he went to the counter, lowered his head, and apologize, “Please calculate your shop’s losses and deduct it from our side, and if you didn’t get any payment for collateral damage, please do inform me. After those foreign students wake up, I’ll bring them here to apologize.”

“Mr. Black Robe.” The old man laughed twice, “You’re very young and very polite, I’ll definitely look for you regarding the losses, but there’s no need to bring the two students to see me, my small store couldn’t withstand getting smashed a second time. As for the remaining payment for collateral damage, I’ll directly go and claim it from their school. You’d better send your two students back first, their injuries seemed to be rather serious.”

“Then we’ll do that.” Senior bent his body again as thanks, only then did he walked over, “Let’s go back first.”


I peeked at the five-colored rooster head, and he had a complicated expression. On the side, Geng had already helped him to stop the bleeding, but the laceration still looked rather terrible.

Senior came over to my side, and patted my shoulder, “Next time, if there you see this kind of fight, don’t randomly rush in. If they died fighting, then just let them be. Don’t treat your own life as a joke.”

I… I understand…

Then I saw senior slightly bending his body, he opened his palm facing the ground, and said, “Teleportation array.” In that second, a huge magic array appeared on the floor, exactly like the one where they suddenly appeared from.

A charm’s not needed anymore? Such high level skill!

In just the blink of an eye, we had already arrived at the assistant’s medical room. It took less than half a second, it was too godly!

I love this array, using it to escape would definitely be quick.

With a “bam” sound, Senior smacked me behind my head, “This is a second level spell. By the time you learnt it, all your hair would probably have turned white.”

I knew that the lower the number, the higher the level of the skill. Nn, nn, no wonder Senior’s hair was white, it was because he learned a bunch of stuff ordinary people couldn’t use.

Icy cold hand was draped across my shoulder, “I was born this way… and if you feel you still have too much blood, I can help you to spill more of it.”

“No need for that!” I immediately escaped.

* * *

The number of people in the medical room was more than usual, and most of them were people whom I’ve never met before.

“Yang Yang!?” Miao Miao, who was originally talking to someone wearing a white robe, suddenly appeared in the medical room. As soon as she saw us, immediately ran over. She was wearing a dark blue coat, similar to the one the assistant and the others were wearing. It had a few identification badges on her clothing, looking really cool, “How did you get hurt?”

“I was careless.” I looked at the five-colored rooster head, and there was another person wearing the same blue clothing, dragging him away. The person seemed to have started treating him.

“Sheesh, you need to be more careful.” Miao Miao dragged me to an empty seat at one side and had me sit down. She then took a transparent medicine jar from the shelf.

Since I didn’t die, I felt I was already being considerably careful. According to logic, I should have died more than a thousand times from the day I entered school. However, until now, I was still alive; such a rare and extremely good fortune.

Because it’s not my first time coming here, I somewhat knew the treatment procedures, so taking the advantage when Miao Miao was helping me to disinfect and apply the medicine, I started looking around. The whole room was full of about five or six people, who were wearing dark blue clothing, walking around, but I didn’t see the assistant. A few doors inside the medical room were closed. Sometimes the people of the medical team would go in and out, holding onto medication items that’s to be replaced.

Looks like Ghost King was really very strong, so many people were injured.

There were two to three white robes in the same room I was in, but I didn’t see Senior’s partner, and as soon as people saw senior, they surrounded him and started discussing about something.

“Alright, you can take if off tonight.” Miao Miao patted my hand. I immediately snapped out of my trance, and noticed my hand had already been nicely bandaged, “We don’t use much Surgery Method to help people to cure their injury. Although using Surgery Method is faster, using it for a long period of time would cause the person to become too dependent on it, and would also cause medicines to become ineffective. So Yang Yang please bear with it, although using medicine as treatment is relatively slower, the result will be better.”

I’m allowed to take it off tonight and that’s considered slow!? Then in the world that I live in, those people who sell medicine should just go for a collective suicide. This can already be considered Godly fast recovery, alright!?

Earlier, the three white robes had their backs towards me so I didn’t notice. It’s only after they turned around that I realized with amazement, there was a pair of twins amongst them, and the third person looked rather similar to them as well, so he should be their brother or the like. They had dark blue short hair, so dark that it almost seemed black, and hazel eyes, their contour were rather deep, they looked a little older than senior. The one, who doesn’t look the same as the other two, looked very mature, while the pair of twins looked a little younger.

“Chu, these three are aristocrats from the Water Fairy tribe, the eldest brother is Yido. As for the twins, the eldest is Yado, and the youngest by is Leido.” Senior introduced the three to me, and then he used a language I didn’t understand to talk with the three of them for a while. He was probably introducing me, since the three of them turned around again and politely nodded at me.

Speaking of fairies, I suddenly remembered the person from Class A who talks through his nose. So not all fairies looked like him. The three people in front of me, although they were not like Restua who gives off an Elfin fluttering feel, they looked pretty sharp, and they also had a very superior and imposing manner.

Their ears were rather pointed, with many traditional styled earrings hanging on top.

When Senior was introducing us, I paid a little attention for a moment, Yado and his elder brother were similar, giving off a mature feel, while Leido looked more like someone playful. He kept staring at the five-colored rooster head’s colorful hair, until he was ferociously glared back, and then he looked away.

“They are not people from this school. They came to pick up the two little brats from earlier.” Senior said to me.

Yeah? They are from the same school as the delinquents? Their dispositions were completely different.

“We are first year high school students from Alis Academy.” Yido came over and spoke to me. His Mandarin pronunciation was not really accurate; there was a very heavy accent, “I’m sorry to have troubled you guys.” He looked towards the five-colored rooster head and then he bent his body.

“Forget it, anyway he is also in a miserable state.” The five-colored rooster head snorted once, as if he was very satisfied with his own accomplishment. Geng at one side, nudged him, and only then did he lose his arrogant grin.

“If there is any place needing of compensation, please do submit an application to our school. Regarding this matter, we are deeply sorry.” The still very polite Yido said.

Just as senior wanted to say something, sounds of yelling came from one of the rooms in the medical room, and then the door was kicked opened. The two delinquents, who were wearing lover shirts, rushed out from there.

“I hate them.” Miao Miao was beside me as she said very softly.

I also really hate them because I almost turned into a human kebab by the five-colored rooster head, and the whole thing was caused by them.

“What the hell! Where’s the bastard from just now, I want to kill him!” As soon as the purple robe delinquent came out, he started to bark and shout furiously. His whole eyes were bloodshot, and there were even blood stains on his face, making him look really scary.

He really looked like the murderer from a homicide scene. Ah, he should be the one who was murdered.

“Come on, let’s see who’s the one who will do the killing.” The five-colored rooster head was arrogantly sitting on the chair, with the I welcome you to pay me a visit at anytime to let me slaughter you type of looking-for-a-beating expression.

“Go and die!”

Just as the person was about to rush forward, two white figures stood in front of the five-colored rooster head. The pair of twins, one with a face as if he was owed eight million dollars, while the other one kept smiling as though he was crazy, and just like this, four eyes were looking straight at him.

“Lund, the chairman has already called off your qualification for the competition.” Yido, who didn’t move, said very calmly and rather loudly, and all of us heard it clearly, “And in accordance to the Union’s regulation, you used the authority of your purple robe to destroy a shop, causing damage at the left shopping mall. You also injured a non-robed student, and worse, as a purple robe you were actually seriously injured by a non-robed student. As of just now, the Alliance had already issued the execution report to the school and for me to relate it to you. You’ve already lost your qualification as a purple robe, starting from this day onwards, you are to change from a purple robe level to a non-robe level.”

“How dare you, you white robe… Ah, ah!!” Before the person had the chance to finish roaring, a bunch of purple flames suddenly appeared on his body. Just like lightning, it moved past the interior of the room and landed on top of Yido’s palm, floating.

He looked like he was devoid of energy, and his whole body fell on the floor, his companion was completely terrified. He didn’t even dare utter a word.

“According to the Alliance’s rules, if a non-robe level defeated a robe level in a special situation, the person’s robe level can be transferred to the non-robe level with a special enactment.” Yido’s hazel eyes looked towards the five-colored rooster head, “Are you willing to accept this, Mr. Ziray Rogeria?”

“Don’t wanna.” The five-colored rooster head rejected him in less than half a second.

“Why?” Yido was obviously shocked, and not only him. Everyone who was listening were also shocked, even senior was staring at the five-colored rooster head.

“After I receive this, the next time if I were to beat up people, I would be considered as someone who has a robe level. I won’t look cool when fighting with others, and don’t you guys think a non-robe level putting down a robe level would sound more impressive?!” The five-colored rooster head hot-bloodily clenched his fist and explained.


Yido’s face was completely blank. It must be because he really don’t know what he should say. After a long time, he snapped out of his trance and nodded, “I think I understand what you mean, then I’ll dispose of this purple robe proof.” He clenched his fist and the purple flames completely dissipated.

The person who fell on the floor started to wail. In fact, he was really unlucky.

* * *

“By the way, since he is disqualified, will be one less candidate for Alis Academy?”

Geng broke the silence in the room, and no one cared about the person who was lying on the floor wailing.

“Nope, we were requested by the Alis Academy’s chairman to come here together, and also to inform you that the Alis Academy’s candidates for the competition had already been replaced by us, and the other group of people will be in accordance with what was arranged previously, without any changes.” Yido curved up an elegant smile and looked at senior, “We’ve already seen all the representatives, and this year Atlantis Academy would have two black robes separated to one in each group to compete. We’re looking forward to competing against you, I believe this will be a very good experience.”

“Likewise, I appreciate your advice.” Senior said and nodded at him.

Leido’s attention was monopolized by the five-colored rooster head’s hair, because while everyone was discussing about serious matters, he kept peeking at the bright colorful head.

I think I wouldn’t be surprised if his hair had become colorful by the next time I see him.

Noticing that he was peeking again, the five-colored rooster head ferociously glared back.

“Ah, senior’s team only has two people, but Yido’s team has three people?” Before I realized it, the question had already came out from my mouth, and everyone was staring at me.

I wanted to go and bang my head on the wall. Why was my mouth so itchy!

Actually I still had another question: why was it that black robes had to separate into each group?

“This… classmate Chu?” I know my Mandarin name was really hard to pronounce, because the assistant complained about it before. However, Yido didn’t seemed to be displeased about being interrupted, instead he was smiling while he turned towards me, “You must be a newcomer, right. There are rules for the basic teams in the competition, every school is only allowed to send two teams to participate, every team is only allowed to have a maximum of one black robe… because they are afraid the gap of their strength will be too wide. And in a team, the minimum number of people is two and the maximum is up to five people, using this type of analogy.”

Oh, oh, I understand now.

“And teachers are not allowed to participate, it’s stipulated that only students can take part.” Miao Miao added, but this was something that I already know of.

So to say, the number of black robe students doesn’t account to much. I heard that Andy from last time was one of the school’s administrative staffs, and so was the hair gel black robe, and other than that, I’ve never met with the other black robes.

“I’ve heard Gasai and Prince Icy Flame’s partnership would be this year’s rare and strong combination. This sports competition would be very amazing.”

Prince Icy Flame? Who?

Senior glanced at me, and then he turned his sights back towards Yido, “The three aristocrats of the Water Fairy in Alis Academy. I’ve also heard that your combined strength could overtake high-level purple robes and black robes. I believe during the assembly, you would be able shine with honor.”

Such high compliments. I secretly yawned, without letting anyone see it.

“If that’s the case, I wonder if Prince Icy Flame would honor me by allowing us to have a small friendly match before the sports competition?” The one who said this wasn’t Yido, but was LeiDuo, whose target was the five-colored rooster feather, and he looked really excited, as though he was looking forward to a fight.

“Leido!” Yido immediately suppressed him.

“What’s the matter elder brother? You yourself also wanted to exchange moves right? It’s not certain we would be able to get to compete against their group, so having a friendly match for fun would be fine, right?” Dragging his twin brother, Leido pulled him a few times and said, “Yado, you think so, too, right?”

The very cooperative twin nodded his head.

“Stop being wilful…”

“That’s fine, it’s only a friendly match. Just take it as a training and compete a little with good will.” Senior smiled while interrupting Yido. While at one side, Leido immediately cheered.

“I’m sorry to trouble you then.” Yido could only follow and nod.

Just as everything was settled, Miao Miao, who suddenly had a very imposing spirit, stood up with a “swish” sound. Everyone’s attention turned towards her. Only to see Miao Miao looking completely serious. Very, very serious.

“If you want to fight, all of you go and fight outside!”

* * *

“I want to fight, too.”

After a group of people were swept out from the door, the five-colored rooster head, who was grouped together with me as the spectator, sat on the railing at the side, and regretfully expressed his opinion.

You still haven’t fought enough!?

After being sent outside, senior brought us to a huge round platform. The round platform was very big, surrounded by azure water in a circle, and then there was something like the audience’s platform. There were even seats.

This reminded me of the Roman amphitheatre.

“This is the school’s third martial art stage, also a kind of an arena. It is usually open to all the students on campus.” Senior straightforwardly introduced this place. I saw him writing something on a piece of paper, and the paper suddenly started burning, vanishing into thin air, “I’ve already booked this place, the three of you don’t have to be polite.”

It was very clear the three brothers didn’t look like they will be polite either.

“I want to fight, too.” Looking at the three people at the middle of the arena, the five-colored rooster head issued a second protest.

“You can find someone else to fight next time.” I really felt like kicking him off the railing. Since there was water below us, if he falls down, I’ll be able to witness the classic drenched chicken*, “Oh right, do you know who is “Prince Icy Flame” they mentioned earlier?” I felt really weird because in the room we were in earlier, I didn’t see such a person.

[T/N: It’s a Chinese Idiom which is used to describe someone who is thoroughly wet.]

The five-colored rooster head looked at me, “That’s senior.”


“What’s so surprising about that? Just like Restua, Restua Laurin pronounced in their clan’s language, it actually means the “Cat Eye of the Light God”, and so senior’s name also contains the meaning of Ice and Flame, that’s why Yido calls him “Prince Icy Flame”.” He looked at the stage, and turned back to explain me.

“Senior is also an Elf?” I was surprised. I was shocked! Don’t tell me he is a mutated violent Elf!?

“Doesn’t seem like it. I’ve never heard of senior or anyone else mentioning it, but Elfin clan will emit light, and no matter where they go it’ll brighten up, but senior is not like that.” The five-colored rooster head tilted his head and thought for a while, “If I have to say it, from his title, he is definitely an aristocrat. I guess he must be an aristocrat from some race.”

Are you talking nonsense? Even I can guess that much alright!?

“To say that he’s from the Elfin clan, I feel that senior is more like someone from one of the Beast-master clan, most likely a lion, tiger, or leopard. These few types of ferocious beast group, because senior’s eyes are very sharp and beautiful, very different compared to other races.”

Uhh, that was something I couldn’t tell.

Then the five-colored rooster head stop responding to me. His whole thoughts were occupied by each and every one of the movements on the stage.

Senior and the other three people were standing at different spots. And so, the fight begins.

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Chapter 9 : Friendly Match and the Substitute

Location: Atlantis
Time: 3:55pm

The surrounding had quieted down.

Yado and Leido, who were on the stage, simultaneously took off their white robe and threw it aside. They were wearing shirts and trousers beneath, the shirt looked like the current mainstream type of clothing, made by very good material, and even the tailoring was very special.

“Creature who formed a contract with us, please allow your friends to witness your limitlessness.”

I saw Yido slowly raising both his hands up until they were parallel to his shoulders. He held it in front of himself, with his palms facing up. There were two small points of light forming a circle on his palm, and some type of weapon’s handle surfaced above both of his palms.

A sudden wind rolled past, blowing at Yido’s white robe, making it look like waves.

Yado and Leido simultaneously stretched out their hands, one on the left and the other on the right, and drew the weapons from their brother’s palms.

Those two weapons were western medieval swords. If one wants to know how it looks like, please watch Lord of the Rings III, and find the part where the sword was re-forged by the Elves and given to the human King — that’s how it looks like, it also probably feel like that as well.

Wait a moment, why did those swords grew out of Yido’s body?

“Oh, oh, those are the body possessing type of Illusionary Weapons!” The five-colored rooster head’s eyes completely lit up, “Not many people knows how to use those, this is interesting!”

I absolutely didn’t understand what he had said. “What body possessing type?” Weren’t all Illusionary Weapons supposed to be bean type?

The five-colored rooster head turned around to look at me, “The general type of Illusionary Weapons are the ones you guys use — a gem that will change into a form, right? That’s called as external contract. But there is another type of Illusionary Weapon, which is the type they are using, the body possessing type. The Elf, who made the contract, is not inside a gem, but the Elf and gem is living as a parasite in a person’s body, in which case, that human is considered as a weapon. I’ve heard the body possessing type of weapons are better because it relies on their hosts, thus making it very sharp.”

To put it simply, it infests the body and absorbs their essence, and then becomes a high level product?

“Don’t disturb me anymore, this is the interesting part!” The five-colored rooster head turned his attention back, no longer responding to me.

Senior took off his robe, and a silver spear appeared in his hands.

Yado and Leido’s action was very fast. It was very, very fast.

Because I didn’t see them moving, they just disappeared on the spot, I heard a “clang” sound, and both of them were already swinging their swords from above, smashing towards senior.

But senior’s movement was very quick as well. Both swords were smashed at the tip and tail of his spear, not missing even the slightest.

“Very fast! I can only see their shadows!” The five-colored rooster head praised their movements.

… The one beside you couldn’t even see the shadows!

Yido was totally not moving, he’s not fighting?

The twins, who didn’t hit their target immediately moved back. Senior swept his spear across, slashing off a few strands of their fringe, and as they landed on the ground, a crisp sound could be heard.

The hairs slashed off turned into ice, and broke into pieces.

It was obvious senior seemed to be lazy to take the initiative to attack. His spear was horizontally blocking in front of his chest. With a cold smile, he looked at the twins, who were a distance away and had stopped their movements.

Yado was the first to move, stabbing with his sword, he kicked his feet and rushed forward.

Only to see senior moving slightly backwards, not at all panicking, but he elegantly turned his silver spear, kicked the ground with his feet, and moved forward.

I saw sparks grazing through the air. The tip of the spear perfectly intersecting with the tip of the sword, both of them not moving even a step, only holding on to their weapon.

Then, Yado suddenly loosen his grip and did a high jump backwards. Leido, who maintained the same smile the whole time, appeared behind him. The sword that fell down bounced off Leido’s sword, changed its direction, and fell into Leido’s other empty hand.

Senior slashed his silver spear across, forcefully receiving the similar sword stabbing attack by Leido, and the same sparks appeared on the sword’s tip and on top of the spear’s body. Leido seemed to have succeeded. He waved the sword on his other hand, and slashed it towards Senior’s waist.

“Ah…!” I widened my eyes. It was very difficult for senior to avoid Leido’s sword in that posture.

However, senior looked completely relaxed. He loosened his grip on the silver spear, he leaned back, and took advantage of the sword slicing through air. He twisted his body, lifted his leg up, kicked the sword away, and the silver spear fell back into his hands.


Yado landed on Leido’s shoulder. Leido threw his sword up high into his twin brother’s hand, he raised his hand, caught the sword senior kicked away, and switched it to his right hand. These actions happened in just a few seconds.

I watched until I was completely dumbfounded. I didn’t dare to turn my sight away.

Yado’s face was still very serious. He directly stepped on his brother’s shoulder, and shot towards senior, who just stood back up, stabbing towards his body. And at almost the same time, Leido also kicked his leg, stabbing at his front, both of them — one on top and the other below.

Senior had yet to even stabilize himself, and with that posture, he directly stabbed the silver spear into the ground. The spear’s body perfectly blocked the sword tips at the top and the bottom, and then he tightly grabbed hold of the silver spear facing the ground and flipped it up—

All the tiles before the spear was flipped up.

Yado and Leido seemed to be startled, and both of them immediately retreated.

The second the tiles came off the ground, they completely broke into pieces, turning into ice, shining and glittering, as if ice was raining down.

Just as Leido wanted to raise his sword to continue his attacks, he suddenly stopped.

I didn’t see anything. I don’t know when, but Senior had already stood behind Yado, his spear tip pointing at his neck. Yado didn’t even have the time to look back.

In less than one minute, the winner of the competition had been decided.

* * *

Senior recovered his spear.

“Worthy of being a black robe, you really are very powerful.” Leido wasn’t frustrated at all by their defeat, instead he smiled at senior.

Yado turned around, slightly bowed his body, as though he was paying his respect.

Yido came over, he stretched out his hands and recovered the two swords, “Your strength is indeed very powerful. Worthy of someone who has the title of a black robe.”

“You’re welcome.” Senior also returned a salute.

The flipped tiles in the arena had already recovered by themselves, and there was not a trace to be seen.

“Hmph, hmph. That kind of standard, I could do it too.” The five-colored rooster head, who was standing beside me, was apparently rather dissatisfied with the fight, “Come on, we can go down now.” He grabbed onto my collar and jumped down.

“Ahhh—” Will die, I will die! I will be strangled to death!

You need to know that the audience seats were at a higher position, and while jumping down, the moment of acceleration due to gravity allowed me to experience the feeling of something known as hanging oneself.

So when I felt that I’ve landed on the floor, my eyesight was completely blurred. When I had recovered from my dizziness, there was already no trace of the three brothers in the arena.

“Yang~ has your soul returned to your body yet?” The five-colored rooster head, who was talking to senior, smiled at me

At that second, I wanted to rush over and hit his face. Return your soul to your body yourself! Damn you, I was almost murdered by you!

Senior turned around and looked at me, on his face was a strange smile. I was then shocked, he must have heard everything I was thinking about earlier, “They’ve already gone back first to reply to their school. Yado is very interested in you. Before he left, he said that if there’s time, he hope he’ll meet you for a chat and whatnot.”

Meet me? From what I’d just seen, I’d rather he doesn’t come and find me with his sword raised. But, why was he is interested in me? I was obviously no different from a passerby…

“Yado said it’s very rare to see such a novice like you… You obviously have the power, but you don’t know anything, very interesting.” Senior continued to explain.

Was this considered as a compliment or sarcasm…?

“Then Leido also wanted to ask how you did your hair, but his elder brother said you can ignore him.” Turning around, senior said to the five-colored rooster head.

“This is commercial secret.” The five-colored rooster head grinned, “If he is free, then come and fight with me, and if he wins, I’ll tell him.”

He was obviously using his hair to fish others to fight with him.

“I’ll pass the message.” Senior said and nodded his head.

“They were very amazing.” I looked at the traceless tiles, and commented from the bottom of my heart.

The five-colored rooster head stared at me for a long time, “Yang~ they didn’t even use their full strength, alright? They were fighting as if they were playing!” His tone was rather dissatisfied, because he hadn’t had enough to watch.

“Yeah?” Is that so!? In my opinion, I think they were really strong!

“Yido didn’t join in from the beginning until the end. They were only treating it as a warm-up match.” Senior didn’t deny it, and continued to explain.

“But senior you didn’t use your full strength either. Also, the purple robe wasn’t present.” The five-colored rooster head said with a tone filled with regret.

“If everyone reserved some of their power, only then will it be interesting during the official match, right?” Curving up a faint smile, senior informed him.

“That’s also correct.”

Actually… I couldn’t tell if they had indeed reserved their energy. If I was the one who had a match against them, it’ll probably won’t even take a moment before I was killed.

“That’s right, do you guys know that Ryan is taking part in the competition?” The topic took an abrupt change, and the change was so dramatic.


* * *

Ryan was going to take part in the competition? That rice ball fanatic!?

“Actually, the school officially had four teams, where two teams are the active players. But privately, there are another two more teams, which are backup players.” Senior explained told us. Without keeping us in suspense, he continued, “The other team has three people in a group, so their backup team also has three people. I heard they went to look for Ryan today.”

No wonder I didn’t see Ryan’s ghost shadow for the entire day!

“That guy can actually go up the stage!” The five-colored rooster head emitted a ghastly roar.

He must have felt really dissatisfied from the bottom of his feet up to the top of his head, since there was not even half a person who came to look for him.

“Because we’ve decided to only pick new talents for this year’s backup, it allows everyone to have an opportunity to take part. And by combining all the team’s strengths and weaknesses, Ryan, who specializes in the usage of different types of Illusionary Weapons, is indeed a very good candidate. Because in the sports competition, the majority of the people only train around one to three weapons, and another one would be spells. In this aspect, Ryan has a huge advantage.” Senior seemed to be analyzing this for us to listen, as he said it very clearly, “Although Ryan is not good at using Magic and the like, the effects of Illusionary Weapons are much better in combat compared to spells, he is the best choice as a substitute team member.

The five-colored rooster head started to scratch the floor, and was getting impetuous.

“Then I’ll go and kill him to prove that I’m better than him.” This was his conclusion without the usage of his brain.

“Hey! That’s enough.” I pulled the five-colored rooster head’s clothes, not allowing him to go and do something stupid.

“Let go of your hands! Let me go!”

“That’s impossible! I will not allow you to go!”

“I definitely must go! Or else I won’t have a future!”

“What do you mean ‘no future’!? Stop trying to play out a poetic drama with me here!” I punched the top of the five-colored rooster head’s head, and after I’ve punched him, I suddenly realized I had actually done it!

Sometimes, people who had lost their rationality were really courageous. I had a feeling the five-colored rooster head had an urge to kill me right now.

Holding on to the head that was hit to one side by me, the five-colored rooster head used an extremely, extremely strange expression to look at me.

I took a step back, and the distorted version of Munch Scream that hasn’t appeared for a long time, was depicted in my heart.

“Very good, extremely good. You are the first person to touch my head.” Then, he exposed a strange smile, and I saw him grinding his numerous teeth.

“You’ve never let your mom wash your head before?!” I took another step back, and begin to resist.

“… Alright then, the second one.” The five-colored rooster head might have thought what I had said made sense, so he immediately changed his sentence.

“You dad never touched your head before?!” I continued to take another step back.

“Alright then, the third one.” He changed again.

“Your elder brother…”

With a “bam” sound, senior gave me a slap behind my head, “Enough the two of you, you’d better keep quiet.” He issued an impatient voice, “Don’t start a comic dialogue here!”

I’m innocent, my Lord! I really didn’t start a comic dialogue with him!

“So after we looked at our combined strength, we also decided to select a backup candidate from the first year.” Senior magically twisted the topic back, “The person Gasai has chosen is you.” He looked at the five-colored rooster head.

The five-colored rooster head was dumbfounded for three seconds. “Me?”

Senior nodded his head.

“Chifuyu’s elder brother specified this?”

Senior nodded his head again.

“He’s not planning to take the opportunity to assassinate me in the competition, right!?”

You’re thinking too much, dear student.

“Gasai said you are very strong, this could be seen from your clan, so he specified that if I went off the stage, the backup player replacing me would be you.” Senior said seriously, completely ignoring the five-colored rooster head’s words.

But, I think it was an almost impossible situation for senior to go off the stage. Because he’s not a human.

With a “bam” sound, my head was smacked again.

The five-colored rooster head’s expression changed from being dumbfounded into someone who won the lottery.

“Then senior, who is the person you specified?” I pretended I didn’t see the five-colored rooster head starting a weird dance, and then I turned around and asked Senior.

Senior shook his head, “To be truthful, I couldn’t find anyone who could become my partner.”

Meaning, you are too strong that no one could become your partner right?

Then, senior actually nodded! So arrogant!

“Then, that’s all, I’ve already conveyed Gasai’s message. The backup player’s qualifying form should be directly sent to your dorm, and after you’ve filled it, you can just pass it to Gasai.” Senior said to the five-colored rooster idiot, who was still dancing, “I still have work to do, I’ll take my leave first. If there’s anything, you can contact me on my cell phone.”

Oh right, I completely forgotten about the matter of having a cell phone.

“That phone is for you to use, you don’t need to return it to me.” Senior waved his hand. In the next second, a huge teleportation array appeared under his feet, and he soon disappeared.

Really quick. That’s really a mandatory array when escaping. I’ve decided I must learn this advanced array.

* * *

After senior had left, I decided to take the advantage of the five-colored rooster head dancing to hurriedly flee from the scene. However, as soon as I took one step, my collar was immediately grabbed.

“Yang~ don’t run away, accompany me for a trip to the medical team.” The five-colored rooster head ended his dance, and then he draped his arm over my shoulder.

My eyelids suddenly jumped a few times. It was definitely nothing good! Definitely!

The five-colored rooster head dragged me back to the medical team in such manner.

After entering the medical room, the number of people inside had decreased. Only a dark blue medical team member, who seemed to be looking for something at the medicine cabinet, was left in the room.

I recognized him. He was the one who helped treat the five-colored rooster head earlier.

Nodding at him, the five-colored rooster head dragged me straight towards one of the medical room, pushed open the door, and openly walked in.

The people inside were so familiar, that they can’t get any more familiar.

“Yang Yang?” Half sitting on the bed, Chifuyu was very shocked, because he saw me and the five-colored rooster head together again. Also, the five-colored rooster head deliberately draped his arm over my shoulder while walking.

Miao Miao was sitting beside the bed, and on the other side was Ryan. The three of them had set their sight on us.

“That’s… I’m very sorry to bother you.” I was very embarrassed, extremely embarrassed.

“Yang Yang, I just mentioned about the matter of you getting hurt!” Miao Miao jumped up from the chair and held onto my arm. Without making it seem awkward, she pulled me out from the five-colored rooster head’s arm, and moved me to one side, “Also, Ryan is elected to become the backup player in the sports competition! He also just got here and told us about it right away.”

Uhh, actually I already know of this, senior told us.

“Oh, that really is worth congratulating!” The five-colored rooster head smiled roguishly, and said to Ryan.

“Thank you.” Ryan replied very politely.

“What are you doing here? If there’s nothing, then you can go leave right now!” Chifuyu, who clearly said in a loathsome tone, glared at the five-colored rooster head.

“I came to visit the patient, to look at how some guy, who does prediction, is lying on the bed.”

I felt that the five-colored rooster head has a bad habit of being very fond of casually provoking others, and he would adjust the level of his itchy mouth depending on the person, “Ah, that’s right. I’ve forgotten I need to bring some gifts when coming to visit a patient.”

After he said that, he immediately went out, and came back in less than one minute. In his hands, were two cans of icy cold drinks, and he left them on the bedside table.

I was very sure he stole it from the assistant’s fridge.

Veins were popping out on Chifuyu’s forehead.

“I’ve also been selected as a backup player.” The five-colored rooster head sat down beside the bed, and said. Everyone other than me stared at him with surprise.

You specially came to visit the patient just to flaunt this, right?

I felt that sometimes, the five-colored rooster head — from the top to the bottom — was a question mark. A very weird question mark.

I couldn’t understand the slightest in regards to his train of thought.

“Also it was your older brother who chose me.”

He uttered the sure-kill attack!

I pulled Miao Miao to one side, afraid Chifuyu would suddenly blast the whole room.

“My older brother?” Chifuyu had a completely stunned expression on his face.

“That’s right. It was your older who chose me. I heard he was the one who specified it.” The five-colored rooster head nodded his head> Using an even more affirmative tone, he said, “You saw how your clan treated him, or else the person whom he should have chosen would be you, but he didn’t even dare to elect you.”

Didn’t dare to elect? I was confused by the five-colored rooster head’s words.

It seems like the five-colored rooster head was rather familiar with Chifuyu’s clan. He even knew about the inside story of the clan.

After he finished listening to his words, Chifuyu’s expression become rather weird, as though he was thinking about something, “There’s no need for you to care about my clan’s business.” In the end, he only said these few words.

The five-colored rooster head shrugged, and stood up, “Well, I’ve finished visiting the patient.”

To me, he didn’t look like he was here to visit the patient, or rather, he came to provoke the patient, causing the injury to worsen and to quicken the process of going to heaven.

“Yang~ You still want to continue visiting the patient?” The five-colored rooster head suddenly turned around and looked at me, who was being pulled by Miao Miao.

Uhh, I think I should nod, or else it was very likely that I would be murdered by Chifuyu and the others.

“Yang Yang still wants to chat with us!” Miao Miao spoke for me instead.

In fact, there was nothing much to chat about, because I always didn’t understand what Chifuyu and the others were talking about. My understanding towards this world is too minimal.

The five-colored rooster head glanced at me, and then he suddenly grabbed at my other arm and pulled it towards the other side, “Then, I don’t wanna let you guys chat.”

Are you a kid!

“Hey, hey…”

Miao Miao also increased her strength. My arms hurt.

“Yang Yang wants to chat with us!” Miao Miao was unyielding and pulled hard.

“Don’t wanna!” The five-colored rooster head didn’t look like he was using any strength, but in fact, he was about to rip off my arm.

“Both of you…”

“You, get out!”

“Don’t wanna!”

I suddenly felt I was mysteriously being treated as a piece of meat while being bitten by two dogs.

“It hurts!” I shouted. Miao Miao immediately let go, I almost fell down on with my face facing the floor, but fortunately the five-colored rooster head’s strength was enough to pull me up.

“Thanks, pretty little miss.” Then he directly dragged me out of the room, not forgetting to use his leg to kick the door shut. He dragged me and ran some distance away from the medical team.

He is crazy!

“What are you doing! I didn’t want to come out alright!” I was rather angry, because he didn’t ask for my opinion.

The five-colored rooster head looked at me, puzzled, “Anyway, you don’t even understand what they are talking about, so you might as well follow me to go out and have fun. At the same time, we can aggravate that nerd — this really is hitting two birds with one stone!”

That’s only for you, alright?!

I swept off the five-colored rooster head’s hand, “You can go and play by yourself. I want to go back to the dorm!” If I continue to be with him, I suspect that I won’t be able to control myself and hit his head a second time.


“What is it this time!?” I snapped and turned around. The five-colored rooster head didn’t chase after me, instead he was standing at his previous spot, waving at me.

“Let’s play together again next time.” He opened his mouth and smiled.

There’s no more next time, idiot!

Once again I confirmed this person is made out of question marks from top to bottom.

Shouldn’t get close to him.

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Chapter 10 : Andy’s Charm Incantation Lesson

Location: Atlantis
Time: 4:03pm

I’m tired. I’m really tired. The string of events that occurred today had already caused my mind to age rapidly, and was in an urgent need of rest.

After sending off the five-colored rooster head, I opened the Black Dorm’s door. It was so quiet inside that it was terrifying. It felt like something might suddenly rush out. But throughout the year, the Black Dorm always felt like something might just suddenly appear. Because of this, I would usually grit my teeth and directly run up the stairs until I’ve entered my room, I wouldn’t look at anything before that.

“Yang Yang.” Just as I was hugging onto my determination of walking to my death and took my first step on the stairs, a rather familiar and rather unfamiliar voice suddenly came from behind me.

In the Black Dorm, other than senior there’s someone else who would call me?

Turning around, I saw someone who made me a little scared.

“Such a coincidence, I was about to pass something to you.” The angel, Andy, who just opened the door and was about to walk in, smiled at me… He wouldn’t suddenly go crazy like the last time right? I still felt a little frightened.

“This is the room’s regular talisman.” Closing the black door, Andy came over. His hand was holding onto a small, similar to a jade-like object, emerald in color looking extremely beautiful, and there were also tiny fragments of light on top of it. “That day, I noticed you were trembling as you went in and out of your room. I thought it was because of the substances inside your room have yet to calm down. This thing will be able to help your room to calm down a little.

The ro-room’s substances have yet to calm down?

At that second, I suddenly thought there are actually still many “residents” in my room, right? Then what the hell was the thing that’s not yet calm!?

“Eh? You didn’t feel there was something wrong with the room?” When he realized I hadn’t responded, it was Andy’s turn to be surprised.

“No, I’ve always felt there was something horribly wrong with my room.” I was just feeling amazed that it was exactly what I thought it was.

However, after this simple conversation, I slowly began to revise my opinion of Andy. In fact, he is a pretty nice person. He even knew about the matter regarding me entering and leaving my room with fear. In addition, he also specially went to find the so-called able to help my room to calm down object and gave it to me.

You really are a kind hearted angel. Please forgive me for equating you with a killer ghost in the past. I was wrong, I really had been so wrong. Even a killer ghost has its extremely angelic sides… So to say, he originally was an angel.

“This is the jade town stone of the wood’s forest, nurtured into a spiritual stone by the wood angels. It has a calming effect on unstable substances, and it is also able to expel some unnecessary objects from intruding.” Lifting up my hand, Andy put the jade on top of my hand, and roughly explained the characteristics of the object, “You just need to find a nicely ventilated spot in the room and place it accordingly. This is a live spiritual rock, so after a while, when it has gotten accustomed to you, it will continue to grow.”

… Live?

“It moves?” I looked at the spiritual stone in my hand, and asked frightenedly. Actually, the thing I wanted to ask was, whether or not it was carnivorous.

“It basically won’t move. It’s just like a plant, only able to grow.” Andy explained.

That’s better. It looks like its level of danger should not be that high.

If Andy told me the object could move, then I’d definitely and immediately flush it down the toilet bowl and let it move as it pleases down there.

“Uh.. then, thank you very much.” I kept the spiritual stone and began to think of a place to put it. Oh right, I can just place it beside the computer. Maybe it could even absorb the radiation, radio waves and whatnot, this really is killing two birds with one stone.

Then I’ll just put it on the computer table.

Just as I was thinking where I should put the spiritual stone, Andy came over and looked at the paper bag I brought back with me from the Hundred Year Old Shop, “Nn, you want to practice charm incantation lessons?”

I followed his sight and looked into the paper bag. It was the box of removable tissue… No, I meant the removable charm paper, “Eh, that’s right, because I’m not really familiar with charm incantations and arrays, I wanted to practice them… Otherwise, I would sometimes not be able to understand what the teacher was saying, and it felt really weird.” Although it was recommended by senior Geng, I also had pretty much the same thoughts. Sometimes during classes, I, indeed, didn’t understand what the teachers were saying, elements class and also the groups of array. Although the teachers all started from the basic, but I still couldn’t understand them!

“Charm incantations and arrays, these are not that difficult. If you’re interested or have any questions, you can come to my room. If it’s regarding this, I am still able to teach you.” Andy smiled, extremely sincere.

He wants to teach me?

* * *

“If it’s Andy, indeed he has the skills to teach you.”

In the evening, when senior came back, I borrowed his bathroom. Afterwards, I asked him about my doubts, “The subjects for spell-based skills are Andy’s expertise, from array, charm incantations, curses, up until the complete grouping class, etcetera are something he is very proficient at. If you learn from him, you’ll be able to learn many things not taught in the classroom.” He replied while he was taking out drinks from the fridge and passed it to me.

Andy is very proficient in spell-based skills?

I didn’t know why, but I suddenly thought about him needing a hundred years to pass as a black robe.

“Andy’s actual skills and regular tests are all evaluated as excellent. As for him needing a hundred years to pass as a black robe, I think it would be better if you ask the person involved.” Opening the beverage can in his hands, red eyes glanced at me for a moment, “After all, there are times where some things are not what they seemed on the surface.”

I probably understood what senior meant. What the five-colored rooster head said was an exaggeration of the truth. There was probably something that caused the delay or the like?

I looked at the drink I had in my hand and started to hesitate about going to learn.

“I think you’d better go and strengthen yourself.” Senior snorted, deeply stabbing and hurting my young soul, “Your soul is young?”

He is eavesdropping again!

Oh right, I thought of another matter. Because these past few days had been really chaotic, it caused me to almost forget, “Senior, your hand…” I remembered someone told me his hand was completely broken, but then he was fighting really fluently and smoothly.

“Didn’t I say it will recover very soon.” Senior raised his left hand, and sure enough, even the bandage had been removed. Not even a trace of a small scratch was left.

It really was too godly. I looked at my own palms that were wounded today, “This should probably recover by tomorrow, right?” To be truthful, the recovery speed was amazing. I was beginning to love the medical team even more.

“Nonsense.” Senior rolled his eyes at me.

This was so interesting. “Does this sale come with a mail order?”


“Pretend that I didn’t ask.”

“Did you say anything?”

Senior! I’m hurt, you actually ignored me completely.

Hugging my crippled soul, I held on to the drink and sorrowfully left senior’s room. The corridor was very quiet, there was not even a tiny sound. This caused me to feel a tingle in my scalp. I didn’t want to stay there any longer, so I immediately rushed back into my own room, closed the door, and locked it.

It was very quiet inside the room.

I took the remote controller on the table, turned on the television, and randomly selected a program. Then, I took out the jade I received from Andy, walked towards the table that served as my computer table, and placed the spiritual stone on top.

During that second, I seemed to have heard some kind of scream.

… The sound came from the television, it definitely came from the television. I didn’t hear it wrongly nor were my ears damaged. I clearly knew and was absolutely certain the sound definitely came from the television.

Wahaha! You can’t scare me! Sometimes, if people don’t scare themselves, they can live relatively longer. Nn, currently, I absolutely agree with this sentence.

* * *

The next time I met Andy was the day after tomorrow when I had finished my classes.

He was sitting inside the hall reading some books and newspaper. As soon as he saw me enter, he closed the magazine which had words I couldn’t read, “Good afternoon, such a coincidence.” The books and newspapers were placed in a public shelf at one side. I noticed a porcelain cup on top of the table, I don’t know how long he had been sitting here.

“Good afternoon.” Due to being polite, I quickly returned the greeting, “Uh… this is some dessert I got from the restaurant, do want to eat them together?” I lifted the dessert box I was holding. I got due to the rage of wanting to eat desserts, so I took the opportunity to go there and get it. However, I didn’t know if Andy eats these kinds of things.

“I’m honored.” Andy was still smiling, very gentle.

I guess as long as the five-colored rooster head was not here, he wouldn’t suddenly jump up and start chopping people.

Then his words meant he would eat it, too, right? Eh… I wouldn’t quite dare to go into the kitchen to make tea and get some plates.

Andy suddenly stood up, “Eating in the hall seems to be rather rude to the others, if you don’t mind, want to go over to my room?”

I desperately nodded my head.

Honestly, I also felt that eating in the hall would be bad, especially when there’s a painting of woman who kept screaming, and squeezing her face onto the canvas, staring at us.

Green crystal-like lights coming from a key appeared in front of me, “Then, I’ll trouble you to go up to open the door first, while I’ll make some tea in the kitchen. After all, desserts without tea is not as good. In addition, we may also need some plates.”

He really was a nice person. I felt moved as I took the key. Andy even helped me avoid going to the place I was afraid of.

After I hurriedly ran up the stairs while I held onto the dessert box, I found the room Andy came out of the last time. I did what I normally would do: I unlocked the door and pushed it open… and as soon as the thing inside entered my sight, I immediately shut the door.

What did I just see!? I shouldn’t have seen anything, right? Maybe my eyes were seeing things, so it was only my imagination that I saw a human-faced snake slithering inside.”

It was an Angel’s room, so how could that kind of weird thing appear inside. Even if there’s something inside, it should be God, his companions or the like, so it must have been my imagination, and when I open the door again it won’t be there anymore.

Taking a deep breath, once again I turned the key and opened the door. At that moment, I saw a face in front of me, as we stared at one another.

I took a step back, and took another step back again. That’s right, it must be because I didn’t have enough sleep and played too much computer games. Thus, I would see the creature from “The Classic of Mountains and Seas*” appearing here.

[T/N:The Classic of Mountains and Seas is a compilation of mythic geography and myth.]

The human face took one step closer to me again, I could clearly see that its face was completely blue. I could also see the looming blood vessels and muscles under its skin, and on the sides of its face were some scales… That’s not right! For what reason did I inspect him so clearly?

The human face in front of me slowly opened his mouth, and I saw sharp teeth appearing in front of me one by one—

“Yang Yang, bend down.” Just as the teeth was about to bite my head, I heard a voice, and very naturally, I immediately held onto my head and bent down. Then, there was a loud thunderous sound coming from above my head.

Lifting my head to take a look, I saw Andy carrying a silver plate as he withdrew his leg.

That human faced snake was kicked into the room, crashing onto the balcony. The surrounding tables and chairs were broken. Everything was scattered all over the floor.

“Please help me to carry the drinks for awhile.” Tilting his head and smiling at me, Andy passed the silver platter to me, “I will make sure to ask this uninvited guest to leave the room.”

Are you sure you’re really going to ask?

The human-faced snake that crashed into the room, started to move, slowly sliding up, its face was looking at the both of us… To put it correctly, it was actually looking at Andy.

“Go back and tell your master and die!” Walking into the room and front of the snake, Andy said these words. In less than a blink of an eye, he suddenly took out his silver long knife, and the snake’s human head was completely cut off. The head flew out of the balcony, turning one cycle before it turned into a crow, cawing while it struggled to fly away. The snake’s body slumped down, suddenly turning into smoke and disappeared from within the room. From start to end, it only took a few seconds.

I took two steps back, and started to think Andy was actually still rather scary.

Recovering his long knife, Andy walked out of the door and closed it, “I’m sorry for scaring you like that.”

“No, I’m really not frightened.” However, I was extremely frightened.

“Then that’s great.” Smiling, Andy reopened the door, and the interior of the room had already been cleaned up. The broken table and chairs weren’t there anymore. Everything was neat and tidy as though the earlier commotion didn’t happen. “Come in.” He took the tray of drinks from my hands, smiling pleasantly.

After confirming there was nothing else inside, I entered the room.

Andy’s room was kept in an orderly manner, but there were many decorative cabinets in his inside, and on top of them, were many different types of artworks. There was also the same type of jade he given me.

“Those are works of art made by fairies.”

A voice came from behind, it was only then when I was surprised to realize I was unknowingly already standing in front of the cabinets and looking at the artworks in a daze, “It’s… uh, very beautiful.”

“Nn, the artwork of fairies has always been very beautiful, similar to the Elves’ much loved artwork.” Andy smiled. He opened the dessert box on the table, placing the desserts on the empty plates he brought with him.

I immediately helped him with the plates, “That right, what was that thing earlier?” After all, there should be some differences between the East and the West, and I didn’t think Andy would rear something that appears in The Classic of Mountains and Seas in his room, only to hack it to death.

Andy stopped moving, his eyes weren’t looking at me, but was looking at some decoration in a daze.

“That is Jing Lothian’s messenger.”

* * *

Jing Lothian? I heard a very unfamiliar name.

It can’t be that it was the underling of some of his enemy in the school, right?

“Evil Ghost King, Jing Lothian, he sent a messenger of the Ghost tribe from the prison world.” Andy passed me a cup filled with tea, and walked towards a bookshelf at one side. He then opened the glass door and took out a few books.

Such fragrant tea… Wait a moment. Evil Ghost King!

I almost spat out that mouthful of tea that I drank, “How did a Ghost King’s messenger entered the school?” I intuitively and immediately asked. I remembered senior or who was it again, mentioned there were barriers in the school, so then how did a Ghost King’s messenger appear in the Black Dorm?

It couldn’t be that, inside the school was actually very dangerous, too?

“Because there is a mark made by the Ghost King on my body, so the low level messengers were able to pass through the barrier and enter the Black Dorm. If it was a high level one, then it won’t be able to enter.” Andy sat down beside the table, I followed suit and sat opposite of him, “Your basic Jurisprudence can be equated to zero, right?” He flipped opened a few books, and on top were words I couldn’t read.

“That’s right, I barely know anything.” Although the school did teach it, I still couldn’t understand. I looked at him flipping through the books, I guess those few books were probably textbooks, “Why did the Ghost King make a mark on your body?” The way he spoke of this was as though he was treated as some kind of live target board.

Andy lifted his head, stared at me for a while with his blue eyes, as if he was considering whether to tell me or not. After a few minutes had passed, he slowly opened his mouth, “A hundred years ago, I was originally a Purple Robe, and one of the administrative staff of the school. At that time, Ghost King Jing Lothian of the prison world was attacking the border of the Fire Spirit Clan, with the intention of obtaining an important treasure of the Fire Spirit Clan. So the Guild received a letter requesting urgent assistance, and so, a small army consisting of ten Black Robes, thirty Purple Robes, and Fifty White robes were sent out to the border to help fend off Jing Lothian’s army of Ghost Tribes.”

One hundred years ago? Then that was the time when Andy started taking his Black Robe examination.

“And that time, the school also sent many personnel to assist the guild, and I was similarly enlisted in the name list of the thirty Purple Robes. In the battle against Ghost King Jing Lothian, I was with nine other Purple Robes and two Black Robes. We were assigned to infiltrate and execute a surprise attack.” Andy stopped what he was doing, tilted his head, as though he was trying to recall the battle, “Unknown as to what went wrong, the information sent by the Fire Spirit was incorrect. We were supposed to attack the Ghost Tribe’s monolith, but in the end, we actually broke into Ghost King Jing Lothian’s hall.”

Ghost King, Jing Lothian’s hall?

I suddenly remembered that day in the Ghost King Tomb. In terms on the number of people who dealt with sealed Evil Ghost King Yelu, there were two Black Robes and ten Purple Robes, including senior. But to deal with a completely healthy Ghost King… I suddenly felt goosebumps all over my body.

“The guild quickly discovered the error with the information, and immediately sent reinforcements. However, when we came in contact with the Ghost King, we were immediately attacked. That battle, which caused the deaths of two black robes and seven purple robes, also hit our reinforcements hard. Because I was good at incantations, I was able to go up against most of the Ghost King’s attacks, so I stayed back with another Black Robe partner, until all the others had left.” Blue eyes turned back to look at me. What I saw inside was some kind of sadness I don’t recognize, “In the end, that black robe also died. The medical team couldn’t save him in time. Probably because I resisted the attacks, causing Jing Lothian to find it very amusing, he mercifully spared my life, and he didn’t kill me on the spot. He also requested me to join the Ghost Tribe.”

Join the Ghost Tribe? I was stunned. There was such kind of method to recruit people?

“At that time, when I was completely surrounded by all the Ghost Tribe, I was prepared to die, but a Black Robe senior from the guild forcefully broke in and got me out, and as we were about to escape, the Ghost King left his mark. A mark that no matter where I go, he would know my position, so that’s why a messenger just like the one you saw would appear. After so many years, he still has no plans of giving up. Every once in a while, he would send a messenger here.” Andy shrugged and continued, “For a while now, the guild has been looking for ways to remove the Ghost King’s mark on my body, but to this day, they still haven’t found a way. This was the reason why my qualification on becoming a Black Robe had been delayed. It was only until the recent years when I was finally qualified to take the examination and was thus admitted as a Black Robe.”

So it was like this. I had a I-saw-the-light kind of feeling. This was the actual reason why Andy took a hundred years before he got his Black Robe. That hateful five-colored rooster head, to actually mislead people this way. Next time, his words can’t be fully trusted. I’ve already been fooled several times.

Sometimes, things are not what they seemed on the surface. After I’ve actually asked about it, I knew there were actually many hidden stories within.

“This matter is kept confidential even until now. Other than the senior Black Robes, there’s no one who knows about this, so Yang Yang must keep this secret.” Andy winked at me, with a rather playful feel.

The surrounding atmosphere immediately relaxed.

“I understand.” Immediately nodded hard.

So to say… Wait a moment, if only the senior Black Robes knew of this, then why was it that senior seemed to know about this, too?

He’s a ghost, he really is a ghost.

“Alright, that’s all for the stories. Now, let us do a simple test to evaluate your level.” Andy passed a book in his hand to me, “Which are the charm incantations you know of?”

Charm incantations?

I took that book, on top were originally worm words I couldn’t read, but the second I took that book, they miraculously turned into Mandarin words I could understand, “Looks like only teleportation charm, explosive charm, and wind charm.” These were taught to me by Chifuyu and senior.

“Not bad, they are all basic arrays.”

But the explosive charms had been used in a very weird way…

Andy snapped his fingers, “Let’s use an explosive charm to help you do a basic level test.”

Level test?

* * *

A similar type of disposable charm papers I bought last time, appeared on the table. It was new and haven’t been opened before, in addition to a pen used to draw arrays.

“Now draw an explosive charm.” Andy picked up his teacup, smiling while he sipped a mouthful, “I bought the same thing you bought the last time. This way, you would be more familiar in operating it.”

Draw out an explosive charm… this was still actually rather easy, because I practiced drawing explosive charms and teleportation charms several times. Last time in the library, Chifuyu explained a little to me for me to practice, so I was still considerably familiar with it.

In less than five minutes, I placed the black paper charm on the table.

“Alright then, let us start.” Andy suddenly grabbed a very fat vole from beside his seat.

Why is there a vole in your room!? Isn’t that thing supposed to appear in a field?

I was stunned as I looked at him putting the vole on top of the explosive charm, “Being sealed in the array, show your true strength.” He tapped the table twice with his fingertip.

Suddenly , I saw the explosive charm starting to emit black smoke. Very much like the smoke from incense, so pitifully small, with just one breath the smoke will be dispersed.

In less than three seconds, under the vole’s stomach, came a sudden sound of a small spark. I saw an orange flame appearing under the vole’s stomach before it disappeared.

The surrounding quieted down.

The vole lifted its fat face, and did two annoying and monotonous squeaks at me, making me feel like hammering its face onto the table.

Andy picked up the vole, “Your basic level couldn’t even blast off a rat.” He faced the vole’s tummy towards me. What I saw was a few strands of burnt fur on the vole’s tummy.

… An Angel can ask someone to blast off a rat openly? Aren’t you born with the duty to advise humans to do good and for salvation?

Boss, if your God knows you’re asking someone to blast off a rat, he will cry.

“Icy Flame mentioned before that he had always given you a ready-made explosive charms to use, so you might not understand your own level.” Andy took out a black explosive charm from his pocket, put it on the table, and placed the vole on top again, “Being sealed in the array, show your true strength.”

Within that second, I heard a loud thunderous sound.

Golden flames exploded in front of my eyes, so majestic and powerful, causing me to be dazzled for a second.

I saw the fat vole being blasted up towards the ceiling, it burst open, turning into numerous small points of lights, scattering down like fireworks, and then disappeared.

“The general power of a basic charm incantation, should at least be this powerful to be considered as a pass.” The so called Angel of Salvation looked at the rat that was being blasted into fireworks, and said to me, “Or else, you will most likely fail in the semester exam.”

So this means, in the future, if I want to know my level, I just need to catch a rat and blast it to know, right? So to say, I’ve pretty much already prepared myself to fail. I’ve always been failing the whole time.

“I can see that your basic level is extremely bad. You need to practice from the start.” Andy stood up, and took out even more books from the shelf, “Next time, whenever you are free, come here and I will help you to properly set your foundation for Jurisprudence. In the future, it’ll be easier for you to learn stuff.”

I felt like I was in a trance, “That’s… Thank you.” There’s actually an Angel who would tutor me in my foundation. This felt so unreal.

Flipping open the book I had in my hand, in that second, I had a kind of impulse of wanting to bang myself onto the wall and die.

“Before reading this book, please purify your soul first.”

Beside my ears, I heard some sort of Buddhist Music, and I continued to turn to the next page.

“You are not allowed to read the book until you’ve purified yourself.”

What the hell!?

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