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FanFic Title: Age of Heroes
Chapter 05: THE BATTLE
Author: keikoku
Date Published: January 11th, 2015

Adrian heard the reports. A 50 man bandit is attacking Danoba village.
Danoba is on of the village in House of Alan dominion. But the village there is not prosperous so Alan House never did collect taxes there. After all it’s just a village but in this 3 years many thing changed.
Danoba village is now one of the most prosperous villages in the dukedom. And this is thanks to one particular family.
The Vermont family.
From the story the farmer turn to landholder Aries was a farmer and live a farmer lives.
In that area there is no nobles or minor lords so the village operating independently with the peasant chooses their own Chief to preside matter of laws among the villagers.
It is not an official position but the Noble Houses knew to turn a blind eye after all the Village Chief kept the peace.
But in 3 years Aries become one of the richest person in that area. He has many lands and the land has many food,fruits,vegetables and he also has 4 cattle farms.
From that he open many stores and increase his profit than before.
He opened a bakery for his wife, the bread that is distributed in abundance to the surrounding villages. The Alan House also deals with them though not face to face.
They bought their bread when they held a feast or celebrate something and the occasion calls for celebration.
His father has also speaks of them and they are also talk of giving them some minor title. Adrian hearing about the reports wanted to rush to their rescue.
After all if he gains the Aries family favor maybe if his father decides to grant them a title they might support him.
Why the Aries family?
Because his father foresee great thing from them. In 3 years they rise from obscurity to one of the richest person in the land. This shows that they are resourceful.
And Adrian know his father.
My father survives in the Court because he know which people will be useful and which people will be useless. It is his father brilliance in picking the right sides that make him the current Duke when he was the youngest of his 4 four brothers.
Adrian is actually in a precarious position.
He has no ally in his father castle.
All of them prefer his warmonger brother.
He needs to change that. He must not let his brother ruled this Dukedom.
His brother always talks about conquering Dostov and set a great country that rivaled the other Kingdoms.
Brother forgets, he mused
Our noblest cause since time immemorial was the sacred duty of being the Shield of the Human Continent from the Dark Lands.
That is why Alan ShadowStrider their ancestor chose this place, not because of its bountiful lands or the great soil for agricultural activity like his father said, but for his oath with his sworn brothers.
Alan would weep if he saw his descendant fighting for titles and lands.
In the family Adrian hold different vision for this Dukedom than his father and his brother.
A noble cause.
A holy cause.
Adrian is now walking towards his father residence.
The crier announce his arrival to the Duke.
“Son, why have you come?” His father said still slouching around the bed.
He looked frail and weak.
The visage of strength and youth has been sapped away from him.
He will die.
Not long now. And then my test will began.
Then he tells his father on his intention of ridding the bandits from Danoba.
His father quickly understands Adrian intention. After his Lord Father have given his permission, Adrian with his 200 man units began moving out the castle and rush to Danoba.
I hope I’m not too late.
In the village, the adventurers began engaging the bandits.
The adventurer is putting a tough fight.
20 Adventurers fighting 50 bandits.
And it does not seem like the bandit is weak either.
Arial also follow his father in horseback.
At the age of 6 he is acknowledged by the people of the village as very talented in riding horse.
Well,of course, he is talented in riding horses. He rides them before.
But Arial noticed that of the 50 man that they were supposed to fight only twenty seems to fight.
Arial activated his internal energy and focus the energy to his eyes. He notices something
“Dodge the arrows” Arial quickly scream to the adventurers.
Those who are lucky quickly dodge while those who are not get their throat stuck with arrow.
Arial recognizing that his father in the line of attack quickly use his martial art technique he learned and danced to the shooting of the arrows while gracefully dodging the arrows left and right.
They are marksman.
Everywhere they fired it tended to leave large, ragged holes in whatever they struck.
They are built for ranged combat. The 20 bandits were bait.
Quickly Arial brought his father to hide behind a tree. His father face was utter amazement.
Arial had to catch his breath. Dogging hundreds of arrow is not easy. Arial looked around for something, anything to use as a weapon against the bandits.
They must think that in this village there is no one of importance resides here.
I’ll prove how wrong you are.
I defeated hundreds of vicious and savage soldiers of the Dark Lands. And I didn’t have the amount of the internal energy I have now.
Using my internal energy I enveloped my body with Hot energy.
I once again entered the fight scene while slithering avoiding the arrows. Then in an opportunity I grabbed a sword from one of the bandits.
He were shocked of course, but before he could even try to take back his sword Arial quickly slit his throat with the bandit own blade.
Arial execute the flying Blade technique.
Arial blade flies and dances in the air, blood was spilling and Arial was jumping around in the battlefield still dodging the arrows and at the same time parrying the attack from the bandits sword and blade.
His father was yelling for him to get back.
I can do this,Dad.
Then he waved his sword to split the air, making a buzzing noise. This technique is called the Blinding Dance.
The bandits began realizing that this kid is not ordinary kid.
First they thought the kid was a stupid kid to be involved in their battle. But now they are confused and began feeling fear. The kid just killed 5 people yet there are no signs of fear in his eyes, like this was a normal occasion for him.
The fact that the boy did not show any expression of fear terrified them more than the technique he used.
An innocent face that is filled with the blood of their companion yet the kid stands like nothing happened.
The other 15 bandits on the ground began focusing their attention to the boy while the archers in the deep bush focus their attention to the adventurers deterring them from helping the boy.
Aries was trembling behind the tree. He wanted to be there beside his son. But his son said he can do it.
Can he?
He knows his son. His son is a smart but he never shows any indication of being strong. His son was talented.
Then Arial brandished his sword and yelled to the other adventurers “Charge”
He was charismatic. A natural born leader. He was the youngest among the other people in the group yet they could not help but listen to his order.
It was at this moment Aries realized deep in his heart, My son will be a great man.
They charged against the bandits.
The arrow was shooting against them. Arial with his pinpoint accuracy released the Blinding Dance. To anyone that watch him it was like he separated in to ten images parrying the arrows from ever reaching the other adventurers.
The adventurers were also amazed.
This is high level swordsmanship, some of them muttered under their breath
Arial swordsmanship was swift and fierce beyond comparison; no one from the bandits group was able to hold him for more than two stances.
He weave through the enemies, stabbing and hacking, in a very short time 10 people lost their lives under his sword.
The sword shattered.
It seems the sword could not handle my internal energy that I pour to the sword.
Internal energy can also be used to strengthen your weapon.
As quickly the sword shatter an adventurer Ronan throws his sword to Arial direction.
“Catch” he yells
Arial catch the sword and nodded. Realizing the dire circumstances, the bandits rushed out from their hiding.
They were wrong about the initial report it’s not 50 men.
It’s 150 men.
They just killed 20 of their man. They are still 130. Their bows are already out.
Heh, Arial smirked.
Some of the adventurers began having cold feet.
This is not what they signed for.
But Arial charge again to the enemies likes a frenzied warrior.
The other adventurers also charge following Arial.
They would lose their face if 7 year old fights and they do not.
How will they look at the village people?
Not to mention the boy is the Village Chief son.
After exchanging about 20 stances with the bandits and already slay 20 of them by himself his sword broke again.
This time he takes the sword from the bandit while performing Lion Bite taking away the bandit sword while breaking his bones.
His scream could be heard in the forest.
Arial then heard hooves.
But he had not time to check who it is.
He didn’t wait for anyone. He made a dangerous rush across the center of the battle and he used Sweeping Stars to hack of their heads. The bandits that see this have their heart hammered in terror.
They have never met an opponent like this. They had no idea how to fight an opponent like this.
Fearless, some muttered.
Crazy,the other muttered
This must be one of the bizarre scene he has ever seen, A 7 years old, not yet a man has already killed more man some of the bandits have ever killed, Even Tommy the leader of the bandit has never killed that many man.
Then suddenly he disappeared from sight. Then a scream could be heard. He was moving so fast that their eyes hadn’t had time to adjust.
Fairy Steps,Tommy muttered.
A kid knows how to perform Fairy Steps?
Who is this boy?
By this time they are some people with the insignia of Shield and Sword enter the battlefield. The adventurers are relieved to be told to rest while they will finish up the bandits.
Of course Arial was so far in front of them that he didn’t notice this development.
Adrian on his horse and a few of the Knight beside him watch Arial intently.
Who is that kid?
They saw how the kid fights dozens of opponent fearlessly and without hesitation.
Most of the casualties of the bandits come from the boy sword.
He cut through the ranks and many bandits were felled by him.
Tommy couldn’t just watch.
So he enters the battle. He jump and attack Arial from the right side but Arial quickly parry his sword attack.
His strikes were immediately followed by another one as his sword went down, hard and fast, toward the top of Arial head.
Arial sword moved slightly to the side and knocked the sword, using the stance Sea Dragon Pushing the Current, forcing the sword to be sprawled to the side.
Sea Dragon Pushing the Current?
Another high level technique.
Then the sword shattered again.
Quickly Arial rolled to his side and grabbed the sword from the fallen bandits. Tommy also did the same thing.
Then Tommy attack again. Arial blocked it with the sword
To his surprise, Tommy himself is not small fry, he could be considered a third-class martial art expert in the world; his natural strength was amazingly powerful, his internal energy cultivation had also reached quite a high level.
As he felt an internal energy push on his sword, he shouted loudly and countered it with a brute and fierce force of his arm.
Arial sword once again broke.
Ouch, that hurts.
When his weapon broke, Arial arm went numb, but he did not withdraw.
He grinned.
Blinding Light
He executed that move again but now it’s the 17 stance, Blind Man Searching For light. A cold and bright ray of light flashed and sparks flew as he thrust the sword forward.
Tommy suddenly felt the sword in his hands got lighter; it was cut down by the sheer force of Arial internal energy, along with half of his own head.
The bandits were watching the battle of course. So does the Kings men and the Knight the villagers that came later and Adrian.
To them all they see was flash and spark since their movement is so fast. Normal people couldn’t see their fight.
But Adrian and their Knights saw. And they know that this boy is very powerful.
A dread filled them. They couldn’t believe it if they did not witness it themselves.
After seeing their leader has lost their head, they surrender almost immediately.
Arial then instead of crying and trembling like the other adventurers was just sitting there like nothing happened. None dare try to approach him.
It was like scenery of story of Great Heroes.
Fighting hundreds unscathed while showing the slightest care. Emotion were varied.
The Knights arrest the bandits. But even they do not dare to come to the boy.
Adrian step down from is horse and approach the boy.
He wants to see his eyes. Whether there is anything like fear in the boy eyes. And he see it.
No fear.
No hesitation.
It was like he has seen more terrible thing like this.
He looks at Adrian fiercely like a lion.
Then he rise up. He take of his cloth that is filled with blood and he went to his father.
Who is this boy?

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